Alright, this is intended to be a series of oneshots based on the perspective of my favorite characters from the Soul Calibur series. I tend to like the less popular characters, and if you dislike them, please refrain from flaming. Anyhow, this first chapter was done in a rush, so I'll edit it later, but I am somewhat proud of it. She's one of my favorite characters, and I really enjoyed her ending in Story Mode. Anyhow, enjoy!

Chapter One

A Smile That Doesn't Hurt

They're so pretty…

Blood-red eyes blinked quizzically as the girl looked out at the world. Flowers stretching from the horizon to the ground far below her turned the world into a field of rainbow petals. She had never seen anything like it before, or maybe it just was that she had never taken the time to look for something like it before. She wondered when she had changed; a small smile coming to her lips at the thought of it.

The first time I smiled, it hurt a little.


For so long she'd frowned, emotions locking in place while her mind puzzled over her situation in life. As the years ticked by, she'd lost the small, childish face she'd been born with, and instead stared out at the world behind a mask of confusion. It had only grown more and more confusing as the ages passed and the world developed new complexities. Small wars became big ones, and in time, the small girl had learned that there was a world bigger than the small island she called home. It wasn't a friendly place.

Back then, there weren't any flowers…just fire…

Fire and smoke and steel and all sorts of things that stung her eyes and bit her skin; when the men had come to take her away like they had to her brothers and sisters, she'd swatted them away like insects. Where twisted steel failed them they turned to magic; shackling her and tossing her into the darkness like some animal, spitting and snarling curses in ancient tongues. As far as she knew, she hadn't done anything wrong. The world had been on fire before she got there; father killing son at a moment's notice – she just wanted to play along too.

"You are a monster," they told her, "and monsters must never be loose in this world." When she had screamed her responses, yanking at the chains that bound her to the very lowest level of the pit, the shaman had simply clapped a talisman over her mouth and left her there with nothing but her thoughts and the worried questions of her friends.

But then, after many years and many keepers of the pit that was their prison, the children looked up at the moon one night, confusion written across their faces. The chains that had bound them to the stone walls had turned to dust and the talismans lining the pit had burned to ash. With playful spirit dancing in their eyes they'd spilled forth from the pit, ripping the chains and boards that made up floor and walls.

"What are you waiting for?" the smallest of them had asked her, and she had found herself biting her lip and avoiding the little girl's eyes. True, she wanted to leave just as badly as her friends, but some part of her heart ached horribly at the thought of it. For whatever reason, she wanted to be 'good' in whatever sense of the word she had been aware of, and with a hesitant goodbye, she sat back down against the wall. This time, she truly was alone, a flicker of anger shooting through her heart each time she felt one of her brethren's lives being snuffed out.

Centuries later, she would look up at the moon, rising to her feet and staring curiously at the gaping mouth of the pit. She couldn't feel her friends any longer, and nobody had come to inspect the lone girl in quite some time…did this mean that she was free? For the first time in ages she rose to her feet, her bones cracking loudly from years of disuse. The girl crouched low to the ground, small fingers wrapping around a crude hunk of wood all the others had deemed inferior, and with speed born naturally of her, she shot back upright, flying into the air and out of the pit in one bound. Landing skillfully, the girl looked around, eyes widening slightly at the world around her. To say that the world had changed would be an understatement. Casting her thoughts away from the world for a moment, she let her eyes travel to the length of wood clutched in her hand. Stepping forward, she heaved the club forward, splitting what had once been a fortress wall in one shot.

She smiled, feeling her lower lip crack and bleed from the unfamiliar gesture, but she paid it no heed. She could feel it – beyond the washed walls of this society that had sprung up around her, something powerful was building, something like the wars back when she and her kind had run free. There were other friends out there…plenty of new friends to be made.


Smiling, the young girl stepped back from the balcony and turned to her room. Her lips had long-since gotten used to her smile and her face was no longer a mask of confusion for the world around her. Her sandals sat neatly by the door while she padded lightly across a small sea of animal-skins that served as her carpet. Gently grasping the ornate handle, she pulled the titanic door open, brushing a hand affectionately against the club resting at its place beside the door.

She didn't need it. For now, the fight had left this world.

A small shiver raced through her as she walked down the frigid halls, flitting and winding through the labyrinthine network of corridors. The small girl couldn't help but tug the nightgown around tighter around herself; she was still getting used to the cold. As the halls changed from obsidian to marble, she couldn't help but wish that she had remembered her slippers.

The hallway opened into an enormous chamber that glittered in an array of black and gold, and girl had grown comfortable enough here to roll her eyes at the choice of décor. Along the center of the room lay a long, red carpet and the girl smirked, walking along it and grinning at the overblown regality of it all. That was just the way he was, however, and hopping up one final staircase, she looked up.

In his throne, the mountain of a man who had once been the world's only king sat pouring over a tome. With a slight grunt, the man lifted his head, looking up at the girl before a slight rumble sounded in his chest. Without so much as a warning he leaned forward and picked the girl off the ground and sat her on his knee. She returned the look, grinning at the frown that raced across his features.

"It's cold." He rumbled, shrugging the cloak from his shoulders and wrapping the child in it several times over until only her head was sticking out from the enormous mass of fur and silk.

The girl giggled and leered. "I can handle it." she spoke even as she squirmed deeper into the cloak. The man grumbled and raised his eyebrow disapprovingly at the comment, patting her on the head with one massive hand as she stuck her tongue out at him.

"You know she's right," came a cheerful voice as a young man strode into the room. The girl rolled her eyes again; he was nice, but his dress fit the throne room's theme of utterly ridiculous. The prince grinned, "She did thrash you pretty well, Father."

At this, she couldn't help but laugh. Peals of loud, wolfish laughter sounded from the small girl's mouth before the man dunked her head into the mass of the cloak. Anyone else would have gotten the better side of the man's fist, but if it was her or the Prince, this was about as bad as it got.

"Now, now." said the young man, reaching into the cloak and pulling the small girl out before setting her back on the furs, "She's the princess, be nice."

Kamikirimusi, Daughter of Algol and brother of Arcturius. It sounded ridiculous, but as she fell back against the man's chest and felt one arm wrap around her, she couldn't help but smile. She finally had what she'd always wanted; a family just for her.

Author's Notes – I found her to be a surprisingly deep character, although I should have expected as much from the creator of Mai-HiME, and I honestly loved the fairy-tale ending she got at the end of her story. Please, leave some reviews and comments!