Okay, Uhm… Well, This is an update.

I think.

I recently barrowed a copy of the original "Silent Hill", so I'm thinking I might make a… DUN DUN DUN.. Self-Insert fic sometime soon.




Mary-Sue's long, tasseled dress flowed in the non-existent Gotham City smog filled wind, as blood and mass-destruction filled the streets. She would've laughed maniacally, but she was too good for that.

She was too good for everything.

Mary-Sue was too good for this planet.

This Solar System.

This author's mind.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!" Dallas shrieked, spinning around the streets and blowing up inside a preschool. Small children frowned, then danced around with my assorted organs.


Do I love pancakes.

"We've got to stop Mary-Sue!" Batman growled ferociously, like any other bat. Bats sure are ferocious. This one time, at band camp…

I mean, on the Discovery Channel I saw some bats.

They roared a lot, and hunted small striped horses to feed their young carnivorous children.

Wait a minute… Maybe those were lions.

No, they were bats.

I would remember.

"That's not a normal voice.." Joker croaked, eyeing Batman suspiciously.

"That's the voice of SATAN!!" Then began soaking Batman in holy water, accompanied by many small cats singing Christmas carols.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! WE'VE GOT TO STOP HER BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! We have to save the last female in the world so we can keep the amazing human race alive!" Tears glinted in the senile man's eyes, as many people below danced around in the carnage and sang country music songs.

"Oh no.." Batman glowered, staring below at the madness.


"What is it, Batawannyfofannymanny?" Joker questioned, staring at the scene.

"Enough with the silly nick-names, clowny the browny! We've got to--"

"What the hell?" Joker crossed his arms. "No you did not."

"Did not what?" Batman asked.

"That was lame. I mean, ew. I've never been so insulted in all my life. DO NOT WANT." Joker walked off, deserting Batman in a pool of angst.

"WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY LOVE ME!" Having a sissy-fit, he then remembered back to the time he lived in the orphanage..

Smiling, he remembered the wonderful friends and happy moments he'd shared with all the other orphan children. Let's see, there was the girl with the peg-leg.. And the boy with the creepy sack on his head..

Wait a minute.

Scratching his chin of super-ness, he remembered he liked the movie Pan's Labyrinth much better and would have rather have lived there.

"I WANNA BE A PRINCESS!" He sailed off the building, in the giant gay cowboy community that was rapidly growing.

"One of us.. One of us.." The cried out, dancing around the batman.

Mary-Sue stepped admist the raving male crowd, grinning maliciously. "It doesn't take much to take over the literature world, does it?" Sniggering, she slowly climbed through the masses of female body's strewn about.

"It starts with fanfics.. And now, now I've grown to take over the world. I have many forms," she stroked her beautiful, thick, better than yours, hair. "Books like Twilight, I've finally gripped hold of the world. Like a parasite, I've infected all of your minds. No one can stop me, not even…"


"ANGRY-SUE!" She shrieked, staring at the Gothic version of her.

"TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL!" She cried out, gripping her sister and dancing off into a void.

"Awe, but we went there last week.." Mary-Sue whined, as she was thrust into the random pit that apparently lead to Hell.

The Bad Place.

San Francisco, whatever you want to call it.

"Is it over?" A man asked.

"Yes.." Batman said, staring over the city in ruins.

"But how will we survive? There's no more females in the world.." A fat man trailed off.

"Dallas, the sick twisted author has made it this way. I guess now we're all gay. Well… Let's make this place.." Batman started.

"FABULOUS!!" All the men shrieked, in tight leather jeans and small see-through shirts.

The city of Gotham has never been nicer, with the King and Queen Joker and Batman.. Not necessarily in that order.