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What if Naruto was not a boy but a girl? What if her name was not Naruto Uzumaki but Naroki Namikaze? What if the Forth wasn't dead but instead was trapped inside of his own child in a seal he had created? Also that Naroki found out about the Kyuubi and her father at the age of six and got trained under the Yondaime, Kyuubi, AND Itachi.Wat will happen if she suddenly starts to feel attracted to Itachi and ends up falling head-over-heals for him? Wait. Itachi DIDN'T kill his clan?? Then WHO did and WHY did they leave Sasuke alive? What does this have to do with Orochimaru or Madara? There's only one way to find out and that's by reading this story! XP


October 10th; the day the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked. The day a seal went completely wrong and the day Naroki Namikaze was born:

Everywhere you saw there was distruction. People dead all over and/or dieing from bloodlost. Blood and bodies everywhere you looked. The Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konoha, was under the attack of the most powerful Biju. The Kyuubi no Kitsune. Ninja after ninja were going down one after another. Blood and body parts spraying all over the forest of the village as the huge kitsune took its jaws and paws to smash or rip ninja to threads.

Watching this disaster by the saftey of a tower was Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha. He was currently trying to figure out a way to beat the giant beast without having to seal it, but a demon or creature of its power and wisdom could not be killed so easily and especialy not by a human. The only option was to seal the kitsune into something... but what?

"Hokage-sama!..." came a distressed voice of his only student Hatake Kakashi. Minato narrowed his eyes, Kakashi rarely called him by his title unless it was extremely important. "What is it Kakashi-kun?" reaplied Minato in a serious tone.

"The stress of the attack has put Kushina-san in early labor! She is currently in the hospital giving birth to your child Hokage-sama!" at that Minato got a shocked look on his face. 'What? Kushina-chan in labor today?! Oh kami! Kushina!!'

After those thoughts Minato was gone in a yellow flash and in the hospital next to his wife. "Kushina-chan are you ok?" Minato took Kushina's hand in his and started to carress it.

"Yes I am fine Minato-o-kun..." was her reaply before she started to scream in pain. Suddenly the medic-nins came in and asked him to leave.

"What? But I-" Minato was interupted by a nurse, "Gomenasai Hokage-sama but you must leave this room right away! You may come back in after she is done giving birth. Gomen..." Kushina then started to yell again in pain.

"Hai, I understand." he said in a low voice and left the room thinking only one thing. 'Stay safe Kushina-chan...'

Unfortunatetly for Minato, Kushina died from loosing too much blood after giving birth to a small girl she named Naroki. Her last words were, "My dear daughter..(cough).. I wish I could see you grow up...(cough)...and be strong, but now i see that...(cough)...I can not be by your...(cough)...side...stay safe...and be as happy as you can be, for I...(cough-chough)...I love you...and I hope that...(cough)...your father protects you and...(cough)...will be there the way can't be...goodbye...(cough)...my dear angel...and remember thi-is...(cough-cough)...I will alway be with you to he-elp...(cough-cough-cough)...you when you need it...I...love...you...and...yo-ur...fa-ather-r..." with those words Kushina Uzumaki closed her eyes and went into a blissful sleep.

"Minato-kun...you don't have to do this! I could do it! You are far too young to die and not only that you have a daughter that needs a father! Please let me do this! I have already lived long enough! And-" the Sandaine was interupted by Minato. "No. It is my duty to protect this village and I will not let another take my place. It is my choice to do this and I will follow through with it!"

'Well I tried...' thought a disapointed Hokage.

"But in your own daughter gaki? You sure you know what you are doing? I mean this village won't follow your last wish... and looking that your kid's a girl...there WILL be some big problems. If your daughter is hated then people will try to rape her! Think about what you're doing Minato. If you let Sarutobi-sensei do it, she will be safer because YOU are HER father!" Minato was starting to regret what he was about to do after Jiraiya's words.

"Sorry sensei...but I have to do this myself. No matter how painful it is to me or my daughter. And again... I WON'T let someone else take my place! Yes I will regret it but it's to keep this village safe." Minato then looked to the Third with a pleading face, "Sarutobi, if people start hating my daughter...tell them "who's" daughter she is. And if THEN they still hate her... take her to Suna. There she'll be safe. Just don't tell her about me or her mother. Unless it comes down to telling the village... Also please protect her."

"Don't worry Minato-kun, I will." reaplied Sarutobi.

With that Minato left the room in a yellow flash with his daughter in hand. When he finally got to where the Kyuubi was he summoned(spl?) the toad boss. "Hey gaki! Why did you summon me for?" All Minato did was point to the Kyuubi as a respons. "Holy ST!! What the HELL is the Kyuubi doing here?!" "That's what I would like to know..."

"Gambunta, please get me closer to Kyuubi." the boss toad did as he was told. As he was getting closer he had to doge(?) its tails that came at them from every direction.

When they finallly got close enough Minato started to go through handseals faster than the eye could see. The Kyuubi not sure of what Minato was doing jumped aiming on taking both of them out but before it got too close a bright flash apeared out of no where blinding anyone who stared at it.

And as fast as it appeared it was gone. With it the Kyuubi, Gambunta, and the Yondaime as well.

The Kyuubi feeling his soul being ripped out of his body franticly tried to fight it but then he saw WHO was pulling at his oul. The Shinigami, or Death God was forcefully pulling out his soul and puting it into an infant in the blonde's arms.

Kyuubi and Minato stared at each others eyes. Minato then decided to ask the beast something that surprised even him. "Kyuubi-sama, my opologies for what I am doing as I see you had no control over your actions. Please protect my daughter and care for her as one of your own. Since I see now that she will be alone all or most of her life and I wont be there to help."

Kyuubi just stared in shock at this human who was being respectful to him after all he had done. "Who is this human and who is his..." Kyuubi then looked at the infant in his arms.

"Hm...I see...and to seal me you will sacrifice your soul to the shinigami. Well Shinigami-sama, how about if we make a deal?"

"A deal? What kind of deal Kyuubi?"

"How about you seal him in the girl with me and when the girl dies you can have the souls of Minato and I as a payment? This way the human can take care of his kit and help her out in life. And I will heal, protect and give her my powers so she can become my heir."

Minato was speechless at to what Kyuubi just said. The Kyuubi no Kitsune offered his soul to the Shinigami and the thrown to his daughter just to let him stay alive and see Naroki grow...

"Hm...am I hearing correctly? YOU are OFFERING your own SOUL and THROWN? I think you have gone insane Kyuubi! But if that is what you wish... I shall do it. But just remember that your souls I won't have until the girl takes your thrown which will be when she at least a hundred years old."

And with that the Shinigami got Minato's and the Kyuubi's souls and sealed it in the girl.


Six years later:

Naroki was currently running for her life as two ninja were tring to catch her. 'I've gotta hide! Where should I go!? Where?!' thought the five year old in panic.

Naroki not noticing where she was going turned in a corner and ended up in a dead end. "Eep!" she yelped as one of the ninja grabbed her and threw her on the floor.

"Stupid demon! Now I will get my revenge!" the nin said as he pulled down her pants.

"W-what are you gona do to me?!" she screamed. The nin looked around in panic. "Shut up girl!" he yelled at her then punched her face into the ground.

The last thing Naroki saw before she blacked out was a figure drop from the roofs and stand in front of her. 'Is he/she here to save me?'





'What is that noice? It sounds like...like drops of water?...' Naroki slowly opened her eyes and found herself in what seemed to be a sewer. Shakingly standing up she heard a growling noise to her left. Curious as to what the noise was she followed it to a door. The door looked as if it was centuries old and the knob was rusty looking.

Carefully Naroki opened the door and with a squeek she went inside to find a huge cage at least five to ten stories high! 'Wow...' Taking a better look at the cage she saw a piece of paper that seemed that was holding the doors together. On it was the word seal.

After looking at the cage she saw that there was another door right next to it. But this one had the word 'FORTH' on it. Suddenly she heared a growl and looked in the cage only to find what seemed to be a man in his 20's. When she looked at him she blushed. The reason she blushed was that he was ONLY wearing shinobi pants (Ones like the ANBU wear...) and nothing else. Also that he was fit and strong with muscles and a six back. He had orange-red hair that reached up to his butt. He also had gold eyes.(Like Inuyasha's only smaller in size) But the thing she was staring at the most were the two fox ears on his head that were twitching in anger and anoyance.

The man then noticed her staring and smirked. "Never knew I was THAT attractive... Since you keep blushing and all..." "Eep!" Naroki yelped as her face turned a darker shade of red. "Hahahahaha! Man you look cute like that!" This only made Naroki's blush deepen. "Oi fox! Stop teasing her! I don't like that!" a voice yelled out from behind Naroki.

Naroki not expecting that someone was behind her yelled and quickly turned around quicker than the eye could see. "Who in the world are you two?!" Taking a look at the man behind her she saw he looked almost exactly like her. His blonde hair was spread in all directions while his blue eyes were staring at her in amusement. "And what the hell is so funny?"

"Well Naroki, I am your husband-to-be." declared the red-haired man. "WHAT?!" yelled the blonde female. The man in only pants started roling on the floor in laughter while the other just snickered. "Hehe, he's just joking Naroki-chan and who we are is a really long story. So if you would sit down and litsen WITHOUT interupting we will tell you."

"Um, ok..." Naroki was now really confused. 'How did they know my name? And where am I?'

"Well I will start, but remember don't say anything until AFTER I finish ok?" Naroki just nodded and the blonde started to explain. "Well, um,how I knew your name is that, I am your father Naroki and we are currently in your mind..." Naroki just stared in shock but said nothing, "...and this here is the baka kitsune Kyuubi."

"What?! I'm not an idiot!! You are! Stupid humans... you're lucky you are out of this damn cage...stupid Shinigami letting him rome free and trapping me." Kyuubi pouted and crossed him arms in a child-like manner.

Naroki giggled at his actions and smiled.

"Well as i was saying. As you know the Kyuubi attacked the village. But he didn't do it by himself. He was being controlled by this man named Uchiha Madara. On that day your mother died giving birth to you and I was under a lot of stress with the death of your mother and the attack on the village.Since it is imposible to kill a demon as powerful as Kyuubi, I was left with no choice but to seal him. But he was way too powerful to seal inside my body or in any other person other than a baby. A baby was the only option because since the chakra paths weren't fully diveloped, the extra chakra to your system wouldn't kill you. Instead your body would adapt to the large amount of chakra and make the chakra paths a lot larger." Minato paused to see if his daughter understood.

"Well when I was sealing the Kyuubi into you I asked if he could take care of you the way that I couldn't. Since the jutsu takes the life of the user because you have to summon the Shinigami. But the Kyuubi surprised the Shinigami and me when he said that if he sealed me in here with him that Kyuubi would give up his soul as well as mine to the Shinmigami as payment for doing this. As well as train you and give you his thrown as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. But that is a long time from now. so don't worry about that now."

Minato looked at his daughter and declared, "Ok you can give your opinion now."

"Well I had a theory about the Kyuubi. I mean after being called 'Demon brat' and 'Demon spawn' for my entire life. My birthyday being on the same day as the attack and those weird marks I have on my belly. Yeah I think I can put two and two together. But I never expected my father to be in here to..."

Minato and Kyuubi looked at the girl in disbelief. 'You've got to be kidding me! How smart is she? I mean for a six year old she's a genius!' 'Wow! She's smart. Hm good she needs to be for when i train her. At least my jailor isn't some idiot with a big stupid smile...' Kyuubi then looked at Minato to see him smiling like an idiot. 'Uh...well at least she isn't smiling like an idiot...' he then stares at Naroki to see her smiling like an idiot as well. Kyuubi sweatdrop. 'I stand corrected. I am surrounded by idiots.'

"Wait did Sarutobi tell you who I was already and Who your mother was as well?" asked Minato looking at her with a worried look.

"Yes he did. Though it didn't stop the villager's hate. Jiji said that I have to leave the village and go to another. He told me I just have to wait till September. He said that someone he trusted was going to go with me to Sanu-no Sina-nono...um. Oh yeah! Suna. Where ever that is." Naroki said happily.

'Hm...I see. So it's THAT bad huh? Guess I did the right by telling Sarutobi about the plan. I wonder who will take her there anyway?' Minato was not happy with the village. Not at all.

All of a sudden Minato senced someone else in Naroki's mind. And by the looks of it he/she was shocked.

"Guess we have company Naroki...Kyuubi."

Slowly all of them turned around to see who it was that was in Naroki's mind scape.

Minato's and Kyuubi's eyes widden.

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