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Somewhere in the middle of the forest of the fire country was a hideout. In this hideout was a group of eight, each of them wearing a cloak with a number on the backside. All of their cloaks were black except one, the shortest of the group, whose cloak was a dark red. This red appeared to be black, but if light was shined on the material, it would be obvious that the color was indeed, not black. They were all sitting in oval-sized table. (Think of it as one of those tables used for meetings and such.)

The shortest of the group had the number one stitched to the back in orange and was sitting at one end of the table. The others on the other hand, had the numbers two through nine- skipping the number eight- and were on the sides of the strangely-shaped circle. (You'll see why I skipped number eight.)

Suddenly the member with the number five, in grey, stood up, "Ahem." He paused and looked around to check that every member in the room was paying close attention. Once number one looked up and nodded, he proceeded, "I would like to inform you guys on an important matter that has arisen." Interested in what this member was explaining number one spoke up. "And what is this important information, Zabuza?"

Zabuza looked at number one playfully, "Aw c'mon Naroki. You know I don't like you calling me by only my first name!" Naroki went to reply when a BANG was heard on the other side of the table. "Quit the chit-chat and tell us what the damn information is!!" yelled the tallest in the group-his number being nine in blood-red. "I would, if you'd stop yelling!" Zabuza slammed his closed fists onto the table. "Yelling?! YELLING!! I AM NO-"

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!" screamed number four-color was a sky blue. "I am getting SICK of all this childish behavior!" Number six then stood up and nodded in agreement, "Yes, Temari is right. Both of you stop this. You two are not children, so behave as such." He then proceeded to look at number nine and then sighed. "Kyuubi, aren't you a little too old to act in that manner?" Kyuubi just glared and crossed his arms. "Too old my ass! You humans know nothing of demon aging. I may be a few thousand years old but I am only around your daughter's lover's age." Minato, number six, looked at Naroki questionly, "Lover?"

Naroki looked up, "Who? What? Oh yes, Zabuza so this information. Tell us." Minato glared at his daughter for utterly ignoring him. "Hai." Zabuza nodded. "Remember how we were after Gatou?" Naroki nodded. "Well… I sort of found him…" Naroki stood up then, for the first time since the meeting started. "You have? Where? Where is that bastard?" Zabuza gulped and continued. "He is in the Wave Country." Naroki just looked confused. "Why is that such terrible news?"

"This is the part that is bad… or horrible for that matter." Zabuza breathed in and then sighed. Everyone just looks on impatiently. "Gatou has taken over the Wave Country. People are starving and living in poverty. Including that family we met a few years back."

"WHAT?!" Naroki yelled and in her frustration slammed on the table making it split straight down the middle by just the sheer force. Everyone just step away from the furious teenager. "U-um the Wave C-Country has been dictated by Gatou and his followers." All Naroki did was stand there and growl. Number two came towards the aggravated girl and put a hand on her shoulder. "Naro-chan, do not get so worked-up. Calm down this will not help in the matter." Looking at the teenage boy to her left she sighed, "Fine Gaara…"

Naroki looked the group with a stern face. "We will leave tomorrow to the Wave Country. Prepare now because we will be leaving before sunrise." With that said, she walked calmly out of the room, Gaara not far behind her.

Number three, Kankuro, look up at Minato. "Hey Minato-sama how come you take orders from your own daughter? Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Minato just laughed and walked out of the room. This, of course, made Kankuro irritated. "HEY! Were you listening to me?! I was just asking you a question!"

"Obviously, I just don't feel like answering!" came Minato's amused reply from the hall. Kankuro just growled and crossed his arms in anger. "Stupid undead ex-hokage…"

"HAHAHAHA! Kid, you're more of an idiot than that vessel of mine!" Kyuubi started as he walked out of the room followed by Zabuza and his apprentice, Haku. (Can anyone guess what number Haku is??? :D) "WHY YOU- OW! OW!" Kankuro's cussing was interrupted by his older sister, who grabbed hold of his ear and started dragging him away towards their room. "Shut it or I will beat you till you can't even move!" Kankuro painfully and unwillingly had to follow his sister into the room.


-In Konoha-

The third Hokage was currently doing some paperwork in his office when a knock on the door of his office was heard. "You may come in." When the door of his office was opened a young lady in her early twenties came in, "Hokage-sama, there is a man here who wishes to speak to you." Nodding towards his assistant, he replied. "Bring him in."

Setting his lovely work aside to finish later, the third looked up to find an elderly man like himself with a bottle of sake in his hand. The third rose a brow, "You wanted to speak with me?" The man nodded and sat down in one of the chairs. "Hai, I have come to request a group of ninja who could take me back to my home country." With this said the man handed the hokage a scroll. Taking the scroll the Hokage read through it. "Hm I see." Setting the scroll down on his desk the Hokage looked up at the man sitting in front of him. "I will have the best of our rookies to accompany you to your home town." The man smiled and stood up thanking the Hokage with a bow. "Arigatou!" he then proceeded to walk out the door.

Sighing the Hokage got back to doing the awaiting paperwork. 'Why do I have to be stuck doing this…? Oh yes, I am the hokage… curse you Minato!'


-At the hideout-

Minato is packing up his supplies to leave. He is about to seal up his kunai when out of nowhere he sneezes and accidentally throws a kunai towards the opening door. "AHHH!" When Minato looks behind him he sees Kankuro on the wall in front of his doorway being hung by the hood of his cloak. "ACK! MINATO GET ME OFF OF HERE!!" Kankuro is now trying to get the kunai above his head unsuccessfully. "HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Minato bursts out laughing. "PLEASE! OH MY GOD! CAN'T…GET OUT… OF THIS!!"

"What is with all the commotion?" Naroki stomped through the other door of the room that connected her father's room to her own, only to see a choking Kankuro and a laughing Minato. "Tousan? What did you do to him?" Minato, still laughing, replied, "I HAHAHAHA… a-ahem.. hehe did that b-by accident… HAHAHAHA!" When Minato took a look at the suffering Kankuro he could not help but burst out laughing. Naroki just sighed. "Naroki! Help me please!" Kankuro begged as he hung on the wall. "Hm, well how did this all happen?"

"He walked in on the Hokage. What a little pervert. Yo Kankuro, I didn't know you liked males. Hm, maybe that is why you do not have a partner…" Kyuubi made himself known from the corner of the room. Kankuro just stared at Kyuubi like he grew two heads. "What? Look who's talking about 'walking in'!"

Kyuubi chuckled as he disappeared only to reappear in front of Kankuro, who now had a hold of the kunai. "You know…" Kyuubi grabbed Kankuro's face and turned it so now Kankuro was looking straight at him. "I do not mind the sex of my partner… male… female… they're both the same to me…" with that said Kyuubi got closer to Kankuro as if to kiss him. "W-W-W-WHAT! NO! GET OFF ME!!" Kankuro started to try and get Kyuubi away.

"…" Naroki and her dad just stared.

Right when Kyuubi was an inch away from Kankuro's face, his left hand-which wasn't holding Kankuro's head- moved up to the kunai and pulled it out of the wall making Kankuro fall on his butt. "Ow!" Kankuro was now rubbing his sore bottom. Kyuubi just stared at the boy in front of him, "You scare too easily and why would I want you? You shouldn't even be considered a male. You wear makeup and that is not an attractive feature for a guy." Kankuro glared at Kyuubi's bored eyes. "Excuse me?! Look who's talking! At least my hair isn't up to my waist!"

"I don't see anything wrong with a guy such as myself to have long hair. Do you two see anything wrong with it?" Kyuubi looked at Naroki and Minato. "Um I don't see anything wrong with it…" Minato answered. Naroki on the other hand just stared at Kyuubi. "Well?" By now Kyuubi was becoming impatient. "Kyu-nii you should know I see nothing wrong with a guy having long hair" Naroki turns to look at Kankuro, "and you should take advice from my Kyu-nii. That way you won't end up all alone!"

After saying that, Naroki smiled at the three and walked happily into her room. "Why is she so happy all of a sudden?" Kankuro asked as he stood up. "Eh beats me and don't sneak up on people, it could get you killed." Minato proceeded with packing. "Plus, you're suppose to be packing as well."

Kyuubi entered Minato's room and sat down on the bed. "I was when my bragging sister told me to come over here to ask Minato-sama for a sealing scroll. She needs one for her stupid fans…" Crossing his arms, Kankuro also entered the room. Minato looked up at him, "Oh well you should of knocked first. Here," he handed Kankuro the scroll, "before Temari shows up and beheads you."

Kankuro took the scroll and started laughing. "HA! She can't do zip to me!"

"Oh you really think so?"

The three looked to the door to find Temari standing there glaring at her brother with her right hand on her hip. Kankuro starts to sweat, "U-um hi sis! What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?! I asked you to get me the scroll thirty minutes ago!" Temari practically screamed. She stomped up to her shaking brother and took the scroll from his grasp and then hit him over the head with it. "Thank you very much!" she then walked proudly out of the room. "Ow…" Minato just chuckled.

"Kankuro do you think your sister would be interested in me?" Kyuubi asked with eagerness in his voice. Kankuro fumed, "What kind of a question is that!? No she will not!" Kyuubi seemingly ignoring the pest started after Temari. "Better give it a try hehe…" he then walked out followed by a very irritated Kankuro. "Hey! Are you deaf?"

Shaking his head, Minato continued packing for the trip. "Sometimes I think that fur ball has more mood swings than a woman on her cycle…"


It is morning and the group-of-eight is walking to the Wave Country. Naroki is leading the group with Garaa by her side. Minato ans Kyuubi are behind the two; Minato trying to ignore the people around him and Kyuubi smirking. Behind them is Temari and her brother who are arguing about something that happened earlier. Finally, Zabuza and his apprentice, Haku, are just silently in the back of the group observing the surroundings.

Suddenly, Naroki stops making the rest stop with her. "Is there something wrong Naro-chan?" asked Temari. "Hai, I just sense a group of ninja. Seeing as they aren't strong signatures all except for one I am guessing that it is a genin squad." Minato looked up and concentrated. "I sense them as well, but something is bothering me…"

Kyuubi looks at Minato curiously, "And what could possibly be bothering you?" Sighing, Minato answers, "I am positive that the strongest signature is from my only living student. His squad is on a mission from the looks of it… Hm, I never imagined Kakashi with his own team…" saying the last part more to himself, Minato started to keep walking. "Tousan is it smart to keep going on the same path?" Naroki asked her father trying not to sound too worried.

"Yes honey, don't worry." And with that the group continued to walk towards the unsuspecting nin.


"Stupid old man! I should kill him!"

"Baka shut up! –OW-"

"Sakura no hitting team-mates."


"But Kakashi-sensei!!"

"No buts, now seeing as everyone here agreed to continue the mission, let's keep walking." Kakashi, the copy ninja, and his team of three genin were heading towards the Wave Country. His team consisted of Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Zuko Hisharo. Sasuke was the last living Uchiha, other than his brother, who was still loyal towards the leaf, Sakura was an obsessed fan girl, and Zuko was a mystery; all that was known about him was that he failed the academy exam five times and was the oldest of the genin.

Their mission was to escort and protect an elderly man who was going back to his country to build a bridge. His name, Tazuna(Please if this isn't his name tell me because I cannot remember T.T) and he was heading towards the Wave Country.

The Wave Country was being dictated by a powerful man named Gatou. This village use to be, not wealthy, but were well-enough to support themselves and their families. Now since Gatou took over their supplies, the country has been living in poverty. People have lost hope and are terrified of the power Gatou has.

This is why he has to build a bridge to the main land. By building this bridge they would be free from Gatou's grasp. Gatou, of course, knows this and is after the man's head. Tazuna went to the leaf for help, being the most powerful village he had hope that they would help him. But his family did not have the amount of money to pay for the correct level of the misson, so he lied to the Hokage and paid him for a C class misson. The next day team seven was assigned this mission. They left the next day towards the Wave Country and were ambushed by chunin-level missing-nins. Luckily they were able to fight them off and now are continuing with the C class mission turned A.

"Kakashi sensei are we close yet?" Sakura's legs were beginning to cramp up. "Yeah! I'm tired!" Zuko yawned. "Hn.." Sasuke nodded in agreement. "We will be there by sundown if we continue our pace." Kakashi answered as he read his Icha Icha Paradise. "We are going to cross the waters that separate our country with the main land. There should be someone waiting for us there." Tazuna spoke as he looked up at the sky. "We should be there in around an hour."

"Good. Good." Kakashi nodded, but stopped and turned around. "And who might you eight be?" everyone else looked behind them to find eight hooded figures; all staring directly at the five of them.


Naroki and the rest were walking towards the directing of the other group. Finally catching up to them they stopped and looked at the odd group. There was a young man around his mid twenties reading a perverted novel, a pink-haired girl who was staring at a raven-haired boy that did not show a hint of emotions, a red head who was seemingly angry and finally an elderly man who had a bottle of sake in his hands.

Suddenly the perverted grey head turned around, "And who might you eight be?"


Minato stared at his student, Kakashi. "My, my, my, if it isn't Kakashi Hatake." Kakashi glared at Minato, "Yes. Now state your business with us." Naroki leaned forward, "Now, now Kaka-chan! There is no need for an attitude."

Recognizing the voice Kakashi dropped the book "Na-naroki…?" Minato crossed his arms, "You remember someone you barely knew but not your teacher? I am offended!"

Kakashi tilted his head in confusion, "Teacher? My teacher is long dead." Chuckling Minato looked at Naroki, "Can we?" Nodding Naroki took off the hood of the cloak. Everyone followed; Minato being the only one that did not take his off.

"Zabuza? Suna's kids? What is this? Naroki? How?" Kakashi did not know how to react. Sakura on the other hand just glared at Naroki, 'You better not try anything on my Sasuke-kun!'

Kakashi's eyes then turn towards Minato. "You aren't going to take yours off?" Chuckling Minato replied, "I would but it might just give you a heart attack."

Not understanding the reason for what he said, Kakashi insisted, "I am sure it will not shock me anymore than I already am."

Laughing , Minato reached up slowly to grab hold of the hood. "You sure?" With Kakashi's nod he pulled it down and showed his face. The face of the Forth Hokage; Minato Namikaze.

Kakashi's eyes widen. "S-sensei…?"



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