Authors Note: This is actually the first story that I have written about Triple H and Stephanie. The premises of this story is pretty much going to take place from right before the time she was set to marry Test. Where in my opinion her entire relationship with Hunter started. I wanted to show the ins and outs of it. The time that they had with her father and his mass confusion about them being together, the stuff with Chyna and everything else in-between. I hope that you all enjoy. This is going to be a work in progress. It might switch throughout the story from Stephanie's perspective to Hunter's. I'm not really sure how it is going to turn out but I hope that at the end of it it turns out the way that I want it to.

Stephanie sat slowly looking at the monitor. Wrestling had always been in her blood. It had been the most important thing in her life. That was something that she established as a child. Not because her father owned it or because he made her believe that, but because she wanted to believe in it. From the time that she was three wrestling was always apart of her life. No matter where she went or what she did the business was there. As she got older she realized that she wanted to be in the limelight. She wanted to be a real part of the business that her father loved so much. That's how this entire storyline started. Stephanie was scheduled to marry Andrew Martin the next night on Raw. She wasn't nervous about the whole wedding thing. It had been planned for a few months. What she was nervous about was what was really going to happen at that wedding. It was already taped, ready to go. That wasn't the hard part. She stared over at the wedding dress that was sitting on a rack. That was going to be the dress that she was going to walk down the aisle with. She slowly walked over and traced her fingers over the fabric looking back at the monitor. "Triple H." She sighed to herself as she looked over at the frozen shot of them on the screen together. He was going to be the one she was going to be thrown into a storyline with. He was the one that was going to "drug her and marry her" the night before he wedding. Triple H. A man that she has only talked to once in her life. How was this supposed to play out? She sighed softly grabbing the dress from the rack before she walked out the door. Her mind wasn't wrapped around what she was doing when she walked right into someone. The dress went to the ground just as she did.

"Are you okay Stephanie?" The man looked at her.

"Yea fine, you should..." She scoffed a bit but stopped what she was about to say as she saw who it was. "Sorry Paul. I wasn't paying attention." She sighed as she reached down to get the dress, his hands instantly met hers.

"Not your fault. And call me Hunter. I mean we are supposed to be married right?" He looked at her with somewhat of a smile. "What is that your wedding dress?" He continued.

She couldn't help but look down his hand and the ring that was now placed on his ring finger. "Yeah my dress." She stumbled a bit on what she was saying.

He saw her eyes and knew what she was looking at. "I figured that I might as well get used to wearing it. It's not only practice for storyline purposed but when I finally get down to say my Ido's" He smiled as he looked at her.

"I should be going." She said as she gathered her things together and quickly made her way to her car leaving him stand there alone. He was wearing the wedding ring. Just seeing that almost made her heart skip a beat. She knew that he was going to have to wear it on the show but wearing it outside it nearly took her breath away. It was all starting to seem so real to her and it was making her nervous. She couldn't back out now. How would she explain that? Maybe she could just try and talk her dad out of it. Make him think that he was the one changing it. No that wouldn't work. Hunter and Joanie were the ones that went with the idea after Vince Russo left. There was no way that she was getting out of it now. She took a deep breath and pulled out of the parking lot. "Steph, its not like you have to see him outside of work. You do your part and get over it. The storyline isn't going to last forever." She reassured herself taking a calming breath as the words formed from her mouth. "Everything will be fine." She nodded as she drove off.

The day was finally here. Between all the work and planning the time was here quicker than you can imagine and she was standing at the top of the ramp getting ready to walk down the aisle. The music played, the fans where there. It was everything that a person could ever picture their wedding being. She had to admitted staged or not the wedding that was just a ploy was one that she wished for herself. Her eyes gazed into Andrew's as the couple on the stage sang the words to Together. "Together, our love will last forever." She heard in her ears over and over. She smiled a bit trying to remain calm. "Should there be anyone who has cause why this couple should not be united in marriage, they must speak now or forever hold their peace." The minster said. Stephanie took a deep breath knowing what was about to happen next.

"1-2 this on. Ha Yo Jimmy hit me with that Triple H." It was him, just like it was planned. Stephanie looked back at the music playing on the titontron and back at Andrew. He started to speak as the video played on. She held her breath. "Let's get a shot of the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley." That was it. There was no turning back. There was no asking her father to forget about all of this. It was in the books and Steph new it. "Now Vince as a member of the immediate family." She looked up at him and saw the ring. The one that the King just The same ring she saw yesterday. The same one that made her try and rethink all of this. "I know you could only have one question on your mind DAD." Stephanie looked up at him tears coming out of her eyes. She was not sure if she was doing all of the act or if they were really coming but she could feel the tears. "Not did we but how many times did we consummate the marriage." She held onto her father crying her eyes out. The entire thing was a lot more trying then she thought it would be. After the show was over she made her way to the back still wearing the wedding dress, still with the tear stained eyes.

"Stephanie I know that you didn't want to be a part of all of this. You can kinda tell by the look in your eyes, and if you want to back out of it. We can do whatever you want. I am fine with it." Hunter looked at her as he handed her a tissue. "I will go to your dad. We will figure something out.

She wiped the tears from her eyes. "I will be fine. Honestly it's just the emotion of doing it all. You know you always have to be in character right?" She laughed a bit trying to hide the nervousness of it all.

"You do. I guess you learn that when you are a McMahon. Something that is ingrained into you or something that like." He laughed back finally seeming to break the ice with her.

Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad she thought. She could get through this. Besides he seems like a decent guy. Not anything like what she had heard backstage.

"Yeah. You're right." She laughed genuinely for the first time since she found out about this. "You are definitely right." She was about to say something else when Hunter's girlfriend Joanie came walking about the corner. She looked impatient and seemed as though she wasn't that happy. Hunter saw the look in her eyes and nodded to her knowing what she was thinking.

"She probably had a bad day or something. I will see you around." He smiled a bit. "And for the record you look beautiful in that dress." He waved as he walked over to meet Joanie and they walked away.

She sighed a bit stepping out of the shoes that were on her feet glad that this entire day was over. Now onto the next days of this storyline. She climbed into the car and headed back to the hotel.