Star Trek: Odyssey Episode: Origins of Doomsday

Captain's Log: Stardate: 57281.7. We're en route to Starbase 125 via orders of Admiral Dowler. She hasn't given me full details on why she has asked the Alexandria to come to the starbase but she says it's urgent. One can only imagine what the next chapter of our adventures has in store for the crew.

Morning was not something Kit Moran enjoyed. To help ease her into the daily routine that was her life, she found it helpful to start her day in the rec lounge with a cup of hot chocolate. She didn't care if it was the dead of winter or middle of August, on a starship, the seasons never change. However, this morning was different. Moran stumbed into the lounge and obtained her cup from the replicator, her tired eyes focused on the body sitting in her spot. She knew there were no new crew members so the navigator didn't know what to think. Everyone knew that was her spot so no one sat there, even the captain. However, this brown haired individual with a yellow shirt underneath his standard uniform has decided to sit there. Now that her grogginess was gone due to the semi anger that was filling up inside her, she had finally realized who was sitting there. She felt stupid now because she sits next to him every day while on duty. It was Lieutenant Commander Alex Merriell. She liked Alex and decided it was time to mess with him.

"You're in my spot." She said.

The brown haired man looked up at her unsympathetically. "I know. I figured I'd join you this morning, if it's all right with you."

"Of course it is." She replied.

Moran sat down across from her bridge partner. She wasn't too sure what to say other than to talk about their times on the bridge. That was the only thing she knew they had in common. The two of them just sat there sipping at their drinks and glancing around the room. Then a shadow loomed over both of them. They looked up to see the chief engineer of the Alexandria, Dustin Zofchak.

"Am I intruding?

"No not at all." Moran said.

Zofchak pulled out a chair and joined his shipmates. He sat down with a glass of orange juice. Zofchak was an old fashioned type of guy who liked old Earth style morning drinks.

"How's engineering?" Moran asked.

"Same as its always is." Zofchak replied.

"How's navigation and ops?"

"The usual." Merriell said.

Moran nodded with aggreeance.

"Looks like we're here." Zofchak said looking out the window.

The two other officers looked out to see Starbase 125 orbiting the third planet of the Tucker system. The starbase was of the circular design looking like a mushroom. The starbase rotated slowly in the planet's orbit with a multitude of ships leaving and entering it's doors.

"I wonder what we're going to be doing this time?" Merriell asked.

Captain Allensworth sat in Admiral Dowler's office as they discussed their current matters. Dowler wasn't an elderly woman. She looked younger than Admiral Nechayev, more around the age of Admiral Janeway.

"So my orders are to head to Starbase 135 in the Compdi System to investigate its disappearance?" Allensworth asked.

"That's correct, Captain." Dowler replied.

"Do we have any leads?"

"We have a theory that the Borg are involved."

"Why the Borg?"

Dowler pressed a few buttons on her LCARS screen and swivled it around to show the Alexandria's captain.

"This is an image sent by a probe that was launched by the starbase only days before communications with the Starbase went dead."

Allensworth's eyes widened. "That's a lot of cubes."

The admiral swivled the screen back towards her without taking her eyes off of him. "The Defiant class USS Brighton was also in the system and reported seeing mulitple cube shaped vessels connected to one another around a planet near the Compdi System. Unfortunately the ship hasn't been heard from since."

"So what if it is the Borg? What do we do when we get there? We just go up to them and say 'hey don't do that go back to your side' because I don't see just one Sovereign class vessel up against that many ships. Hell, at least the Enterprise had help from other ships to take out one cube at Earth."

"We're not certain it's definately the Borg, although if it is, then we need to prepare for an invasion. That's why I'm sending a Sovereign class vessel out to investigate. If it is the Borg, get back here as soon as possible and we'll have a fleet standing by to assist in destroying this threat. I've already sent messages to the Preator Tal'aura and Chancellor Martok of the possible invasion."

Allensworth nodded to his orders and stood to leave.

"Oh and Captain."

Allensworth was halfway out the door when she called his name. He turned to the admiral.

"I know I don't need to tell you this since you were on Voyager and have dealt with the Borg before but be careful."

Allensworth nodded and the doors slid shut behind him.

The Alexandria flew through space at maximum warp. The warp limit had been lifted to allow the Sovereign class ship to cruise at warp 9.9. Allensworth sat in his command chair with the nervousness of a new cadet. He hadn't dealt with the Borg since his tour on Voyager. Hell, even at that time he knew that Captain Janeway would handle the situation and get them out of it. Now, he had the reigns of his own starship and it was his turn to handle the situation. He stood up from his chair and paced around the bridge. Both Sparhawk and Nycz looked at their captain while he walked around the bridge. Moran and Merriell were at the conn and ops stations. The bridge was totally silent with the exception of the systems running. The ship currently ran at yellow alert. Jermaine waited for the sensors to go off and for him to say "red alert." Then suddenly the sensors did go off.

"Captain, I'm picking up multiple vessels ahead."

"Life signs?"

Merriell shook his head. "No life signs or power readings."

"On screen."

The wall rippled out of existence and showed what the sensors were reading. Allensworth along with everyone else who saw it were astonished at the sight. Debris of multiple Borg cubes filled the area.