I was heartsick Rick, when you weren't there. I was miserable, throwing up, and couldn't keep food down for days. I had no idea why I was feeling this way, something about me just wasn't right. I went to work every day, trying to hide the fact that something wasn't right. I had a new partner, but it wasn't you. I cried daily, wanting to see your face or even hear your voice. Finally, I forced myself to go to a doctor, and he gave me a pregnancy test. Pregnant? Could it be possible? I remember that night nearly three months ago. You know, the night we...well, you know. Something else besides that could have occurred that night. I'm not sure, Rick Hunter, but anything's bound to happen when you visit a doctor. Sure enough, the test is right. I'm pregnant. My emotions kick in. I want to cry. Part of me wants this child, and another is unsure. I look at my stomach, which was a little bit round now, but would soon be more noticeable. Placing a hand on my belly, I smiled weakly. I hoped one day when you returned I could tell you the news. I wondered what you may think. Charlie told me that you would be back with LAPD in at least a month. He won't tell me where you are or what you're doing. All he says is that it's a secret assignment. When you get home, I'll have to tell you. I think I know now what my heart wants.

My heart wants me to keep this child.