Hanging With The Chief

Chapter 13: Hanging with the Dancho

Spins Point Of View

Hajime, Kai, and I were in Chieftains car. We just came from sending my brother and the record store owner to the hospital. When we finally arrive to The Chiefs house, Chieftain was giving us rules and all that mess about his house that none of us didnt even care about.

Is he always like this? Hajime said to me.

Yeah, youll get use to it. I said.

I doubt it. Hajime said.

What was that, Spin? Chieftain overheard us.

It was nothing; we were just talking about video games. I said.

Hmm...Hey, you like video games? Chieftain said, pointing at Hajime.

Yes, I do. Hajime said, I thought he was just a nerd nugget. I guess I was wrong.

Tanaka is not a nerd nugget, Spin. Kai said.

I didnt say that. I said to Kai.

You were thinking about it. Kai said. How the heck did he knew what I was thinking about?

Because youre predictable. Hajime said.

I was shocked, I didnt want to admit it, but Hajime was right. Dang, I need to be more intelligent.

Stop making fun of my partners intelligences and listen up, Ill give you the key to the game room, I have every single game that has been created for the past twenty years. Chieftain said.

Do you have a game that includes a beat blaster that lands down on a six-track musical datascape fueled by surging rhythms? Hajime said.

Oh yeah, youre talking about that game that challenges the player with four difficulty levels played out in five pulsing arenas, and there are a total of 25 songs, and each track has a different instrument of the song. I added.

Yeah. Chieftain said. He didnt know what Hajime and I were talking about.

Okay, heres the key to the game room, its down stairs, next to the storage room. Chieftain said. Hajime and I were walking down to the game room until Chieftain put his hand on my left shoulder.

Hey, Spin. Chieftain said.

What is it, Chief? I asked.

If you destroy anything in that room, if I see anything out of place, I will end you! Chieftain said.

You dont mean that. I said.

Chieftain was giving me the most disturbing, most evil look on his face. It almost scared me to death; I end up running for it like a madman. If there was something that Chieftain was good at, it would be making people afraid of him.

Kais Point Of View

Chieftain and I were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, I was never into coffee and yet Chieftain kept making complaints about how I will never say alert without it. To make sure that he wouldnt bitch and moan about it, I decide to have a cup.

I hope you like your coffee black, and strong. Chieftain asked.

I dont really care about it. I said.

I was drinking the cup of coffee that Chieftain gave me, and I have to admit, its pretty good.

By the look of your face, Im guessing you didnt come to this country just for the sightseeing. Chieftain said. He already knew why I had come here with Hajime.

I came here to talk to you and the commander about something that Ive found, and I think it might be important for you guys to examine it. I said.

Show me what you have found. Chieftain asked.

Ive placed the item on the table. It was a medium-sized chunk of dark purple metal with carvings of a big circle and a smaller circle in the middle, as Chieftain was paying attention to the metal markings, I was poring myself another cup of coffee.

Do you have a clue to what it is? I asked.

It looks familiar, where did you find this? Chieftain asked.

An acquaintance of mine found this on his boat three years ago. I told Chieftain.

How did this get in his boat?

He didnt tell me much, all he could remember was that he was fishing at the Asahi Pier, and there were beams of light hitting everyone. I said.

As I finished the story that I had told, I see Chieftain was rubbing his bushy beard with his left hand while tapping the table with his right index finger for a few seconds until he jumped out of his chair, slamming both hands on the table.

Wait, you said that your friend saw purple beams, right? Chieftain change his tone, he probably remember that event.

Yes I did. I answered.

You also said that this happen about three years ago, and your friend didnt remember anything else after that event, right? Chieftain said.

Yes, thats right.

Did you see your friend at that time, three years ago?

Yes I did.

You friend saw purple beams coming out from the sky three years agoDo you know what this means?

Yes, I think so; I just hope youre not right about what youre going to tell me. I had a bad feeling about what Chieftain was going to tell me. If there was one epic conflict that the Agents had to go through, it would probably be-


Rombulans, I thought he was going to talk about the EBA Haters, I guess I was wrong.

Wait a minute; youre going overboard with your opinion, calm down. I said.

What do you mean Im going overboard, you just gave me facts about what happen three years ago-

But it doesnt mean that the Rombulans are going to come and take over the Earth again. I mean, what fool would do the same twice?

Those darn aliens that turned everyone into hard rock three years ago. Chieftain answered.

Silence entered the room for a few seconds until I began to speak again.

Did you just say that everyone had turned into stone? I asked.

Yeah, if anyone gets hit by the purple beams, they will turn into stone until the mother ship is destroyed. Chieftain said to me.

You know, its weird that you told me that.

Why do you think its weird?

Its weird because when I saw my friend get hit by those beams, he didnt turn into stone. I told Chieftain.

I knew that what Ive just said to my western partner was confusing to him. Three years ago, the Rombulans did turn Chieftain, Derek, and Morris into hard rock, but all three of them went back to normal through the power of music and the burning sprit of others who needed help from them. My cheer squad went through something similar to that event a year after. There are a lot of things that Chieftain does not know about me.

Kai, can I ask you a question? Chieftain asked.

What is it?

Was your friend, a cheerleader?

Before I was able to answer the question, Chieftains cell phone begin to ring, he grabbed it out of his pocket and answered it.

Hello? What did you say? NO WAY! Ill be right their. Chieftain grabbed his coat, and hanged up the phone.

Whats wrong? I asked.

Get the rookies, we have to go! Chieftain yelled.

Did someone yell for help? I asked.

Its worst than that, someone blew up our headquarters.

To Be Continued