Author's Note: Alright, this story is a tale of Ryuzaki Sakuno finding friendship in a boy that we all know as Echizen Ryoma. Trust me, this isn't one of those get up and go 'We're suddenly friends' fics, rather this is a story of character development and the steps to mending a relationship and maintaining one. Read on and I hope you enjoy this journey of anticipations.

Journey of Anticipations

Chapter 1: A Revelation

On the roof of Seishun Academy High School, Sakuno sat, starring at the sky, which at the moment was populated by white fluffy clouds. Three years it'd been since she first met him. Three years she'd spent fawning, following, stuttering. But from what she'd heard, she decided she was done and free. Free of being bound to an impossible hope for a wondrous outcome.


"So Echizen. Saw you walking with Ryuzaki-chan yesterday. You two finally become an item?" Momo inquired. He and Eiji were in the locker room with Ryoma, getting ready for practice.

"Che" was Ryoma's only response.

"Come on Ochibi. You guys would look great together" Eiji exclaimed, eyes wide at the image of a jubilant chibi Ryoma and Sakuno walking holding hands.

"No" was Ryoma's once again curt reply.

"So young, so young!"

"Yeah, and Sakuno-chan is so cute!" Eiji said, looking to Ryoma for any changes in his mix of a smirk and a look of disinterest on his face.

"Ryuzaki means nothing. The old hag just asked me to walk her home 'cause she had some paperwork to finish up. Besides, she gets lost constantly, trips over herself constantly, and stutters constantly. She's annoying" Ryoma finished.

Somehow, he pulled that off in a seemingly bored tone, all the while ticking off the reasons as he bounced a ball repeatedly on his racket.

"If you say so" Momo and Eiji replied. But inside, they both predicted a different outcome.

Unbeknowest to the boys inside the locker room, Sakuno had heard everything. Hearing 'Ryuzaki-chan' had caused her to stop and listen right outside the door. After that declaration of Ryoma's she ran off…

End Flashback

Which led her to her current position on the roof.

As a first year in high school (10th grade), Sakuno hadn't changed that much. It was the beginning of the year, only two weeks in, and Sakuno still had her twin braids. She also still wasn't that great in tennis, but she could still volley with Tomoka. But after hearing some of Ryoma's insensitive comments, albeit half-true, but rude, she admitted, she felt that she now really knew his blatant opinion of her.

Wiping away a stray tear, she willed herself to not cry and accept what she'd heard. After all, she was probably better off without Ryoma. Although he showed his gratitude when necessary, he and Sakuno weren't even friends. They hardly talked to each other when they seldom were in one place at one time.

So instead of seeing the situation as a bad one, Sakuno decided to look at the positive side. If she could detach herself from Ryoma emotionally and mentally, it would be better off for the both of them. She would gradually no longer feel nervous around him or shy when near. Instead, she would simply stay away from Ryoma all together, except at tennis practice. That was the one exception, for Sakuno did care for the well-being of the whole team.

But sitting there on the roof for that one moment in time, Sakuno felt as she'd experienced a revelation. This one small occurrence, those few uttered words were enough for Sakuno to finally see an outcome that she knew would happen all along. She was Ryuzaki Sakuno Akiri , a 14-year old teenager that had plenty of potential and could stand on her own two feet.

AND, she didn't need Echizen Ryoma's approval or a place in his heart.

Okay, I know this first chapter was short and dramatic, but as a fellow teenage girl, I can relate. This first chapter is based upon my own life experiences, though few. The rest of the story will be based on the friendships around me that I've been apart of and witnessed. This story, of course, is RyoSaku though it doesn't happen until a bit ways down the road. This one's more of a friendship fic and later on, friendship fluff and the 'could there be something more' scenarios. Now if you liked, please review. I wanna get feedback on this first chapter.

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