Because, let's face it, their eyes really don't go.

Getting Dressed.

Holly had never spent a lot of time on her wardrobe. It just wasn't something she worried about. After all, she nearly lived in her uniform, so why bother? However, she did have the occaisional foray into that wonderful thing called a social life and she prided herself in not looking like too much of an idiot during them. She had a perfectly decent sense of style, thank you very much, and an excellent eye for colour.

An eye which was nearly crying in frustation at the moment.

"No, no…. No… no!... ARGH, no."

Holly eyed the pile of clothes on her bed balefully before turning back to her mirror. Arms akimbo, she spoke to the room at large in that singularly incredibly fond but still nearly homicidal tone of voice she reserved for one person, and one person only.

"D'arvit Artemis! Why do our eyes have to clash so badly?"