My first Kirby story! This one is mainly focused on Meta Knight, but it will also focus on Kirby and DeDeDe because they are the other famous Kirby characters. It's not a completely focused on his past, but it's more like…he's having troubles because of his past. I don't know how to describe it. Just read it and see for yourself.

This story also goes off from the anime so that means Tiff is Fumu, Tuff is Bun, and DeDeDe doesn't have a freaky southern accent.

Lately, I've been a bit obsessed with Meta and the Kirby series thanks to Super Smash Bros. So when I read a bunch of awesome stories about Meta Knight, I decided that I had to write one! So I guess you could say they inspired me to do this. Thank you, Meta Knight storywriters!

I can't think of anything else to say except review! I'd love to know what you think.

Two shadowy figures fought on the battlegrounds. One was a large, serpent beast. The other was a small fighter. The two battled fiercely. Sword scraped upon tooth, and they separated with a screeching sound. The snake struck again and again, its fangs dripping hungrily with deadly poison.

The swordsman used his speed to his advantage and the snake missed. The horrible beast emitted a loud shriek as a portion of its tail was cut off. Writhing and twisting, it wrapped around its opponent, squeezing the life out of the swordsman. In response, the fighter dug its sword into the serpent's scales.

For a long moment they stayed like that, gasping for breath. Then the snake passed out from the loss of blood, and loosened its grip. The champion got up and drove its sword into the beast's head, to insure instant death.

"That's enough!" Boomed a deep voice.

The winner slid its sword out and backed away from the defeated snake.

"You've defeated most of my best monsters." The voice continued, appearing to inspect the corpses. After a long moment of silence, the shadowy snapped his fingers and the bodies burst into purple flames.

The swordsman watched, eyes bright as its enemies turned to ash. As the flames cleared away, it looked at its master, eyes hungering for praise.

A large grin curled over Nightmare's face. He turned to the masked puffball standing behind him. "You are truly a gem of a demon beast…"

"Meta Knight."

"Okay, Kirby. That's enough for today. You did well."

"Poyo!" Kirby squealed happily, his eyes shining with praise.

Meta Knight gave him a curt nod, and Kirby took off the copy ability. The knight had been training Kirby by the river with swords today, and despite Kirby getting distracted by the occasional butterfly, he had performed quite well. Just looking at Kirby gave Meta Knight hope that the little puffball would soon be capable of defeating Nightmare. Until then, they would have to stay put and endure all of the demon beasts that King DeDeDe ordered. But to Meta Knight it was just more training—usually the demon beasts DeDeDe chose to buy were pathetic. Meta Knight had only ever helped Kirby once or twice when the event was serious.

The Star Warrior turned and started to walk back towards the castle. He felt a tug on his cape and looked back to see Kirby holding onto it. He smiled and continued to pull at it. Meta Knight sighed, "Go play with your friends. You fought hard today and you deserve a rest." So do I. Meta added silently. The hyperactive puffball had been a handful.

Kirby blinked a couple of times, and then took off running for the village, calling goodbyes over his shoulder. Meta Knight couldn't help but feel proud and left to make the long walk back to the castle.

Once he got inside, he was about to head for his room to rest, but decided to take a detour instead. He passed by the King's chamber, listening intently. Just as he expected, he heard the loud voice of DeDeDe and Escargon. His eyes widened with interest as he heard a third voice. It was the Customer Service man.

The king was ordering a new demon beast.

Meta Knight opened the door ever so slightly. It gave a protesting creak, but the two were so engrossed in buying a demon that neither of them noticed.

"Did you notice any weakness of Kirby's that we could use to our advantage?" The purple-haired man on the screen asked.

"None! That puffball's as tough as a rock!" DeDeDe said, flipping through a demon beast catalogue. "I want this one!" He held up a picture of a goofy-looking monster. Meta Knight sighed inwardly. He had seen enough. It was just the usual threat. He closed the door quietly and continued on his way.

Escargon looked much more interested in what the man had to say. "I've noticed a few." He said, smirking, "How about when Kirby inhales? He always needs someone to tell him what to do. Maybe if we get him away from everyone else…"

The sales guy gasped, "Your Excellency Escargon! That is genius."

King DeDeDe scowled, and had to refrain from hitting the snail with his hammer. "So what are you suggesting?" He growled, glaring at Customer Service.

The man shrugged, "We'll send a demon beast that will do the job. And we'll even cut the price in half." The king came out of his grumpy mood smiling.

"You have yourself a deal!" He said, turning off the TV. The picture of the sales guy disappeared.

Back at Holy Nightmare Co. the man turned to the shadowy figure standing behind him, smiling devilishly. "You see?" The shadow said in a deep voice, "That is how you perform a con, my friend. They think it's their idea when really it is ours."

Both let out long deep laughs.

The next day, Kirby was playing in the town with Bun and friends, while Fumu sat nearby, her nose buried in a book. Every once in a while, she'd glare up at the group of children, as if daring them to be rough with Kirby.

But the kids were having fun, and for once, Kirby wasn't getting kicked or thrown around. Meta Knight stood behind a nearby building, making sure that the kids played safely. He was expecting a demon to show up at any moment. "Catch, Kirby!" Bun shouted, throwing his friend the ball. Kirby caught it and dodged around the town kids playing with them. He threw it back to Bun, waving his arms wildly. Bun missed it and it bounced past him.

"Darn it!" He cursed, "That was your fault Kirby! I was wide open!"

Fumu snapped her book shut and opened her mouth for an angry retort, but suddenly, a large shadow passed over the town. Bun stopped running after the ball and looked up. Fumu screamed, as the villagers were thrown into a panic.

A large, crow-like demon hovered above the town. Its wings were large and black, as well as its tail, that whipped out behind it, twice as long as its body. Its eyes were red points. It opened its beak in a roar, revealing needle-like rows of teeth. Craning its neck, it searched the panicked crowd for its predetermined target.

A flash of pink…and the bird was swooping down out of the sky, talons outstretched. Kirby squealed as the demon snatched him off the ground and rose into the sky. It beat its wings a couple of times to gain altitude, and, with one last screech, took off away from the town.

"Kirby!" Fumu shrieked, tears dotting her eyes.

Bun ran after them, panting, but the bird was much faster. He stopped towards the end of the town, waving his fist and shouting curses at the bird.

Meta Knight stepped out from his hiding place and watched the demon intently. The rest of the village gathered behind him, whispering nervously, but he paid no attention to them. He stared at the pair, fading in the distance, willing Kirby to attack it. But he never did. The poor puffball just cried his little lungs out, not knowing what to do.

There went all their hopes, flying away over the horizon. Without Kirby, they would not defeat Nightmare. He couldn't lose now…he had to survive for the final battle! Nobody could have hoped to catch up to them on foot.

It was then that Meta Knight knew what he had to do. He took out his sword and it formed in sparks of electricity. Taking a deep breath, he let his long-hidden wings sprout from his back. He heard screams and gasps from behind him, but he didn't care. Right now, his first priority was to rescue Kirby.

He spread the dark purple wings and lifted off, flapping them frantically. They felt stiff and creaked in protest, but he continued to push upwards. When he was up high enough, he shot after the demon beast. Laying his wings flat against the wind, he cut through the night sky like a knife through butter. The wind was on his side that day, as it pushed him on towards his goal.

The demon was slow, taking its time with its prey. It didn't know that he was coming, speeding like the fastest bullet. As he tore after the bird, his own power to fly made him feel elated. Why he had kept his wings hidden for so long, he had forgotten. Right now, he was just enjoying the wind on his masked face.

Sooner than he expected, he caught up to the bird. He barely had time to register the surprise on the demon beast's face before he barreled into it. All three plunged down, hitting the ground painfully. Luckily, the bird had broken Meta Knight's fall.

He leapt off the mass of black feathers and backed away, replacing his wings with his cape. The crow-like monster still clutched Kirby in its claws. Kirby struggled wildly, his eyes pleading Meta Knight to help him.

Meta Knight stared back at Kirby, distracted. The demon saw its chance and struck out with its free foot. The knight barely dodged, and the claws shredded his cape. He looked at the scraps of purple left on the ground. Glaring at the monster, he charged forward, brandishing his sword.

The bird roared, snapping its beak aggressively. It came to meet Meta Knight's attack, teeth bared, ready to tear, but Meta Knight was small and quick. He bounded forward, driving his sword deep into the demon's throat.

It choked on its own blood, its beady eyes wide with surprise. The bird collapsed in a heap of feathers. A second later, it disappeared in a puff of smoke. Stooping down, the swordsman wiped his sword on the grass, and then made his way over to Kirby.

"Are you all right?" He asked.

"Poyo…" Kirby whimpered, eyes wide. The veteran Star Warrior looked down to see the deep scratches in the puffballs side. That was where the talons had dug in the deepest. Meta Knight sat down next to the pink puffball and placed his gloves tenderly on the wound. He pressed against them for a few minutes, and then took his hands away. The blood had stopped flowing. Most of it was on his gloves.

"Can you fly back with me?" Meta Knight asked. Kirby whined slightly. Meta Knight nodded, "I'll fly us back." He let his wings appear again, hoping the little warrior wouldn't feel frightened of him. Instead, Kirby just squeaked happily and jumped into his arms. Meta Knight leapt through the air and began to soar back to the village, Kirby tucked under his arm.

As they flew, he saw Kirby watching the way he flapped his wings as they rode the wind. The old knight felt relieved that the baby warrior wasn't afraid. The wings seemed to intrigue him…it even looked like Kirby was proud of Meta Knight for some reason.

When they got back, it was nearly sunset. Everyone was waiting in the town square. He landed heavily on the ground, and released Kirby, who ran back to his friends, smiling. Fumu grabbed him and held him close. He then noticed everyone giving him looks of fear and anger.

Meta Knight felt his heart sink, and he put his wings away. This was why he had kept his wings hidden.

"Meta Knight you lied." Came a voice filled with rage. Meta Knight looked into the unforgiving eyes of Fumu. "You've been a demon beast all along. I thought we could trust you, but now I know I was wrong. You've probably been trying to get us all wrapped around your little finger all along, so then you could attack Kirby."

"That's not true." He said quietly.

"Then how do you explain the wings?!" She screamed, "You kept this hidden from us! Only demon beasts from Nightmare have those wings…you're…you're a monster!"

Fumu didn't know how much those words stung Meta Knight. He backed away, eyes wide. "No…" He murmured.

Other villagers seemed to feel braver at her words. They started to talk amongst themselves and even shouted a thing or two, "Yeah, he always did seem a little shady!" "Fumu's probably right." "Remember how he almost killed Kirby in that duel?" "I don't want him near my children!" "Drive him out of town!"

The townspeople were closing around him, looking furious and frightened. Women hugged their children close to them and the men clenched their fists, looking as if they were going to attack.

They have a right to be scared… He thought, looking down at himself. His gloves were stained with Kirby's blood and his cape was in tatters. Who wouldn't have been afraid of him? A rock sailed past his face with a whooshing sound.

"Go back to where you came from monster!" Bun growled, as if he had never seen Meta Knight in his life. His gang backed him up, shouting rude things at the poor knight. Kirby broke away from Fumu and pushed to the front of the gang, waving his stubby arms angrily. Meta Knight realized that the puffball meant to defend him.

"Poyo poyo! Poyo!" Kirby snapped, glaring daggers at the children.

"Kirby, you fight demon beasts!" Hohhe shouted, "Kill him!"

"Make him leave!" Honey demanded.

Kirby shook his head furiously.

Meta Knight began to walk away, heading for out of town. Villagers hissed as he passed by. Just when he thought he was past all of the derision and criticism, a stone connected with the back of his right arm. It stung painfully. He turned around, facing Bun, Fumu, and Kirby.

"Can't you go any faster?!" Bun growled, picking up another stone.

"Why don't you use those wings of yours and just fly home?" Fumu said crossly, holding onto Kirby tightly. He struggled wildly in her arms, squeaking protests.

Another rock came flying in his direction, but by then, the Star Warrior was in the air, flying away from the town and the citizens.

"Yeah, I thought so!" Bun called after him, stomping his feet. Pouting, he ran back to his sister. Both had trusted Meta Knight and now they felt betrayed. Fumu let go of Kirby, and the puffball took off running after Meta Knight.

"Poyo!" He called, as the two kids ran after him, shouting for him to stop, "Poyooo!"

But Meta Knight had disappeared into the sky.