Chapter 11:

Slade's real hideaway –

Slade chuckled to himself as he watched Batman and the remaining Titans fall so easily into his trap. Cyborg should have known better than to assume Slade would miss something as obvious as trying to track him. Slade turned his gaze to another screen where he noticed his restrained apprentice was beginning to stir and wake up.

"Time to pay my new apprentice a visit" Slade said, standing from his chair and making his way to Robin.

Batman & Titans –

Cyborg was amazed how hard it was this time trying to take Cinderblock down. Usually it was a quick battle with him when the Titans fought him. Cyborg and Robin could always take him down with their signature sonic boom move. Without Robin and Raven to help he realized how much harder the Titans were finding it to take the hunk of stone down.

Beastboy didn't know how much longer he could take getting thrown against the wall. He was really starting to get pissed. Most of his anger though was not at Cinderblock but at Slade. First he made Robin his apprentice by threatening his friends, then he turned Terra against them, and now he was back for Robin. Talk about persistence.

Starfire was firing at Cinderblock with everything she had. Her power was being fueled with all her anger and hurt she had been holding in since Robin left the Tower on his motorcycle. Cinderblock was taking her barrage with minimal effort. Slade had made enhancements in order to keep the Titans occupied for a while.

Batman stood off to the side for a few moments while he quickly analyzed the Titans' fighting style and abilities with that of their opponent. The Titans had apparently never had difficulty with this particular bad guy before because their faces gave away their obvious frustration that this had not been over sooner. After watching and determining a possible way to immobilize the block Batman ran in to join the Titans.

Back at the Hideout –

As Robin's eyes shot open he realized he had no idea where he was. As he tried to piece together what had happened since his unconsciousness he heard a horrible voice behind him.

"Ah good to see my apprentice is awake again. Honestly I'm surprised you are awake, your friends almost left you to die and your mentor is a stubborn fool."

Robin growled and tried to get up only to see that he was strapped down. He glared angrily at Slade. "I'm not your fucking apprentice."

It was almost instantaneous that Robin felt Slade's had whip across his face.

"You will become my apprentice if I have to kill Batman himself to make that happen!" Slade snarled grabbing Robin by the front of his shirt and pulling him of the bed as far as the restraints allow.

Robin maintained the glare set on his face, refusing to let Slade see how truly terrified he really was. Robin's friends and father meant everything to him. Slade threw Robin back down onto to the bed and much to Robin's surprise began undoing his restraints.

"Wh- what are you doing?" Robin stuttered.

"You want to stay strapped down to this metal bed? Fine." Slade stopped messing with the restraints.

"No!" Robin yelled. His hands were still bound so he couldn't attack Slade.

"Well then. I suggest to don't struggle and don't try to attack me when I'm done releasing you." Slade said as though he was reading Robin's mind. When Robin was freed he stood up and rubbed his wrists gingerly. Those restraints hurt a lot.

"Come apprentice." Slade said staring to leave the room.

"I'm not your apprentice" Robin mumbled. Slade to no one's surprised heard him. Slade moved quickly turning around and grabbing Robin's upper arm harshly. Then without saying another word began to drag Robin to his new living space.

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