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New Kid on the Block



As I woke up this morning to another day at Forks High School, I heard my cell ringing. "I'm tired of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed, I'm tired of people lying, saying what they want about me…" (A/N: Rumors by Lindsey Lohan, it's actually a good song) It was Jessica, my BFF.

"Get up bee-yotch!" I heard Jessica screaming in my ear. "There's gonna be a new guy at school today! Even my mom says that that boy is smokin' hawt!

Of course Jess knew all about what happened to whom, who the new kid is, stuff like that. Her mom was the administrator at the school, which of course made her the hottest gossiper in school!

"Relax Jess, I'm up! Pick me up at 7?" I inquired.

"Got it! muah Love ya babe! Bye!" Jess hung up the phone and left me to get ready for school.

Hmmm, I thought, well if the guy is gonna be hot, I'm gonna need to look my best of course!

Since I only had twenty minutes until Jessica arrived, I needed to do some fast prepping! I threw on the closest Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, and some skinny Seven jeans, and my favorite pair of flats. I threw on my regular makeup, some mascara and eyeliner, threw my lip gloss in my purse, and ran out to Jess' Mercedes Benz just as she drove up. Everyone knew I would look good in anything, no matter what

As we drove to school in Jess's rocking, red hot convertible, the song blasting, "Please Don't Stop the Music," everyone stopped and turned to see us, the two hottest girls in Forks, drive up in Jess' convertible. When they finally got to the campus of Forks' High School, after a few hundred men had whistled at us go by, ugh, so annoying, we met Angela, Alice, Rosalie, and Lauren at the park bench, our own reserved spot. We were the Pretty Committee and we 

always got the hottest boyfriends and the hottest new stuff. We were all wearing the hottest new trends. Everyone envied us, wanted to be like us, wanted to be us. I was, of course, the it-girl of Forks!

The day went by pretty quickly, with no sign at all of the hot guy.

Rrring! The bell finally sounded, ending my math class, the last class before lunch. It was finally lunchtime. I walked into the cafeteria, looking for our usual seat, only to find no one there. I walked over to the table, thinking the girls were probably still at their lockers or something. I then saw Alice come up and sit down at the table. We started chatting, her telling me that she had seen him, but of course she already had a boyfriend, Jasper, so she didn't mind. She was already pretty good friends with him.

"So," I asked, "Where is he and what does he look like?"

"Over there," she said as she pointed to an almost full table, crowded with girls.

I looked over there, not anticipating what I actually saw. Sitting there was the hottest guy I ever saw and when our eyes met, I felt a flicker of electricity run through me, like none I'd ever felt before, not even with my most recent boyfriend, Tyler, that I had just broken up with. I flinched at the new feeling. Just then, I noticed the other girls sitting at the table. There, sitting on either side of the hot guy, were two of the crew, Jessica and Lauren, flirting like there was no tomorrow. I knew they had ditched us, but I really wanted to talk to the hot guy. I was still pondering this when Angela and Rosalie walked up.

To be continued…

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