They were just wondering around the place when they heard it. Some kind of loud explosion. Only among the passersby it seemed no one else was reacting to it. Such a loud sound and no response was a major clue that they were about to get the biggest break in their mission. The only break. Finally.

They turned the corner to see a man stepping down off a big purple bus. Only, the bus was in the alley way, parked in such a way that it would be impossible to get out.

The man getting off was really more of a boy, around their age, with a frown on his face, and empty handed, with bright red hair and blue eyes.

"...fuckin deatheaters..."

As soon as he had fully dismounted, the bus shook and with an explosive bang once again, headed straight out to the dead end of the alley. The man didn't seem to care as he just continued walking away, as if a large vehicle was not headed for a wall at what must have been an impossible speed.

Yet as he stepped out into the mouth of the alley, and looked at his wrist, the sound of crunching metal, of screams, or more explosions failed to follow him out.

Sasuke sent a sharp look to Naruto, Kakashi had finally looked up from his book.

The man was still just standing there, starting at his watch before huffing.

He raised his hand and poked at the air right in front of his face, but he never took his eyes off his wrist. With his finger still pointed he dropped his hand, flicked his wrist, drew a circle, striking the air and slashing at it and faster as he went until at last he opened his hand and slapped his palm in the air in front of him, as if there was a wall.

Sasuke felt as if he was sitting in a pool of confusion. Were those hand seals? Was he a ninja? If so they were the strangest seals he had ever seen. Yet, even as he watched, from the man's palm a ripple in the air spread. More followed and with his other hand he outlined a diamond in the air. The ripples hit the edges of the invisible lines until color appeared and they were staring at a window of water, very similar to Haku's ice mirrors.

Eyes widening at the implications before him, Sasuke's thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice.

"Oi! Commander!"

The man was yelling, still looking at his wrist.

A sigh was heard, causing ripples to float in the water window.

"I told you not to call me that."

"Do what now?"

"What do you want Fred?"

"Fuckin' deatheaters Commander! I think they broke my wrist! What do you think?"

And the man shoved his hand toward the window.

Another sigh and a hand appeared from the window to gently grasp the injured wrist, and twist it mercilessly.


"What have I told you about calling me for no reason?"

"But Harry!!"


"Deatheaters followed me from home!" the man was smiling like a five year old telling an interesting story.

The wrist was released and the edges of the window began to frost.

"Do you think a spy then?"

Suddenly the red haired man's whole demeanor was changed and even as his eyes held amusement, there was something dark and slightly mad in them. Yet still he smiled.

"Hard to say, but really the evidence leaves little doubt. I left the house and felt the need to be cautious. So I just randomly got off at a stop. Next thing I know, my wrist is broken. And there are two more dead deatheaters to add to the list."

"Did you manage to ascertain the identity of the traitor before you killed them?"

"Yeah, and you were right about who you suspected."

"…How unfortunate."

"You're telling me. But I really think it's broken. If you don't fix it for me it won't heal proper and my talent might be compromised and…ah…hello? Harry? You still there? Don't tell me you left already-" The man seemed to have slipped back into his five year old mannerisms.

"You talk too much."

It was the same voice that had been echoing though the window, only it came from behind the red haired man.

He grinned and twisted around, holding his wrist in front of him. A young man, with pale skin, and shoulder length pitch black hair gently took it in both hands before using one to tap two fingers to the wrist sharply.


"It's not broken"

"It is! You're breaking it!"

Tap "This won't break it."

"Ow! Stop!"

Tap "Where is your brother?"

The red haired man flinched as he awaited another tap, and sighed in relief as the other man's hand merely wrapped around his wrist.

"George is off collecting fruit!" he declared proudly.

"Isn't he already taken? Some bloke in Scotland, right?"

Fred blinked before understanding seemed to hit him, "Ah…AH! Dirty. No, no…it's for some new concoction of Bill's." he smirked though and nudged Harry. "You have such a dirty mind, Commander."

One green eye looked up from its inspection of the wrist and Fred seemed to realize it probably wasn't best to antagonize someone who'd already proven to have a merciless love of torture.


A tug, a pop and Harry let go of the arm.

"Don't cry." He muttered.

Whimper, sniff. "That hurt."

"But you're fine now."

"I'll bruise and then what'll I tell George?"

"I'm sure he'll know you deserved it."

"Why didn't you heal it better? That's painless."

"Because you deserved the pain. Now go home."

Harry turned back into the dead end alley.

"Oh, wait wait. I've got news. Some people have been spotted around here lately, asking questions about someone, they don't know who apparently, just someone. And something about Sharingan. Wherever or whoever that is. Mean anything to you?"

Harry turned and Sasuke finally got a look at his face behind all the hair. One bright emerald eye faintly glowing beautifully and the other, a deep red that seemed to see everything, as the tomoe seal slowly rotated out of an abstract pattern around the pupil.

Sasuke's breath caught. Mangekyo Sharingan!

The man, Harry, smirked at the red head, as green slowly swept the red away. Yet before it was completely gone, both eyes flicked across the street, to the bench Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi were breathlessly frozen at.

"Never heard of it."

A/N: Why did I write this? I don't know. What was the point? There was no point. I have some sort of omniscient understanding about the setting and scenery of this piece but nothing solid enough to make a full story, so I'm sorry, you'll have to settle for a one-shot.

I can't write anything but one-shots anyway. I figured I'd just write out the scene and be done with it. Short, and mostly dialoged. Not much in the way of imagery, but then again, that's what your imagination is for. I didn't take too much time with this so, hope it's liked.

Crossovers are fun.

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Just a note: My understanding of the Mangekyo Sharingan is limited, but I'm pretty sure that it's a degenerative ability, causing blindness in the creator. But if passed down, (or stolen hint hint…title) and combined with your own Mangekyo, it strengthens the ability and rids the second bearer of the weakness of onset blindness. I'm pretty sure that the techniques that can be done also depend on which eye is being used…not that this is relevant information. Just, information.