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After that, Keiko disappeared and went underground to help capture Kira, as you knew Light was the cause of all this trouble. After her miscarriage, she'd had virtually nothing left to live for (save for avenging Lawliet's death) until Mello came into her life, so she joined up with Near and the SPK in 2009, while helping Mello during your off-hours behind SPK's back. She couldn't help it—he idolized L just as much as Keiko had, and she could identify with him more. (Near, in your opinion, tended to be sharp, demanding, insensitive, and arrogant; whereas Mello might've been impulsive and reactive, but at least he was somewhat caring. He empathized with Keiko on always being second best.)

And her crowning moment of triumph occurred on January 28th, 2011, at the Yellow Box Warehouse.

Keiko stood there behind the warehouse, glaring at Light through the crack in one of the doors of the old building (opposite Mikami, so he didn't see her). Her heart thudded audibly… excitement welled up within her chest. She was avenging Lawliet's death tonight… One last time, Keiko reached into her suit jacket and pulled out the slightly battered photo of "Adrian" and herself in Liverpool, thinking back on a time when they were both happy and carefree… "See you soon," she whispered to the picture, replacing it in her pocket.

So lost was Keiko in her thoughts that she barely heard her "cue" when Light whispered, "I win, Near…"

Keiko slid open the door and grinned evilly at him. "I think not," she said triumphantly. The others looked around themselves, surprised that they weren't dead at all (and at her appearance). Keiko held up her right hand in the "live long and prosper" Star Trek style. "Whaddup, Light-o?" Her face showed no emotion whatever.

Light's eyes widened in disbelief. "What?!"

Keiko rolled her eyes wearily. "It's over, you conniving little slime-ball."

"Gevanni, Rester, arrest Mikami," said Near with a glance in his direction.

Mikami, surprisingly, didn't fight. He was too overwhelmed by the shock of failure of Light's plan to do anything but stand there limply. "God—I did what you said! I did everything you told me to—" sputtered Mikami, in the arms of Rester and Gevanni.

"Everyone," said Near, holding up the notebook, "confirm this with your own eyes." Written on the page were the names: Nate River, Anthony Carter, Stephen Loud, Halle Bullock, Kanzo Mogi, Touta Matsuda, Shuichi Aizawa, and Hideki Ide. "The first four are the SPK's real names, and… the only one not written down is Light Yagami. Mikami called you 'God,' he said he did as you told him… it's settled."

Light glared at Keiko and then Mikami, fury turning him ugly, as Keiko walked over to join Near and the disbanded SPK. "Isn't it strange, writing down names in a notebook and not dying? That proves it's a trap!!" cried the disgruntled Light, pointing an accusatory finger at Near.

Keiko barked out a mirthless laugh, unable to resist the urge. "Think about the paradox there. 'It's strange when you don't die after writing your name in a notebook.'"

The white-haired boy looked up from his set of rubber finger puppets. "Be quiet, Keiko-chan. I told you that we modified it, didn't I?" said Near with bored condescension.

"No… I can't believe it…" whispered Light, eyes wide with shock.

"Um… Light-o," Keiko said slowly, "it's a fake… book. Those are everyone's real names. Right, shinigami?" She nodded to Ryuk, who was floating behind the task force, a huge, wolfish grin on his face. (Keiko herself could see Ryuk because she'd helped Gevanni with the fabrication of Mikami's second Death Note and had therefore touched it.)

A lo-o-o-ong pause ensued. "This is a setup! I don't know this man!" Light spat with a glare at Mikami, who looked utterly devastated.

Keiko raised one eyebrow calmly. *If looks could kill…* "For the love of God, shut up," she said wearily, rubbing her temples. "It's over and you know it."

"Light, you said 'I win, Near.' That's as good a confession as any," said Aizawa, placing his hand on Light's shoulder.

Matsuda sank to his knees with a pitiful look of betrayal on his face. "Light… why?"

Mogi pulled out a pair of handcuffs and crossed over to Light. At the last second, the latter whipped out his leg and kicked the cuffs from Mogi's hand; Light went sprawling for the door, wildly looking about for an escape. He resembled nothing so much as a caged animal—the lowest Keiko had ever seen him.

"Light Yagami is Kira," said Near. "You lose. Granted… you had originally won, and I had lost. You had Mikami using a fake notebook all this time. We successfully did as you predicted, and altered the fake notebook. Although, what I said in the beginning, 'I modified the notebook,' applied to the real notebook, as well. This is the real notebook," he announced, pulling another notebook out of his shirt, identical to the one he held in his hands. "Gevanni and Keiko-chan made this for us in one night. Whether or not we could make it in time for the switch was the key."

Light's eyes snapped open in shocked anger. He had "How could this have happened…?" written all over his face.

Keiko stood there, arms crossed over her chest as she stared solemnly at Light, the once-innocent boy she used to babysit on weekends… Kira.

"Forging the actual notebook must've been difficult," continued Near, "however, Gevanni immediately answered, 'We can make it.' He used the same pen as Mikami, and right down to the handwriting, it was a perfect copy. The appearance, the contents, everything looks exact." With that, Near looked down, placing the real Death Note and the new copy with the SPK names within, side by side. "Because I touched the real notebook, I've been able to see the shinigami since you came in." He looked up to Ryuk. "Mr. Shinigami, nice to meet you. I'm Near."

"Hyuk, hyuk… Nice to meet you, too. I'm Ryuk," laughed the shinigami.

Near held up the Death Note. "If you look closely at this notebook, there are traces of a number of pages having been ripped out. Does this mean that if you wrote someone's name on a removed page, they would die?"

"Yeah, they'd die," said Ryuk.

"Wow—no beating around the bush like Rem," Keiko said with appreciation. "I'm rather starting to like this shinigami's frankness."

Near stared down at the notebook with renewed fascination. "Even pieces ripped out of the notebook can be used… I wonder just how many times you fooled us with that…" He abruptly looked up and pointed at Light. "Light Yagami, you are Kira."

Keiko could see the gears grinding in Light's head. He knew there was something missing, there… he was wondering how Near managed to get past Mikami to get to the real notebook, since Mikami had always carried a fake with him and left the original at his house.

"It was Mello," announced Near, guessing what thoughts were running through Light's mind. "Knowing you, that's all you need to put two and two together, right?"

Light sneered at them all, trapped and unable to do anything.

"Look at the page before the one with our names on it," said Near, holding up the fake. "It's the fake, but it's exactly the same as the real one."

Written on the page was "Kiyomi Takada, suicide by burning herself, January 26, 2:33 PM."

Light's facial muscles twitched.

"When Takada was abducted by Mello," Near continued, flourishing the replica, "Mikami took out the real notebook. He went to the bank's security vault and removed the notebook on January 26th. According to my investigation, during August, September, November, and December, Mikami went to the bank on the 25th. So Mikami had already been to the bank on the 25th of January, but he went again on the 26th after the reports on Takada's abduction. For someone so meticulous as Mikami, it was a strange move. In order to be close to him, I had him followed. The timing of Takada's kidnapping; Mikami going to the bank two days in a row despite his habitual lifestyle; and the safety deposit boxes…? To be honest, I only started to realize the possibility of a fake notebook after Gevanni contacted me. We really would have lost if things had continued that way…

"But… the moment Takada was kidnapped by Mello, you lost your only means of contact with Mikami. So, in order to continue being the perfect Kira replacement for you, he acted." Near sighed. "His immense worship for you actually dug him his own grave.

"And also," continued Near, "one of you killed Takada. If it's possible to kill with a piece of the notebook, then there's no way you wouldn't have a piece with you…

"But the biggest help in creating this situation… was Mello."

"Mello… might've known this would happen," said Hal softly. "I told Mello that Near said, 'Soon, I will bring things to a conclusion directly.'"

Keiko swallowed heavily. Mello's death was another fatal blow… he'd become her family… She spoke up. "He said at that point, 'He's going to make him write your names in the notebook directly,' and Hal confirmed that. After a long silence, he then said, 'it looks like I'm the only one who can do it…' and he hung up."

"At first, I only thought he meant to settle things with Near," admitted Hal. "But… if you look at the result of what happened and think about what if Mello hadn't done that…"

Near held up the rubber Mello finger puppet, staring at it contemplatively. "It's probably true that he believed he could get ahead of me by his actions… but Mello's actions were not just that. Even if Mello couldn't surpass me… couldn't surpass me…" he paused then, reflecting back onto his days at the orphanage. "Mello was always trying to be number one and said that surpassing me meant surpassing L… but he knew I could never surpass L. Perhaps I lacked dynamics while Mello lacked composure. In other words, by ourselves, we were not even able to surpass our target…" He held up the rubber model of himself beside Mello's. "But together, we are as able as L." He held up a miniature L beneath the rubber Near and Mello dolls. "Together, we can surpass L. And now… the Kira against whom L was not able to bring any evidence, the Kira to whom L lost… we have concrete evidence against."

Near stared at Light, challenging him, testing him.

Light's face was contorted with fury and fear. He clawed at the steel door.

The white-haired boy looked down at his toys calmly. "If you can talk your way out of this one, please do."

"AARGH!" screamed Light. Something in him visibly snapped. He threw his hands up behind his neck and thudded to the ground on his knees (looking very much like an elementary school kid forced to perform a tornado drill, complete with nearby wall). After a few seconds of heavy breathing, Light began to laugh. He sat up, threw back his head, and laughed.

"Oh, boy," Keiko said dully. "He's lost it."

Slowly, staggeringly, Light got to his feet, an insane grin on his face. "That's right… I'm Kira," he said, still laughing.

Near smiled. The task force members all gasped in utter shock and horror of this blatant admission of his crime.

"In that case, what will you do?" Light wondered tauntingly. "Kill me here?" He sobered, turning around to face the others. "Listen. I'm Kira… and also… the new god of this world. I'm only preserving the order. At this point, Kira represents righteousness. He is mankind's hope." Dramatically as a Shakespearian actor, he turned his back to you all and spread out his arms, as though on a cross. He leaned his head back to look at the group. "Are you going to kill me? Is that really okay? Catching Kira… in the past, it may well have been an act of justice. However, now it is clearly a crime. The people's will has changed. War no longer exists, nearly all brutal criminals have died, and worldwide crime has reduced by 70%. However… the world is still despicable. When I first got my hands on the Death Note… no, even before that… the world had sunk to rock bottom. Humanity was as rotten as could be. Evil people… despicable people… they are the ones who should be destroyed. Those who do not renounce their evil ways are not fit to live as humans. A rotten world… politics, education, justice… what makes the world right? When the notebook came into my possession, I realized I had to do it… No. Only I could do it! I had no choice but to act as Kira! It was the destiny given to me! I was chosen to renew this rotten world, to bring about true peace—a utopia!" he shouted, whirling around with all the energy of a televangelist begging for money for a noble cause (which would then be put into his pocket). Light was only a puffed-up version of that, Keiko realized—only instead of swindling people out of their wages, he was swindling people out of their very freewill—and lives. "Not ONCE have I considered my own interests!" he shouted at them all. "I'm TOTALLY different from those who profit from the weak! It's these villainous people who are the enemies to my new world…" With a calming sense that could only come from the absolute, purely ingrained, self-brainwashed belief that he was really right, Light took a deep breath and quieted his voice, looking up at the ceiling, lowering his hands to his sides. "Only I can do this… create a new world, stand at the top, guide them along the right path. Only I can do it…" He whirled around to look at Near. "Think about it. Do you want to return to a rotten world? Is it really best to destroy Kira here? Isn't it for your own ego…?" With those words, he stared directly at Keiko.

Keiko took a step back involuntarily. His eyes… they were scarily calm and composed… and filled with an intense hatred.

"If it's just to avenge L," he said, "that in and of itself is the stupidest course of action. No… the one before you may be Kira… but he is also the god of this world!"

Keiko's eyes opened wide with fury. "Shut… up…" she snarled.

"No," said Near softly, his finger atop a miniature doll with a baseball cap and black mask. The word "Kira" was scratched onto the figurine's shirt. "You are nothing more than a common criminal, and this notebook is the worst murder weapon in the history of mankind." Near held the Kira doll between his fingers and glared at everyone, his gaze coming to land on Light. "This may be astonishing, but… I could understand someone who would kill countless other people for his own gain. I would even consider that normal…"

There were several answering gasps from the others. Keiko remained calmly standing beside Near, not in the least surprised. She felt the same way.

"But…" Near pushed his fingers together, squishing the little rubber Kira, distorting its features. "You lost yourself to the shinigami and the power of the notebook, mistakenly thinking you could become God… A crazed mass murderer." He twirled his hair about his fingers. "That's all you are. Nothing else."

There was a long pause. Light looked strangely composed. Everyone's head turned to him, expecting some kind of speech.

"It's your serve," Keiko said dryly, giving Light a glare. *And under normal circumstances, that might've been funny,* she told herself.

Light gave her a silencing glare, then cleared his throat. "Near… First you thought the fake notebook Mikami carried was real, and copied it. Then Mikami was made to get the fake notebook you made." The soft sounds of his rubber soles on the concrete echoed dimly through the cavernous warehouse as he slowly—almost leisurely—walked around. "Meaning each notebook both of you thought was real, was a fake. And then the mistake both of you made was that you didn't check if the notebook was real or not. Then, are you sure the notebook here is real?" He about-faced and continued to pace casually, continuing his spiel.

Keiko narrowed her gaze. *Something's not right here… why isn't he backed into his corner? He's suddenly brimming with confidence… he's got a plan. Something up his sleeve…* She slowly slid her hand inside her suit jacket, fingers curling around the handle of her semi-automatic handgun.

"Because you can see Ryuk, I admit the notebook you have is real…" Light gestured to Near's Death Note. "But the notebook Aizawa has is the notebook I kept in the headquarters where I worked. It is possible that I could have changed it. If I'd done that, only I know where the real one is…" Light turned away from everyone and began walking toward the far wall, passing the task force members. No one stopped him.

Instantly on the alert, Keiko whipped out her gun, pointing it to the floor. She had to be careful so that Near didn't see it, or he'd order her to replace the gun inside its holster.

"Well, whether this notebook is real or fake," said Light, "it wouldn't hurt to check it, right?" He brought his hands before him—out of view of everyone—and Keiko's ears caught the tiniest click.

"A piece set in the watch!" bawled Rester.

A loud BANG! echoed throughout the warehouse as Keiko and Matsuda simultaneously shot at Light—Matsuda's bullet actually knocked the pen from Light's hand. Keiko's shot missed the top of his head by a mere breadth, shattering the tile on the wall behind him.

"Ugh!" grunted Light as he sank to the floor, clutching his injured hand. The bullet, presumably, had grazed it in its route to the pen.

"Matsuda!" cried Aizawa, totally shocked.

"Lawliet," barked Rester. "Put the gun down."

"NO!" Keiko yelled, bounding out of Rester's grasp and standing beside Matsuda, her gun outstretched, held out by one arm as she coldly glared at Light. Her expression spoke of the absolute hatred she felt for him… the one who murdered her Lawliet…


Matsuda didn't lower his weapon. Eyes narrowed, teeth gritted, he kept it aimed at Light, who grew increasingly more desperate.

"Matsuda! You're the only one who understands me! Kira is justice! Kira is needed! Shoot Near, shoot the SPK, shoot Aizawa, shoot them!"

Matsuda shook his head, trembling with rage. "What was it…? W-what was D-director… Director Yagami? Your father?! For what was your father killed!?"

"Father?" spat Light. "You mean Soichiro Yagami?"


"Soichiro Yagami died for the foundation of the new world," retorted Light as he fiddled with his watch. "I'm telling you to kill them so that his death is not thrown away!"

Tears streaked down Matsuda's cheeks. He would not back down.

"Stop jerking me around, Kira!" Keiko shouted at him. "You killed my husband, you killed my sons, you killed Uncle Soichiro and Mello… I swear, if you make one more move, I'll blast your head off!"

"Keiko!" cried Light, turning to her. "Why are you turning on me? You used to take care of me and Sayu when we were kids!"

"That was before you were a manipulative, murdering wretch," she spat. "I don't consort with murderers as a general rule." Keiko cocked the gun.

Light twitched at the sound of the ominous click. "No… Put the gun down, Keiko! I am L! As your boss—"

"NO!!" Keiko screamed, firing a warning shot directly to the right of his head. The bullet hit the crumbling wall; chips of concrete and ceramic went flying everywhere. Attempting to regain control of herself, she slowed down her breathing, standing up straighter. She glared at him down the barrel of her gun at the brown-haired maniac. "You're not my boss—I quit being a cop seven years ago. And I loved L. And you're sure as hell NOT him. And now you'll die for killing everyone—for killing Ryuzaki, and my sons, and Mello, and Uncle Soichiro," she spat, staring coldly at him. "You killed my family, and for that, you're gonna pay in blood." Keiko cocked the gun again…

Light looked down at the paper…

She saw his hand moving across the tiny scrap of the Death Note.

"With his blood!" cried Aizawa in astonishment.

Instantly, Keiko and Matsuda began to shoot at Light. Matsuda unleashed an unholy shriek, his shots grazing Light's side, his fingertips—Keiko nailed him in the side of the ribs. The paper went flying from Light's hands, fluttering to the floor behind him and out of reach.

Light was covered in blood. His breath came haggardly, sluggishly. He gasped, lying on the floor, knocked off balance by the storm of bullets. Matsuda dashed to his side and pointed his gun at Light's throat. "I'll KILL HIM!!! I've got to KILL HIM!!"

Keiko was only a heartbeat behind—but Gevanni and Ridner took hold of her arms. Her firearm clattered to the ground. Keiko didn't bother to struggle against her captors, but watched as Matsuda cocked his gun, the barrel only a few inches from Kira's throat…

"Matsuda!" shouted Ide in alarm.

"Calm the hell down!" echoed Aizawa.

"GO FOR IT, MATSUDA!" Keiko bellowed.

The sound of gunfire filled the place.

Keiko winced. When she opened her eyes, Matsuda was struggling in the arms of Mogi, Ide, and Aizawa. A small crater spouted steam next to Light's head.

Light was pale as the sheets in the Death Note, gasping. Adrenaline spiked through his system as he panted, stomach rising and falling visibly. He was untouched.

"MIKAMI!" he shouted. "What are you doing? Don't just stand there—it's your role! What are you doing!?"

"I can't possibly write… the notebook is fake…" spluttered he… but then, he snapped. His eyes narrowed, and he shouted at the top of his lungs, "YOU AREN'T GOD AT ALL!! You're just SCUM!"

As Light writhed in his own agony on the ground, Near spoke up. "The fact that he used a piece from his watch means he didn't have any more concealed pieces," he announced.

"Or at least, none he could reach without us stopping him first," Keiko added.

The task force members (excepting Matsuda, who was in hysterics) surrounded Light's twitching form. "Mogi, Ide," said Aizawa, "we'll apprehend Light Yagami as a suspect in the Kira case… and a mass murderer."

"DON'T COME NEAR ME!" he screamed, somehow managing to kick himself across the floor, scooting inches away from them. His blood now covered several floor tiles, seeping into the cracks between them, soaking the porous grout. "Kill them—someone!"

Ryuk chuckled harshly.

Light's ears instantly perked at the sound. "Ryuk—help me!" he cried, craning to look up at the rogue shinigami. "Kill them!" He avidly pointed at the task force and SPK, wildly flailing his arm about.

"Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk…" Ryuk picked up the Death Note. Keiko smiled coolly, knowing what Ryuk was doing.

Everyone pulled out their guns, and Keiko was released—but she just replaced her gun in her holster beneath her arm. "If the shinigami would write down names just because he was asked, that's all Kira had to do from the beginning," said Near calmly, simply. "Which means Ryuk won't help at all."

Light sneered at Near, then looked in desperation up at Ryuk. "RYUK!! P-please, write down their names!!"

"Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk… Yeah," he drawled, clearly enjoying the intense irony of what he was about to do. "I'll write…"

Everyone somehow reacted—everyone, that is, save Keiko and Near. She smiled with grim knowledge…

Gevanni, Rester, Aizawa, Mogi, and Ide all started firing at the shinigami, but to no avail. "Sorry, I'm a shinigami," said Ryuk with obvious amusement. "You can't kill me. And nothing in the world could touch my notebook unless I allowed it."

Light flipped over and stared at Near, laughing deeply. "Ha hahaha! Sucks to be you, Near! You should've killed me when you had the chance! Now that Ryuk's writing your names, nothing can stop him!"

"Sorry, Light," said Ryuk easily. "You're the one who's gonna die…"

Light's eyes widened as he looked back at him. "Ryuk… you… STOP IT!!" He jumped to his feet—a little shakily—and leapt for the shinigami… but just like the bullets, he slid right through Ryuk as though the shinigami wasn't even there.

He showed the notebook to everyone. In large, bold print was Light's name. "If you're turning to me, Light, I know you've lost. Didn't I tell you I'd be the one writing your name in the Death Note?"

There was a long, pregnant pause, broken only by Light's terrified cry. "WHAT!? No, Ryuk! I don't want to die!"

"It's too late, Light," Keiko said, feeling the hugest measure of vindictive satisfaction at last… but mostly as a heavy weight upon her chest. She was so tired… sore… and heartbroken. So much death and destruction… and she'd actually been looking forward to part of it. What would Lawliet have thought…? Was she even the same person he'd known…?

Keiko shook her head at Light. *It doesn't matter anymore. Light will go in forty seconds, and you'll follow him.* With a sigh, she said loudly, clearly—driving the words into his soul: "You're gonna die."

"It's already been written," said Ryuk as he chuckled. "Hey, you've been entertainin' me for six years. That's definitely something. It sure was fun, Light."

"NOOO! I don't want to die!" He thrashed about wildly on the floor, searching uselessly for an escape.

Keiko sighed. "Light, you killed dozens of innocent people just to further your would-be regime, including the FBI agents and police officers AND almost everyone close to me… you've got to go."

The others stayed quiet as they stared in wearied horror and resignation at Light as he yelled—and finally, stopped, eyes snapping wide in shock of pain as his heart froze up. "Dammit…" he breathed, thudding to the ground… and he died.

Keiko sank to her knees, smiling slightly as tears coursed down her cheeks. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. Her love had been avenged at last...

And then, she looked at Ryuk, drying her face with her sleeve. "Hey, can I borrow that, Ryuk-san?" she asked politely, pointing to the Death Note.

Without question, he tossed her the book, which she caught. The others looked askance at her, but Keiko shrugged it off. She pulled a pen out of her pocket and began to scrawl her own name into the notebook alongside Light's, the pen cap clutched between her teeth as she grinned perversely. Mission accomplished. She'd meet Lawliet in death…

"Keiko, what are you doing!?" cried Matsuda, staring at her in renewed terror as she finished applying the flairs and embellishments to her name.

Keiko showed him her name in the book. "Heh. I should think you'd know a 'great romance' when you see one, Matsu-chan," she said with sad humor as she displayed her work.

"She still loves L," said Near simply, calmly. "And after the deaths of her sons… It was rather predictable. Give L my regards, will you?" he asked politely, a lock of hair twirled about his finger. "And tell Mello 'thanks.'"

She smiled and nodded. "Any comments for Light, when I see him?"

"Is that likely?" wondered Gevanni slowly. "He'll probably end up in hell…"

With a sigh, Keiko explained. "As Light died, he didn't say 'I don't want to go to hell.' He said, 'I don't want to die.' That means there is no hell—or heaven. And he'd know… Ain't that right, Ryuk-san?" She turned to the shinigami, who grinned widely.

"Sharp as a tack, she is," he said with morbid laughter. "Death is equal. Everyone goes to the same place."

"So I was correct…!" Keiko murmured with a smile. "That's a nice surprise."

Ryuk chuckled loudly. "Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk… Pity you hafta die, now. You might've been fun to hang around."

"In that case, give Light-kun hell from us," said Aizawa with a glare at his body. "And… s-say hello to Ukita and the chief…"

"You got it." Ten seconds left… "Hey, it was fun while it lasted, in a morbid sort of way," she said to the task force members. They gave her some half-hearted, strained smiles (Matsuda was in tears, sobbing at both her impending death and Light's). "Near, thanks. You'll make a great—Eh-ehlll…" Keiko sank to her knees, clutching her left arm as the sudden pain and pressure shot through her chest, racking her body so that she could not even shout her anguish. She collapsed on the floor limply, still staring at Near. "…Great L," she finished weakly, smiling softly at him.

And she died.

When Keiko opened her eyes, all she saw was darkness surrounding her. This was Mu—the nothingness place… the afterlife. Keiko looked around, sitting up slowly, scarcely daring to believe it. "So this is death…" After a pause, she snorted in disappointed derision. "Are you kidding me? Am I the only one here!? Where is everybody? Aw, don't tell me I'm still ALIVE!!"

"Keiko!?" came a surprised voice. She turned to see Lawliet standing behind her. "What happened? Only a minute after Light-kun appeared…"

Just at the sound of that familiar voice that had imbedded itself into her memory, Keiko's heart began thudding furiously. *Is it…?* "LAWLIET!!" With a cry, she leapt up, racing into his arms before he had a chance to finish. Tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks as she was reunited with her love. "We got him… we got Kira." She burrowed her face into his white shirt—even in death, some things, like attire, never changed. That was a comforting thing to know. Keiko felt his lips press gently to her crown as his arms held her tight against him, and she thought she might've heard him sniff a little.

"And you just couldn't wait to tell me, is that it?" He feigned nonchalance, but Keiko could feel him trembling under her arms. Such a display of emotion seemed alien, but at the same time, so right, so real… it had been nearly seven years since he'd died…

Keiko gave a watery laugh. "Near sends his regards…"

"I missed you…"

"Me, too…"

For several seconds, they were content to just hold each other, caught up in the wonder of seeing one another again. At last, Keiko was in the only place she'd ever wanted to be… held tightly in Lawliet's grasp.

"KEIKO, YOU BITCH!" Light shouted, running towards them both. "I can't believe you!"

Keiko turned her head to glare at him, wrenching herself from Lawliet's embrace. She planted her legs firmly before him, adopting a protective stance. "Shove it, Kira!" she yelled back, spraying him with spittle. "We won; you lost. Deal with it, you big freaking baby."

Lawliet's soft ahem behind her made Keiko turn her gaze back to him. "Mm, yes, it is rather useless to protest at this stage," he whispered, holding his thumbnail up to his lips meditatively.

"Just a little…" Keiko said, trying to suppress a sniff. Her throat caught and she struggled against it. Stupid emotions, always screwing her up… and now she had a nice conflict—beat the crap out of Light, or stay beside Lawliet…

Her gaze flew to Light, standing there, gasping for breath in his rage. His expression was maddened, hysterical—insane. His tousled hair fell into his face, obstructing his murderous glare. Keiko noticed with amusement that he was wearing the suit he'd died in; it still had the bullet holes shredded into it.

She looked back at Lawliet, clad in his usual attire, one hand thrust into his pocket, the other up at his mouth as he chewed on his nails. His shaggy black hair fell across his wide eyes, exaggerating the shadows beneath them. He was as pale as ever… and his expression was one of patience… happiness… expectancy… love.

There was no contest. Keiko silently walked back to Lawliet, who responded by hugging her tightly.

Miffed, Light snarled at them both. "Hey, Keiko! I'm talking to you!"

"Well, I'm NOT talking to a bastard like you, Light," she snapped, craning her head around to yell at him properly. She wasn't moving from Lawliet's side, no sir! He was so gentle and warm… and he loved her. She'd not seen him in seven long years… It felt so incredibly good to have him back beside her. Already, she could feel the gap in her heart begin to close.

But at the same time, there was a strange sense of emptiness, an almost ethereal and intangible weirdness about the whole situation that Keiko's mind wanted desperately to reject. Was this only another dream? Was this just her imagination, the product of her intense desire—obsession—of seeing him again…?

But they were his hands rubbing her back and combing her hair; his arms wrapped protectively around her; it was his familiar height that dominated her own; it was his breath that ruffled her hair, his scent that invaded her nose, his presence that calmed her…

This was so much more real than any of her dreams. She closed her eyes against the welling tears and sighed. Maybe she should just accept it… after all, she had a rather long time for her mind to catch up to her…

"How could you do this?!" screamed Light in desperation.

That was the last straw. "Don't you ever give up? I did it… quite… easily!!" Keiko broke from Lawliet's grasp and stomped to Light, where she punched him in the face with as much umph as she could muster, watching him fall back with grim satisfaction. "HOW many times do I have to explain it?! You killed Lawliet, you killed my kids, you killed Mello, you killed Uncle Soichiro… You made my life a living HELL, and for that, you paid with your own life! Too bad it still won't pay for all the OTHER lives you screwed up… but since we're both dead, I can't kill you again, now, can I?"

"But—I'm righteous!" he bellowed, nursing his eye, which was already starting to swell. Keiko congratulated herself on her punch.

*He's got determination, I'll give him that,* she thought grudgingly, and snarled aloud. "You've still got that freaking god-complex," she grumbled, rubbing her forehead. "Righteous! Ha! Why would someone righteous destroy another innocent person's entire existence, their entire reason for living?! And it's not just me, Light!" Keiko sniffed again, trying to keep from sobbing right there. "You destroyed your own family! You completely devastated Matsuda, who thought you were his friend! He trusted you! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HIM!!? DID YOU SEE THE LOOK ON HIS FACE?!?" She stood there, shaking with rage, taking deep breaths to calm herself down. "Oh, and by the way, who was it who said that 'whoever wins is righteous?' Hmmm?"

"I said that under the assumption that I would win!" he cried in defense as he stood up shakily. He made quite a picture: ragged, torn, bloodstained, weak, and dead.

Keiko laughed harshly. "Well, that just goes to show you that you should never assume! Especially when you're dealing with an angry female—cuz hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or a woman destroyed!!" She tried to punch him again, but Lawliet held her back, hands around her wrists like restraining shackles. She looked up at him askance. He stared back down at her. As he was so close—and her eyes really open—she was able to take in every last detail of his familiar face… those grey-black eyes, that shaggy black hair, the faintly sloping nose, his pale lips…

His wide eyes held all the answer she'd ever need. Keiko instantly relaxed, trusting him to take over.

"Here, let me." He released her, then, and lashed out with a kick to Light's jaw, sending him skidding a good twenty feet. *Impressive,* Keiko thought.

"Thanks," she said amiably, watching Light groan as he got up again.

"Do you ever stay down?" she asked venomously, glaring at him.

Lawliet took her hand gently and kissed it. "Come, Keiko. Let's leave him to his misery."

Keiko smiled maniacally and chuckled. "We could always sic Mello and Matt on him… and Mikami, when he gets here…" She knew that Near himself had written Mikami's name in the notebook, believing the 13-day rule to be false.

"Stop right there, Keiko!" screamed Light. "How can you possibly face Ryuzaki when you joined the mafia to get me?"

"Look who's talking, Kira!" Keiko retorted. "And I never joined the mafia—I just gave Mello a few hints here and there. Near did the same thing. It was all for the greater good, anyway." She and Lawliet began to leave, when they heard Light's voice again. Keiko groaned and stopped, turning around with a murderous death-glare in her eyes.

"Mello?! That chocoholic?" sputtered Light.

"Who are you, KIRA, to criticize the guy who helped beat you? Mello is ten times the man you'll ever be! He gave his life to help capture and kill you!"

"He killed people, too!"

There was nothing Keiko could say to refute that… but when all was said and done, Mello did it to kill Kira, the murder. He killed people only when absolutely necessary. Sacrifices made for the greater good… whereas Light was a senseless monster, killing for himself.

And Keiko had killed people in the line of duty, too. Only two, but still…

She shook her head to clear it. There were more pressing matters to attend to—her and Lawliet, alone, reuniting, discussing what had transpired in their seven year sabbatical. "So have I. And I don't care right now. I'm done with this conversation. Everyone says they hate you, by the way."


"How can you blame them, Light-kun," Lawliet began, "after you deceived them so?"

"Exactly. See you never, I hope," Keiko called, turning her back to him and walking away.

They'd gone a fair distance, and finally Keiko broke down crying in Lawliet's arms. He didn't ask her anything, but just let her cry. She sobbed uncontrollably, wetting his shirt as she poured out her turbulent emotions in the form of tears. She wept for the deceived task force, for Ukita, for Ratt, McEnroe, and Gardner, for Raye and Naomi… for Matsuda and all he'd had to endure… for Aizawa and Ide having to leave the task force… for Mogi and all he'd silently put up with… for her deceased sons… for Lawliet's death and her reunion with him… for Mello, who'd lived and died in second place… for Matt, who'd helped him out of pure friendship… Keiko wept for Light-o, the young, bright, innocent boy he used to be… for Soichiro, who gave his life believing his son was innocent… for Sayu, who was captured for the ransom of a murder tool… for Sachiko, for having to hold her emotions in check for her family's sake… Keiko wept and wept and wept.

At last, her tears slowed, and she began to breathe more normally—albeit thickly. Her eyes were puffy and her nose runny from so much crying. She sniffed loudly. "It's been like living hell," she said, clutching a fistful of his now-damp shirt fabric; he gently ran his fingers through her hair, a simple, constant reminder of his presence. "I missed you so much, and… I'd been living just to ensure that Light died… It was horrible."

"Why didn't you try to move on?" he asked, wiping her tears from her cheeks gently. His arms around her were so warm… so comforting… she leaned into him, happy to be back in his grasp.

"Would you have done that?" she asked him quietly, sniffing. "I knew you would have wanted me to, but I couldn't. My entire mission was to kill Light for everything he'd done, especially to you. And then, I didn't want to put up with life anymore, so I killed myself with the Death Note."

Gently, he eased Keiko down to a sitting position as he did the same; she curled up in his lap, arms around his neck. She wasn't letting go any time soon—and he wasn't releasing her, either. By mutual consent, they were each holding the other captive. He kissed her neck tenderly, arms locked around her. Keiko's suit jacket made strange rustling sounds as he squeezed her tightly.

Lawliet, desperately thinking of a reason that justified her having lived on (hypothetically, by this point), racked his brain rapidly for something that would have tied her to Earth, to life. "But… what happened to our sons?" he asked at length. She heard the catch in his voice.

Keiko choked bitterly on her words—she'd forgotten about that, purposefully.

Several seconds passed before Keiko could continue. "Combination heart attack and complications, a full two hours after you died," she said bitterly, lips moving against his chest; she briefly tasted the tear-salted fabric of his shirt in her mouth as she spoke. "I think it was because of all the excitement. Your death, and my hysteria—and I tried to beat up Light at that point, because I saw him smirking… And they had to sedate me, because I was crazy… so I never even got to see them alive. I was unconscious through the whole thing. And… the twins… and Yagami named the first one Ryuzaki… Nothing else, just 'Ryuzaki.' And Matsuda named the second one Toshio." Keiko blinked back more tears, eyelashes cold from the wetness. "A-and… and after they died, I didn't even have an excuse to try and move on, except trying to catch Kira."

"You had your own life," he said calmly. "You should have gone on, grown old, and died in your sleep." He gently stroked her cheek with the backs of his fingertips.

Keiko shook her head, pulling back to peer into his familiar, soothing gray eyes—right now, she saw mingled love and sadness in their depths: sorrow that she'd taken your life for his sake, joy that she was here, now, with him… "I tried, but I couldn't do that," she said with a tiny smile. "I went to Wammy's House after you died, and a month later, Mello ran away to find me, and so I took him in for a few years, until he joined the mafia when I joined SPK. Oh, Lawliet, he was my pride and joy… but after Mello died, too, I knew I couldn't stay. It was just when I'd thought I could stand living, again…" She sniffed and hugged him tightly. "So I thought, why bother trying anymore? My deepest wish was just to see you smile one more time… I loved—love—you too much. I couldn't stand it any longer. I… I just wanted to see you again…" With that, she collapsed against his chest once more, but her tears were sporadic, silent, and slow.

"I'm here for as long as you need me," he whispered softly in her ear.

Keiko smiled at him weakly, but gratefully. "Thanks." She leaned up to touch her lips to his.

Keiko leaned her head up against his chest, happy at just being there, when she heard a small voice saying, "You go."

Keiko thought she'd imagined it and just ignored it when she heard a response: "No, you go."

"You're the outgoing one."

"It was your idea!"

"Yeah, but… it makes me nervous… Oh, fine."

Keiko turned to see who the speakers were, and saw a pair of young boys standing there. They couldn't have been much older than nine or ten, if that… The one on the left was hunched over a little, and looking at the ground with obvious discomfort and insecurity. His shaggy, tousled black hair hung into his blue-gray eyes, set off by his pale skin. The other beside him looked identical, and yet, completely different. He held his hand around the other boy's shoulders comfortingly, and stood up straight. His hair was shorter and more neat-looking, and he shared the same features as the other. Both had round, heart-shaped faces and huge eyes… something made Keiko glance at their feet. The former, the nervous one, had on gray socks; he scratched his leg with one ankle. The other was barefoot. "Nervous" held his hands behind his back and fidgeted. It was he who spoke. "I… ah… Are…"

"Oh, shut up!" grumbled the other, lightly smacking him in the arm. "Are you Keiko Lawliet?"

After a pause, she nodded, climbing out of Lawliet's lap to sit on her knees before the two boys. "Yeah… are… are you…" She stopped as comprehension dawned on her. "Are you… Toshio and Ryuzaki?!"

The nervous one's head snapped up and his eyes sparkled. A tiny grin formed on his face, creating little dimples in his cheeks. Both boys tackled Keiko to the ground in a laughing, joyous embrace…

"Mom!" cried the outgoing one.

"Mommy!" sang the other.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute," she laughed, wiping a few tears (tears of joy, this time) away from her face. "Two things—first off, which of you is which?"

"I'm Toshio!" said the grinning "nervous" one.

"I'm Ryuzaki," declared the other proudly.

"Okay, now that we've established that… This is your father." She held out her arm to Lawliet, who was absolutely stunned. His eyes were wider than usual as he stared at them.

"That's our dad?!" exclaimed Ryuzaki rather rudely. "He looks funny."

Keiko blinked. "What are you talking about!? He looks just like you," she told him matter-of-factly.

Ryuzaki, Toshio, and Lawliet all blinked at one another widely. They all bore such a striking resemblance to one another—especially Toshio and Lawliet, who had the same posture and hairstyle. He was the first to give his father a huge hug, which floored Lawliet—literally and figuratively. "Dad!" he cried happily. Ryuzaki followed soon after, and Keiko shrugged and hugged them all. Lawliet began to laugh, with tears of happiness streaking down his cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" wondered Toshio solemnly as they all slowly extricated themselves from the pile and sat in a circle—or square.

Keiko leaned her head on Lawliet's shoulder and grasped his hand tightly. "Because we're very happy," she said simply.

"That doesn't make any sense," said Ryuzaki with a frown.

" ' "Sad" is the happy for deep people,'" Keiko explained, "quote Doctor Who."

"And that makes even less sense," said Ryuzaki, crossing his arms.

A thought struck her, then—these boys were like Near and Mello, as alike as they were different: both were geniuses, both had the same way of thinking… but one was emotional and high-strung, whereas the other was more quiet and attentive. "I have a feeling Mello would really like Ryuzaki," she whispered to Lawliet, "and that Near would like Toshio."

He smiled. "I believe you're right."

"Hey, enough of this weepy nonsense," Keiko said, wiping away her tears and standing. "I just got here… what's there to do? We should play a game of cards or something. Get to know one another… although technically, I'm guessing we have a long time to do that, don't we?"

"It might be forever," said Ryuzaki importantly.

"How long is forever?" asked Toshio.

"Forever and ever," Keiko said emphatically, going over to Ryuzaki and bending down. "Hop on." She carried him piggyback style, laughing as his soft hair tickled her ear. "Where to?"

"Home!" cried Ryuzaki.

"Where's that?" wondered Lawliet as Toshio climbed onto his back.

"We'll tell you!" assured Ryuzaki. "We'll tell you."

And so, they headed off into some indistinct direction for "home…"

…where they "lived" happily ever after.

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