Scattered Leaves

I'm writing an ongoing little pile of drabbles and short stories featuring various VK characters. :)

The stories will probably be all independent from each other, but I'm posting them in a collection of drabbles so that they're grouped together in a more organized manner rather than a great big mess of little one-shots.
(This is to avoid having the story list in my profile becoming complete chaos with tons of stories. XD; lol)

NOTE: The stories are written as the manga is in constant progression, so some of them were based on ideas and possibilities that in some cases turned out to be the way they were portrayed in fics and in other cases turned out to be something else.
For example, for the longest time there was a mystery in the manga over what happened with Kaname earlier on and what Rido had done to make the ancestor awaken as a child in the current world. So some fics are written with the theory that Kaname was in a different body from his own. As it turned out to be, he was in his own body and had become a baby again, so some fics have a wrong setting. But oh well, they're fics, and it's inevitable when writing about a series still in progress.
So hopefully it will still be enjoyable anyway. :)

So that it's more clear and you can find more easily what you're looking for if you're searching by character or pairing, here's a little index page of sorts:

Story list:

01 : Echo - Kaname. (Mentions of Rido, Haruka, Juri and Yuuki.)
02 : A bad lie for a good reason - Zero, Ichiru. (Mentions of Kaname also.)
03 : Family bonding? - I removed it because I wrote a sequel, and so it became a separate little series rather than a one-shot. :D
04 : Two halves of a whole - Kiryuu twins.
05 : Safeword - Kaname x Zero / Zero x Kaname.
06 : Decency - Rido, Juri and Haruka
07 : Sneaking up on you - Kaname x Zero
08 : Prey - Kaname, Aidou and ? (Guess who the third character is, as you read. :D)
09 : His happiness - Guess who the two characters are, as you read. :D
10 : Parting gift - Zero, Kaname, Yuuki.
11 : Bite - Zero x Kaname / Kaname x Zero
12 : Dangerous visits - Kaname, chairman Cross, little Yuuki. Mentions of Ichiou and Takuma.
13 : Precious Memory - Guess who the two children are, as you read. :D
14 : Drowning - Rido, mentions of Juri, Haruka, Ichiou etc.
15 : Unlikely hero - Rido, baby Kaname, Juri and Haruka.
16 : Puppeteer - Shizuka, Zero, Ichiru.
17 : Much too late - Rido, Juri, a bit of Kaname and Haruka.
18 : Our Children - Kaien x Juri + Kaien being fatherly towards little Kaname and Yuuki.
19 : Zero - Kaname x Yuuki ... and "Zero"... ;)
20 : Watching you sleep - Kaname x Zero / Zero x Kaname fluff.
21 : A pureblood's seed - Kaname x Aidou, narrated from Aidou's POV.
22 : Waiting for you - Zero x Kaname with a twist... ;)
23 : Blood tablets - Aidou, blood tablets and, indirectly, Kaname. :)
24 : A child on the chessboard - Politics with Aidou's father and Kaname.
25 : Daybreak - Akatsuki + Aidou + Luca. Mentions of Kaname also.

Additional warnings like pairings, spoilers etc. are listed at the beginning of each drabble when necessary. :D

I'll be adding the new stories to this collection as I write them.

I hope you'll enjoy them!