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"You are not worthy of being the heir of this prestigious clan. You have improved over the years, but not enough. Hanabi will be the heir."

"Yes f-father. I-I understand."

"Good. You are dismissed."

Hinata turned and walked out of the office with a silent "arigato" on her lips. She was thrilled. She felt like a huge weight had been taken off of her shoulders. But even so, she felt a little sad. She hadn't been strong enough to fulfill her duties. Small pangs of pain stabbed at her steady beating heart. She entered her room and quietly closed the door behind her and with a small click, the door was locked. She strode over to her vanity and in the cabinet there sat a small silver jewelry box. She pulled the shiny box out of the vanity and sat silently on her bed. From out of the small box, a small sharp blade shined in her hand.

She began a prayer as she did most nights. During said prayer she began to slice deep wounds into her arm and abdomen. Her eyes rolled back as she felt the blood drip down her body. She continued until she felt weak and lightheaded. Out of the box she took a small jar of healing salve and slathered some onto her wounds which closed almost immediately only leaving small pink lines which slowly faded. She replaced the blade and the salve into the box and put it back in the vanity for the next night's prayer. She stumbled over to her bed and pulled the covers over her body and before whispering "Arigato Jashin Sama…"

I know it is VERY short but the next chapter shall make up for it I swear. It's so short it almost hurts to post. I'm sorryy.