A/N: This is yet another story of what would happen if Bella was changed while Edward was gone in New Moon. Some of Bella's knowledge isn't learned until Eclipse, or at least after this part of the novel, so sorry about that! Takes place when Bella wakes up from her transformation.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! All characters and such belong to Stephenie Meyer.

After three days of the worst pain I'd ever felt, I finally opened my eyes and looked up at the sky. My sight had changed; everything was so lucid all of a sudden. And my hearing, it was impeccable. All of my senses were so magnified.

I knew what I was now. It was so strange to think that I had once wanted this so badly…and now that I didn't, I got it.

Even though I had heard the Cull – them (it still hurt to think their name) talk about the pain one feels when being transformed, I had never been able to actually wrap my mind around how MUCH pain there truly was.

A vile smell filled my nose, and I turned to see a large red-brown wolf lying beside me. When I turned to him, he looked up at me and whimpered. He ran off into the trees, and I had no idea where he had gone.

A few minutes later, Jacob was there with me. "I can't believe it," he said, with tears rolling down his cheeks. I didn't understand, and apparently the confusion was clear in my eyes. "That black haired leech…we were too late…"

"Jake…" I didn't know what to say. I began sobbing tearlessly. Then something hit me. "Wait, what do you mean you were 'too late'?"

He looked down into my eyes again and explained that he was a werewolf now – that's why he hadn't been able to talk to me. He reminded me of the stories he had told me on the beach that day. It was shocking to realize that the legends really were true; that more than just vampires existed.

Then something else occurred to me. "So…are we…enemies now? Jacob, what does this mean for us?"

Jacob just shook his head and looked at me sadly. "I don't know," he whispered. "Sam said I could talk to you once, and then that was it. He's the alpha – I can't just ignore what he says. This may be the last time I can see you." He began to choke up at the end of that. I wanted to reach to him and hold him, but I knew I couldn't.

"I need to go," he said suddenly. Then he was gone, and I had no idea if I'd see him again.

When the overwhelming stench Jacob had been excreting was gone, I was seized by another smell…this one was mouth watering though. I ran towards it – shocked by my new vampire speed and grace – and found a deer running through the woods. Within seconds, I had my teeth around its neck and I felt the blood oozing down the back of my throat.