This is a poem one-shot! For those who hate Kikyo, don't read this! This takes place before Kikyo knows of Naraku.

Fifty years

Since the day I met you

Fifty years

Since the day I died

You lied

Betrayed me

Why, oh why?
I wander aimlessly

Searching for meaning

But all I find

Are situations of suffering

And statements demeaning

One demon after the other

All come attack

I want to return

To the otherworld

But I know there's no turning back

The girl Kagome

Container of my soul

Is beautiful, kind and selfless

Pure and meant to console

I cannot bring myself to hate her

Yet she's taken Inuyasha

But I am not among the living

So I do not interfere

I can't stop loving him

My beloved, my hope

He is all that lives in my memory

And remains unchanged

Unlike everything else around me

Fifty years

Was all it took to break me

Fifty years

My bones gathered hatred

Fifty years

I can't bring myself to kill him

As I glance at my reincarnation

Bound helplessly to a tree

By soul collectors

Summoned by me

I gaze into her eyes

Emotions running wild

And I think,

"What a beautiful child."