Love Actually

Total Drama Island Fic

By Shimo Ino


Duncan's always had a thing for Courtney. Let's say he showed it a little more.


Courtney twitched.

No! CIT's don't twitch. Especially when they are looking down a horrible, horrible cliff of doom, with hungry, hungry sharks. She shook her head.

It was a risk. A calculated risk, but a risk nevertheless. DJ had already taken the chicken hat, and now it was just her and that, that. . .neanderthal! Courtney silently fumed thinking of how he had requested a bunk right below her at the campfire.

The Nerve!

She was shaken out of her thoughts by Harold's screams of anguish. Well, it was his fault for keeping his legs apart and not diving properly.

"Ooooh, hate to see that happen!" Chris commented from right next to her.

"Excuse me Chris, I have a medical condition." There was no way she would do this!

"What's the hold-up, princess?" Ugh!

"What's it to you pig?"

Duncan smirked. "I just wanted to know why its taking you so long. Sweetheart. I'm sure that I'm not the only one." He was right. The rest of the team on the shore were yelling at her to hurry it up.

"I'm not doing this. There is no way I'm jumping off this cliff!" Chris opened his mouth to call her a chicken and give her the stupid hat, but was interrupted.

"I don't think so princess." And with that, Duncan grabbed Courtney and threw her over his shoulder. "Wha–NO!"

"We're going to win this gorgeous, we can't let the team down can we?" He sneered, and jumped off the cliff as Chris watched laughing sadistically. Then he turned to the camera-men.

"We've got this on camera, right?"

"NO! NOOOOOO!!" She screamed as the plummeted to the water, and grabbed onto Duncan for sheer life. Courtney didn't notice the silly grin he had on, or the thumbs up that Geoff managed to sent to Duncan even as they fell.

And with a giant splash, the two landed in the safety circle, well away from the sharks. The CIT sputtered as she came to the surface, still attached to Duncan.

"Hey princess." He smirked. "As much as I like this, there are other people waiting to jump. Awww." He teased. "Do you want me to carry you to shore?" He unfortunately didn't notice her hand forming into a fist, and then punching him in the crotch.

"BRUTE! I HATE YOU!" She yelled as he slid under the water in the fetal position, clutching his crotch. "Mother--."

She camly climbed into the boat and ignored Duncan as he wobbled in. "I'm never speaking to you again!"

Duncan sat in the stall looking smug. "She sooo doesn't hate me!"


Umm, how'd you like it? Was it ok? I'm doing another story, on that overlaps this one, I think. I might change my mind. But just to let you know, the line breaks are when the campers are in the video-diary stall. You know. Telling it like it is!