Love Actually

Total Drama Island Fic

By Shimo Ino


Duncan's always had a thing for Courtney. Let's say he showed it a little more.


"WooHoo! We won!" Sadie cheered as she and the rest of the Killer Bass walked to their cabin. The team had just won the food challenge, and were so ready to have a five star meal, hell! They would have settled for a two star meal!

She and Bridgette walked to their side of the cabin, chatting at an alarming rate, and gasped as they stepped into their cabin. Courtney was already there, mouth open and eyes wide.

In the middle of the room hanging on a few coat racks were dresses. Beautiful dresses in all colors and cuts, shapes and hues.

"OH MY GOD!!" Sadie squealed as she leaped upon the racks, pulling the dresses out one by one.

"Courtney?" Bridgette asked gently as she passed her hand over the teens shocked face. She snapped out of her daze and smiled sheepishly. "S-sorry Bridgette, what were you saying?"

The blond sighed. "Just seeing if your brain was still working after seeing all of this."

"Oh My GOD you guys!!" Sadie bounced into the conversation. "There are like, sooo many dressed to choose from–and make up too!" She held up a little case. "There is so much stuff that I could just die!"

"Lets hope you don't," Courtney giggled. "Then we'd have to listen to Katie crying all the time."

Sadie pouted and dragged the two giggling girls over to the racks. "Now lets see. . ."

"Uhhh Sadie? You do know that we can find our own stuff ri--"

"Here!" The excited teen squealed as she sprung out of the clothes and pressed a dress into Bridgette's hand. "Perfect for you and your blond hair!"

"We were going by hair?" She asked bewilderedly and went over to her bunk to change. Courtney gulped as she found herself under scrutiny. Sadie rounded on the other teen, examining her. Suddenly her face brightened, and she dove back into the clothes. "HERE!! This is the one!!"

When she brought the dress forward, Courtney's face broke out into a large smile. "Yes," She agreed. "This is the one."

"Bass!" Chris stood on the docks, smile stretched wide upon his face. The guys were all there, standing nervously in suites and such. They had found the clothes in their cabin after the challenge and a letter telling them to report to the Dock of Shame at seven sharp. Duncan himself was in a nice looking suit, but still wearing his T-shirt underneath and collar. Something's never change.

The girls however, hadn't even left their side of the cabin, and Duncan was getting worried. "Man, where are they?"

Geoff was straightening out his pink tie nervously. He cleaned up nice, cowboy hat over his straight hair. DJ was wearing a plain black tux with Bunny poking its head out of the front pocket. Harold wore an 80's bright blue tux with a corset hanging awkwardly off his wrist.

"Here they come," Harold muttered under his breath. Duncan strained his neck to see the exact moment that Courtney would arrive.

The first one out of the cabin was Sadie, who wore a striped, short dress that accented her figure and the same pink shoes that was walked in everyday. Bridgette went with a stunning pink gown that shimmered and flowed in at least a two foot radius around her. Courtney however. . .

God. . . He thought dazedly. She was beautiful.

It was blue, royally and it only went down to her knees, but jeeze, the teen thought stupidly, it was amazing. The top part was almost like a corset without the laces and the bottom part was layer upon layer of fabric that, when it caught the right light, shone like the Milky Way.

Duncan was brought out of his poetic thoughts by their host's voice. "Wow, you girls clean up good," Chris commented with a low whistle. Duncan growled under his breath when the host's eyes racked over Courtney's dress. "Anyway, since your group is the winner," He was interrupted by their cheering. "Your team will get to spend the night partying at the Playa Da Losers with all the contestants who already got voted off!"

He motioned to the Boat of Losers where Chef was standing, not looking happy. "You guys have fun!" He beamed, and Duncan could feel the alterative motive underneath the smile.

The teen's stood awkwardly for a moment, studying each other with the intensity of a scientist trying to find the cure for cancer until Duncan could take the silence no more.

"Princess?" He asked, holding out a hand. Courtney smiled and took it, and the two crossed the dock together, unaware of the other Basses trading money and bets. Sadie smiled to herself as she crossed off another column in her betting pool.

Courtney blushed as Duncan hoisted her over the boat's side and onto the deck. As the other campers got into the boat, she peered into the porthole that separated Chef and the campers. "Umm, Chef?"

He grunted to show he was listening and started the boat. "When--!" She yelled as he hit the gas and the sound . "–will we be reaching the hotel–OH MY GOD LOOK OUT!!"

Chef hummed disinterestedly as the campers screamed when he hit only a few bumps in the water.

It was only a few bumps after all.

Duncan heard Courtney gasp in shock as the boat neared the 'Playa La Losers'. He wasn't one for words, but wow! He let out a low whistle. The hotel was freaking amazing!

The white walled building was lit up like a Christmas tree. Star shaped lights hit the water around Chef's boat as it neared the dock. The small boat sputtered to a stop at the docks edge and Chef stuck his head out of the porthole. "Now you maggots," he bellowed. "Get Off'a My Boat!!!"

Duncan was the first to act, a pissed off Chef was not good to be around, he thought as he grabbed Courtney and hoisted her over onto the dock. He ignored her shriek at being thrown 'like a sack of potatos' and leaped up right behind her as the other campers hurried off the rickety thing. Chef's boat chugged away and the teens made their way up to the building.



Oh dear god no.

Amist the squealing and such, the Killer Bass got to the hotel alright, giving the appropriate 'oohs' and 'aahhs' when necessary as Katie showed them around. "Ohh Katie, it is just soooo nice here!!"

"Oh my god, I was just thinking the same thing! You really are my BFFL!!!" The two hugged for the seventeenth time in three minutes and the Bass were really, really getting tired of the pit-stops.

After Sadie mentioned how much she loved the curtains on the floor and she and Katie were drawn into another 'moment', Courtney exploded. "Oh for the love of GOD, just take us to the other campers!!"

Both girls glared at Courtney for disrupting their BFFL moment, but Katie led the group onward anyway. After a few minutes of walking, they came across a large set of double doors with a loud beat vibrating the walls. "They started the party without us?" Geoff asked, puppy-dog eyes on full.

"Don't worry," Katie giggled as she led them into the room. "There isn't a party without the Killer Bass, now is there?"

"Oh Heck NO!!" Geoff shouted gleefully and shouted greetings to the rejected campers who were already there. Bridgette trailed after him along with Harold, DJ, and Katie and Sadie.

"Princess," Duncan held the door open and led the girl in with a grin. "Charmer," She muttered half bitterly as the pair walked into the Dance Hall.

"Wow, Princess. . .you really like chocolate. . .don't you?" Duncan asked, half amazed at the amount of cake that the girl was consuming. The rest of the campers nodded weakly, but continued on with their own conversations. Katie and Sadie were attached at the hips again, and Duncan shuddered to think about how hard it was going to be to get them apart. Noah and Cody, two from the Gophers were sitting and calmly talking, but Duncan noticed something odd about they way they talked. They were almost too close–OH MY.

Duncan's head hit the table as the Noah kissed Cody on the cheek. He wasn't homophobic or anything, but jeeze! Give a guy some warning!

Like wise Geoff and Bridgette were together, almost the image of a perfect pair with Harold and Tyler sitting across from them talking about what had happened after the jock had gotten voted off. DJ and Eva were talking, and Eva was blushing BLUSHING of all things. Hmm, Duncan noted. She did actually look nice. Her hair was down and she was wearing a dark blue dress. Justin and Ezekiel were just sitting around table with nothing to do, and no one knew where Izzy was. Thank god.

Duncan ignored the campers for a moment to inspect the room that they were in. When they said dancing under the stars, they really meant that! Everything, EVERYTHING was star shaped. From the lights to the DJ's glasses, from the food to the plates, EVERYTHING. There are even star-shaped tiles on the floor. Duncan mentally added with interest.

"What are you looking at?"

Duncan turned back to Courtney who was staring at him. He fought back a laugh when he saw her face covered in chocolate cake crumbs. "Well?"

"Just checking out the place." He said simply. She nodded and turned back to her plate. He chuckled under his breath and grabbed the napkin off of his lap. "Don't move Court," Duncan spoke gently as he cupped her chin. She froze, almost waiting for a repeat of the cabin incident, but only felt a soft cloth against her skin. "What? Duncan, what are you doing?"

"Don't mover Princess," He chastised and continued to wipe the crumbs and frosting off of her face. He stopped to inspect his work. "There we go! Nice and clean!"

The brunette rubbed her face suspiciously. "What was that about?"

"Nothing. All you need to know is that I've saved you from walking around, looking like a moving target."

"Target of what?!"

He grinned and whispered in her ear. Courtney turned a interesting shade of pink and squeaked. "Like anyone would besides you!" She sputtered and smacked his arm.

"You know, you're almost too smooth for me," Courtney blushed as they slow danced, one of the last couples on the floor. Both Sadie and Katie were giggling together, talking about who knows what, while Geoff dragged Bridgette off to the bar for a drink, ignoring that they were underage. The rest of the campers were in various states of party, all of them having fun.

"Almost?" He asked slyly.

She snorted. "Yeah almost. You're not that smooth."

He grinned and they continued to waltz slowly as the lights went low. "You're beautiful, you know that?"

The brunette flushed and looked away. Duncan chuckled. "Boy, I am good."

She laughed with him and hit the delinquent on the arm. "Sure you are. We just keep letting you believe that."

Duncan laughed out right at that, but stopped as several of the campers ran outside to the balcony. "Tyler man, what's going on?"

The jock stopped mid-run. "Dude!" He yelled out enthusiastically. "Shooting Stars!!"

Courtney and Duncan both bolted for the patio doors at the same time, hand in hand. If anyone later would have asked, Courtney wouldn't have had the willpower to deny it.

They burst onto the scene and looked up as streaks of white and gold and orange lit through the sky. "Oh my. . ." Courtney breathed deeply, almost feeling the rush of molten space rock rocket past her. "Its so beautiful. . ." She murmured.

She turned to see Duncan's reaction, but was surprised to see that he was staring at her instead of the passing stars. "Yes." He agreed in a slightly strangled voice before crossing what little space was between them and pressing his lips against hers. "Beautiful."


Sorry I've been so late everybody, but I had this giant report to do in Collage History, and it killed my creative process for a while, it really did. . . and also, my computer shut down. Now THAT'S annoying. And after that. . .I have no excuse. Sorry again! And I didn't really like writing this one so much, it came out wwaayyyy to choppy. *shrugs* Oh well, I gotta live with it, but I hope you like it anyway!

As to Violets in Shadow, I just thought of it! It seemed to work, like Duncan and Courtney's relationship, you know? Besides, they're sooo cute!

And Sadie running a betting pool! How could that not happen? She'd win anyway with the influence that she has over Courtney's wardrobe. ;D

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