Drastic Changes: A Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction.

By: Mischivous Purple One (aka: M.P.O.)

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'thoughts'(just a side note...)

Rain lashed the dark windows of the Rockbell home. Only one window was illuminated against the surrounding darkness, the candle inside fluttering in the soft slow breath of a teenage girl asleep on the panes. Her long blond hair fell in graceful rivers across her back, rising and falling with each lungful of the clean hospitalish air.

A flash of lightning illuminated the room for an instant, and a deafening bang followed, causing her to sit bolt upright as though she had been shocked, the candle dropping to the ground and going out in her wake. "Wassgoinon?" she muttered, rubbing her eyes wearily. She looked around blinking for a few minutes, before bending over to pick up the candle. As she set it back down she looked out the window and gasped, covering her mouth to hold back a yelp of surprise.

On the top of the hill, stood a figure in billowing black robes, one sleeve flapping in the wind as though there was nothing in it. The person took short unsteady steps towards the house, making it about halfway down the road before collapsing into the mud.

"GRANNY!" recovering herself pretty quickly, she grabbed a robe, and dashed down the stairs as fast as she could go.

"What is it Winry? It's 3 in the morning." A short old woman wearing a light blue robe opened a door and poked her head through it, squinting at her as she dashed for the door.

"I think there's someone hurt out there! Common help me!"

"Oh, well in that case, let me get my boots."

A few very wet, cold minutes later, the stranger was lying on a bed, dripping wet, but at least inside. Granny and Winry were shelling their own wet garments and dressing in fresh warm clothing, both with a towel wrapped around their heads.

"Now, let's see who this person is shall we?" Granny stepped over and pulled back the hood that covered the person's face, revealing a young woman with golden blond hair, and skin as pale as ivory. Her full red lips were parted slightly, clean white teeth just barely visible. Her chest rose and fell in waves with each strained breath, a small dribble of blood trailing from the corner of her mouth.

"What in the world happened to her? Whoa…!" Winry had just pulled back the limp sleeve to reveal a stump wrapped in bloody bandages. The outside of the bandage was slightly dirty, as though the girl had tried as hard as possible to keep it clean, though the rest was stained with blood.

"Well…looks like we have another customer. We'll see if she wants some auto-mail when she wakes up. For now, you get her out of those wet clothes and into something clean and dry. Also you'd better change that bandage before it gets infected. Meanwhile, I'm going back to bed. Be careful not to wake Al, it took all night for him to get to sleep, poor thing."

"Allright granny. I'll get her comfy and then go to bed. See you in the morning."


Voices floated past, sometimes a loud child-like tenor, or a female alto. The clatter of something against a flat surface, almost like the scraping of claws on a chalkboard. Her eyes felt like they had been weighed down, her limbs just as heavy and full of lead. All she could tell was that she was lying down, warm, and clean.

"Who is she Winry?" A boy no more than 14 whispered, standing beside the bed and looking down at the still sleeping stranger.

"We don't know Al, but when she wakes up we're gonna find out. Why don't you go have some breakfast? Granny made your favorite." Winry smiled down at the teen, and taking his hand, lead him away from the bed and out the door.

As soon as they were gone, the girl winced and opened her eyes, shutting them almost immediately due to the blinding light pouring in from her window. She tried to raise her right arm to block the rays, and then looked over when it didn't move. Memories of last night came back to her, slowly, like a river blacked by a malfunctioning dam. 'Oh yeah…I lost my arm again…stupid gate.' She sat up, with some difficulty and looked at her leg. 'Well at least that's still there…now where…?' The thought hadn't finished itself before Winry came back into the room and nearly dropped the tray she was holding. "Oh! You're awake, good! Here's some breakfast. Eggs, toast, and a little jam." Winry smiled and set the tray down across the girl's knees before looking up and meeting the golden gaze. "You have very pretty eyes. I only knew one person with that eye color…" she held back a sniff as she turned and walked out of the room. The girl just sat there, mouth wide open, hardly daring to believe her eyes.

"I'm back in risembol? How…what…where's Alphones?!" she whispered, turning around to look out the window. A teenage boy sparring with a black and white dog caught her eye, and she looked away only when her stomach growled at her.

"All right, all right!" she muttered and picked up the fork. Spearing an egg she took a bit and froze. Then not two seconds later she spit it back out, coughing. "YUCK! What does she think she's playing at? This tastes like dirt!" she pushed the tray away with one hand and turned on the bed, swinging her legs over the sides. 'Ok…let's see if I can stand.' She pushed herself up and stood upright for a space of about ten seconds before she sank back down onto the bed. Not three seconds later Winry came back into the room, making a point not to make eye contact.

"So, what's your name? Oh and granny told me to ask if you would like some auto mail to replace your arm." Winry picked up the tray. "Are you hungry? Or do you not like eggs?"

"Umm…I'd like to have the auto mail, and no I'm just not hungry at the moment. My name is…." She sighed, running a hand through her hair. "do you not recognize me, Winry? Has it been that long?"

winry stood expressionless for a second, studying the golden hair and eyes with a practiced eye. then with barely a second to respond, she had flung herself at the girl, sobbing histericaly.

"ED! you idiot, how did you get back here? i thought you were dead, and al..." she stopped, puling bac to look at the dazed woman's face. "oh, sorry, your arm...i should have..." she stampered, wiping her eyes on a hand. ed smiled and looked down at the blankets beneath her, rubbing the soft fabric between two fingers.

"i don't know how it happened. i just know that it did, and that i'm as happy as i'll ever be." she said slowly, avoiding winry's gaze. Winry just smiled and picked up the tray walking out of the room, her ponytail swinging behind her like a pendulum.

"granny's gonna beat you senseless..." she murmured on her way out the door.


Instead of going back to sleep, Ed turned and looked out the window, watching the sun sparkle on the water, or else smiling as she watched Al running around. The sun gleamed on his sandy brown hair, turning it faintly gold as he weaved around the yard, laughing and wrestling with Den. Ed sighed and turned away, fiddling with the blanket that lay in a messy bundle at the end of her bed.

"I can't believe I'm back…after all this time…I'm home." She whispered, a single tear falling from her lashes and onto the bedspread. She watched as it was absorbed into the sheet, and therefore didn't notice the old woman standing in the doorway. The door closed with a snap and Edlooked up, startled, her fierce golden gaze meeting the old lady's clear blue one.

"Nice to see you again, Edward." Granny smiled, and strode over to the changed teen, and gave her a gentle hug.

"humph. figures you'd know immediatly." Ed muttered, pulling away from granny and smirking at her.

"One always knows, especially with the entrance you made yesterday. you really have...changed."

"humph, don't remind me, stupid gate. i'm gonna wring its hypothetical neck if i get the chance." she growled, making a fist and digging her nails into the soft flesh of her palm. granny pinako smiled softly.

So…let's see that arm of yours." She held out a wrinkled old hand and Ed smiled, lying down on her stomach so the old bat could do her work.


A few days later, Ed was up and about, her shiny new arm covered by a skin tight black shirt, and a long red coat. She stared at the ground and scuffed one shoe in the dirt, Al beside her as she waited for the train to take her to central. She had wasted no time in making her plans, and even consented to let Al come with. He was gazing down at her in awe, for she was still shorter than him. She glared daggers up at him and taking the hint, he looked away, though a smile spread on his face as he heard her mumbling.

"Don't know why they have to stare…not like I'm that short…stupid rural folk…" She clenched her fists, more to keep herself from jumping all over the guy not to far from her who kept giving her a very interested look. And who could blame him? She was wearing her hair in the usual braid, though it was a lot longer than it used to be, her red coat was form fitting, and she had even attached a hood, the bell bottom jeans and black boots didn't do to bad for the image either. All in all, Edward Elric made for a very attractive woman.

A few tense minutes later, and Ed and Al were sitting across from each other in a compartment all to themselves, for Ed had scared anyone else off with a few glares, and a slight alchemy demonstration. To be frank, she had pinned the first guy that whistled at her to the wall with a giant stone hand. Al, being the gentle person he was, let the man go and apologized over and over for his sister's sake, for she had walked off and found a seat already. By the time they arrived in Central, she was snoozing comfortably in the seat, stretched out along the bench with one hand behind her head, and the other lying on her stomach.

"Ed...Ed...grrr...Fullmetal pipsqueak!!" Al poked his sister, trying to wake her up, before using the worst thing imaginable, calling her short. A metal fist hit him in the arm for that it, but she was still awake. She sat up and glared at him as he grinned and rubbed his arm, then she stood and looked out the window. She stared out over the crowd for a few minutes before she gasped and dropped back into her seat, ducking low so as not to bee seen through the window. The answer to her bizarre action was in the form of none other than Brigadier General Roy Mustang, who happened to be passing by and stopped to look at the train.

"Oh get up Ed. It's not like he's gonna recognize you. Although I would ditch the coat... it kind of looks like your old one. Might make people suspicious." Nodding, Ed shed the coat and stuffed it into the crack between the seats, then stood, leading the way off the train.

"Oh shit!" she muttered and grabbed Al's arm, ducking behind him as Mustang walked over.

"Hello Alphonse! Haven't seen you in a while. What made you come to Central?"

"Uhh…well, me and my si…" He started to say, but was jabbed in the ribs by a metal finger. "I'm showing my friend Esme around. She wanted to see Central so I decided why not. I could look in on the old crowd too." He smiled, and turned slightly, bringing Ed into view.

"Umm….Hello! My name's Esme Adams. Nice to meet you…er…" She stuck out a hand, and smiled brightly. inside she gagged, making all sorts of rude remarks and hand gestures.

"Roy. Roy Mustang." He shook her hand, immediately noticing the feel of cold metal beneath the black gloves. He smiled and looked over at Al. "Breda and Furey have been making bets to see how long it took you to get a girl. You sure you want to go see them at the moment?" He asked with a slight smirk.

'Don't kill them yet…..Don't kill them yet….' Ed thought, all the while smiling sweetly and innocently up at Mustang. Al looked kind of worried, and nearly jumped when he saw Ed smiling like she was. Mainly because to anyone who knew who she really was, it was kind of scary.


Back at the office, Riza sat behind her desk, shuffling papers and whatnot, while Breda and Falman chatted over a cup of coffee. Furey sat at his own desk, on the phone. Footsteps passing the door every now and then let them know that most of the other military dogs were up and about, and when a set of footsteps stopped outside the door, everyone looked up. In came Mustang, Al, to everyone's surprise, and a short blond woman, who looked fairly annoyed.

"Morning Roy! Welcome back Al! Hey Roy, isn't this one a little short for your taste?"

"WHO YOU CALLING SO SHORT YOU COULDN'T SEE UP HER SKIRT EVEN IF YOU WERE AN ANT!" Ed began to yell, then stopped, slapping a hand over her mouth.