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"Hello bastard."

Roy swallowed the bile that had risen in his throat and looked up, right into the eyes of a bloody faced Edward. He wondered for a split second where the blood had come from and then his eyes focused on the limp form hanging in her hands. Alphonse Elric stared off into space, his lips moving soundlessly as blood flowed sluggishly from a deep wound on his neck. Hawkeye, having spotted Al first, flung her arm up and took aim, firing rapidly while Ed jumped around laughing up a storm. One bullet cliped her shoulder and she hissed in rage, dropping Al who fell to the ground, errily silent. Roy dove forward, catching him heavily as Riza fired off another round. soon they could hear shouting in the trees, and distant footfalls as the military made itself known. Ed took one last gleeful look down at Al and Roy before filtting off into the trees. Her high cold voice rang out after her.

"If you see teacher, tell her I'm commin to visit." The last word was followed by a cackle of laughter and then silence. A few seconds later, a strange choaking sound came from Roy's arms and they both jumped into action. Roy laid Al gently down on the forest floor, keeping pressure on the wound, while Riza yelled into the woods for a medic pronto. Al stared up at Roy, hurt and betrayal crossing his face before his eyes closed and he fell limp.


The pain was incredible, like needles being dug into every pore of his body. He struggled against it but found he couldn't move. His lungs burned, and his heart felt as though liquid fire was being pushed through every vein. Darkness pressed upon him in all directions, muffling his screams and deafening his hearing. He opened his eyes only to find the world to be as black as pitch. Thrashing against the invisible bonds, he cried out, the wordless scream tearing at his throat like sandpaper on jello.


Roy held tightly to Al's hands as the young boy thrashed around on the bed. Riza held onto his legs, both of them fighting the urge to cover their ears against the horrible screams issuing from the youngest Elric. The two officers glanced at each other for a few seconds, both exchanging a look of pity as Alphonse fought against them. The young boy's eyes were open, but glazed over like he was blind. The gash in his throat had been sewn up quickly and was now bound with white bandages, already stained by little spots of blood. He jerked violently, another cry ripping through the air, and then lay still, his chest heaving and his eyes wide and staring. Riza raised an eyebrow at Roy, who shook his head and held tighter to Al's arms, should he stuggle again. She nodded and beconed for some belts to tie him down with while he was calm. The doctors obeyed at once, none of them liking the look of the gun at her waist.


Ed sobbed, her head on her arms as Lilith smirked at her from her chair, sipping slowly at a wine glass filled with blood.

"Oh stop it. I didn't kill him." She yelled finally, really annoyed by the endless crying. Her shoulder itched where that blasted woman had shot her and she scratched it aimlessly, waiting for Ed to calm down enough to yell at her. Sure enough, Ed looked up, her face streaked with tears and began to scream, her voice rough from crying. She yelled for ten minutes, keeping up a constant stream of foul language and insults to which Lilith just smiled and grinned at.

"If you're finished I'd like to go to sleep now. The body needs rest as much as the mind does." She said and turned around.

Back in reality Lilith blinked and looked around. She smiled and walked along, looking for a good place to spend the night. About 20 minutes later, she found an old hut, whose roof was mostly intact. She scowled faintly and searched around finding an old horse blanket, and curled up to sleep.


Back in central, Al lay on a bed, motionless except for the rise and fall of his chest and the flicker of his eyes behind their lids. Roy dozed in a chair beside the bed, his mouth open the tiniest bit and a trail of drool down one cheek. Riza couldn't help but giggle quietly at the sight, and covered her mouth with one hand to stifle her laughter. She paced the room slowly, thinking on what she had seen and putting it together with what Roy had told her. There was no doubt in her mind, Ed wasn't the one who had done this. something, or someone had gained control of Ed's body, either killing her, or locking her away somewhere to torture. her lips thinned into a nearly invisible line while she speculated on how to save Ed from whatever had done this to them.

As she passed the bed for what felt like the hundreth time, Al opened his eyes slowly and gasped. Imediatly she flew to his side, shaking Roy awake at the same time. Al turned his head slowly, observing the room with wide red eyes. Riza started. Al's eyes weren't supposed to be red. 'What is going on here?' She thought, one hand straying down to the butt of her gun. Roy had noticed too and was sitting with his hand over his chin, thinking very fast. Al turned to look at them both, noticing them for the first time. He looked puzzled for a moment and then spoke, his voice like gravel.

"Where's Ed?"

Riza and Roy stared back, unsure of what to say, while Al put a hand up, feeling the bandages around his neck. His eyes opened wide and his lips trembled as he looked from one face to the other.


Isumi Curtis sat in her pristine kitchen, slowly sipping a steaming cup of coffee, her sleepy eyed gaze staring out the window as she listed the things she would have to do today. rumor had reached her of a new state alchemist, one Fullblood, a female and one who looked remarkably like the Fullmetal, only female. she hardly dared to beleive in all the non sense people came up with, although the title fullblood was kind of strange. she could faintly hear sig chopping meat in the store out front, and smiled softly, blissfully unaware of the terror heading for Dublith.


Lilith smirked and swung her shortish legs, watching the road beneath her feet slide by. She grinned maliciously, enjoying the calm, both mentally and physically. Ever since the "incident" yesturday afternoon, she had been enjoying the quiet that permeated the small space in her mind where Ed curled up, rocking back and forth and biting herself to keep from crying. She grinned, exposing long white fangs, and laughed up at the sky, tossing back her long golden tresses and closing her eyes, enjoying the sun on her pale skin. In a dark corner of her mind, Ed looked up, her face tear stained, and glared darkly at Lilith, her eyes betraying the beginings of a plan.


Al was released from the hospital three days after the encounter, his neck healed but for two, slightly red, scars across the side of his neck. Roy accompanied him home, watching closely for anything suspisious, but his fears were blown away. Al acted just as he normally would have, albeit his eyes flashed red whenever he was angry, which, thankfully, wasn't often. Life in Central soon returned to normal, with no more strange deaths reported, and Ed on a "mission" the rumor said, the officers enjoyed the summer as well as they could. Meanwhile in that fabled office of one Bastard General, as our golden haired friend often refered to him, the ocupants were nervous and busy, doing everything possible to find out where Ed had dissappeared to, and to hopefully stop her before she reached Dublith.

Roy sat in his chair, staring aimlessly at a painting, a cold cup of coffee sitting, abandoned, in front of him. He mused for the better half of an hour before Hawkeye bustled in with the thing he hated most, (besides the dog next door that wouldn't quite barking) paperwork. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with one hand, raising an eyebrow at her. She nodded and dropped the huge stack on his desk, and with a meaningful tap of her gun, left the room.

"Damn paperwork..." He muttered and pulled the first sheet towards him, quickly scribbling his signiture in all the right places.

Back out in the office, Al walked into the room and slouched down on a chair, purple bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.

"What's up Al?" Furey asked, looking up from a few sheets of paperwork. Al sighed and ran a hand through his trousled hair, blinking wearily.

"Nothing much...can't sleep. I keep seeing Ed. It's like she's trying to tell me something, but I wake up before I can hear what it is. It's odd." He murmured thoughtfully, resting his head on the back of a chair. Riza looked over her desk at him, and studied him closely. What she saw startled her. Al wasn't as full of life as he always had been. He was thin and pale now, as if he hadn't eaten in a few days, and the bags under his eyes didn't help the look. The scars on his neck stood out from the pale skin around them, a bright pink that looked redder than it had before. She stifled a small gasp of pity, and stood up, walking towards Roy's office. She pushed open the door to find him bent over his paperwork. She cocked her head to one side, puzzled and then she heard a low snore. She frowned and pulled her gun from it's holster quietly, then fired two shots into the wall behind his chair, aiming so that the wind from the bullets moved the hair on his head. The effect was instantanious, and quite funny to see first hand. His head shot up from his hand, which had been under his chin, and held up a hand, fingers ready to snap, when he saw her standing there. Slowly he lowered his hand, and grinned sheepishly at her. She frowned in return and closed the door behind her, where, having heard the shots, the others had gathered to spy, leaving Al snoring loudly in the chair.

"Let's go to Dublith." Riza stated firmly. Roy stared at her in surprise, still slightly out of it.

"Dublith?" He looked puzzled for a few minutes and then his face brightened when he finally realized what she was saying. "Ok, but will we take Al with us?" Riza looked thoughtful.

"If we don't take him, he'll follow us on the next train out. If we do take him...let's just take him." She decided, nodding to herself. Roy stared at the wall for a few second thinking it over, and then stood, brushing the wrinkles out of his coat.

"What are we waiting for?" He strode out the door and started to bark orders. Al snapped awake to listen and jumped up when he heard he was going. He practically flew to the train station, always at least eight steps ahead of Roy and Riza, and as bouncy as a boy at Christmas.


Lilith could have sang, she was so devilish. In her mind her plan was perfect, and she spent hours going over every detail, while keeping her thoughts open to Ed, just to see her squirm as she heard what she had planned. She sat high in a tree, outside of Dublith by a few miles, and waited for Mustang and his little group to show up, as she knew they would. She spent days planning everything, watching the senario play out in her mind as if it was a fiction book she was eagerly skimming through.

Ed kept her thoughts to herself, determined not to give Lilith the secret to her plan's failure, and stayed in her little corner, silently growing stronger with each passing hour. She felt like she could see Al sometimes, standing in front of her. She cried and told him she was sorry, and to stay away from her for a while, but he always dissappeared before she could finish. Afterwards she curled up in a little ball and felt her rage at Lilith growing, filling every pore in her "body" as she dwelt on thoughts that would help her win the coming fight.

Three days passed after Lilith had come close to Dublith, and still Roy hadn't shown. Lilith was starting to grow impatient, itching to get her hands on another of the Elric friends, but she kept her peace, venturing to nearby towns to satisfy her thirst and carefully hiding the bodies. Finally, as the sun rose on the fourth day, a train whistle blew, waking Lilith who dozed in the tree tops. She smiled, showing her fangs in an evil grimace.

"And now the real fun begins." She murmured, cracking her knuckles.

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