The man grabbed the boy by the waist and hoisted him up against the boy's obvious protest. He walked over to the

examination table and plopped the boy down. "How'd you find this place?" he asked as he began to undo the wraps on the

boys hands. "How do you think? During your little absence I jumped down the tunnel and walked up here." "And why were you

up this late?" The man asked with a smile. Harry's face drained slightly and glanced briefly at his duffle bag. The older mans

gaze followed the boys glance and saw a battered duffle bag on the floor, "ah, running away. You didn't get very far did you

boy?" Harry shook his head but his face smirked at Bruce, "and I don't need to. You are going to drive me out of the city and

let me leave. Or else I will tell everyone your Batman." Inside Harry smiled to himself 'no way Bruce would get out of it this


Ten minutes later Harry was in his room with the door locked. The second he had said those words Bruce had gone ridged

and told him that even if he told who would believe a little boy who has a police record the size of Nevada. He was then

locked in his room without his duffle bag and told to wait for Bruce. Harry paced back and forth waiting anxiously for the door

to open. When it finally did it wasn't Bruce who came in it was Alfred. The old butler looked at the boy in disappointment

before setting down the tray of food he'd brought in. Harry felt a guilty before quickly covering it up, "don't look at me like

that old man. If you don't like me than leave me alone, or better yet let me leave." Alfred only smiled and took a seat on his

bed, "why don't you like Bruce Master Harry. He's a very kind man." Harry only snorted, their was no such thing as a kind adult.

"He's a git and I don't want to be here. I never did so either take me back to the orphanage or I-I'll make you," Harry stood

up straight and looked challengingly at the butler. A small laugh sounded behind him and Harry whirled around. There in the

door way was Bruce, "you'll have to do better than that Harry. Besides If we get rid of you the orphanage will make sure you go to jail. I have talked to the cops and as long as you remain in my custody you wont be charged with destroying

public property," Harry did his best to ignore the words but knew it had to be true, "you choose now Harry. You can stay

here with three meals a day. No more pranks or attempts to run away or you can go to jail with bread and water everyday."

With that Bruce and Alfred left the room leaving behind a contemplating boy.

It didn't take long for Harry to choose as he sat down at the dinner table he chose the only thing that would provide him

with any amount of happiness. He turned to Bruce and said, "I'll stay." Those two words began a small developing

relationship that would change the course of history forever. As he ate Harry began to think maybe it wouldn't be so bad

here. At least if Bruce tried to hurt him he had his secrete identity to hand over his head should he choose. Harry smiled at

the thought before glancing at the man beside him. Maybe this time it would be different, maybe he could be loved. Maybe.

The End

Don't worry this isn't the end. There will be a sequel I just wanted to be able to start when Harry got his letter without having to explain this too. Plus I am planning on writing one-shots about his life growing up.

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