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This happens after the Rescue Gaara Arc. So, its like an in between before the next Arc. It follows the anime, so Sasuke's still with Orochimaru, Naruto's still a genin and other stuff. Seeing as most everyone on this site has watched the anime and is currently reading the manga that comes out every week, I don't have to explain what's going on in the series.

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The sun was bright and shining against the vivid blue sky-not a cloud in sight. The birds were being rather annoying, chirping for long periods of time.

Most people were outside on this beautiful day, enjoying the weather-but not one Naruto Uzumaki, who was currently working on a Jutsu inside his apartment.

His perverted hermit for a teacher had left him a Jutsu Scroll on transportation. It didn't look so hard. A couple of hand seals and the proper amount of chakra, which he had gotten better at, and it would transport him at least 20ft. It could always help him get an edge on an opponent.

He put his hands in the tiger seal as he started molding some chakra together. He could see the blue light surrounding his body as he looked down back at the scroll, everything seemed to be going right, but the Jutsu didn't have a name so he'd have to name it.

Taking a deep breath, he yelled out. "Foo Transportation Jutsu."

Naruto waited a few minutes and he found out absolutely nothing happened. Sighing, he sat back down and read over the Scroll again, but he did every step it said.

The blond ninja kept studying the scroll for a little bit more until he noticed he was only in his boxers, which had ramen bowls on it.

'That would have been embarrassing if I had managed to teleport somewhere.'

He ran into his bedroom and threw on a black shirt with his orange and black pants and just in case he tucked his leaf headband into his pants pocket.

Naruto flashed a smile in his bedroom mirror, which brightened up his face and made him stand out even more. Though with blond hair, blue eyes and three whisker marks on each side of his face he was easily spotted.

He walked back to his living room, picked up the scroll and started to re-read it again. This was probably the fourth time reading it and he was getting a little frustrated from his lack of progress, but there was no way he was going to give up. He'd make sure to master the Jutsu by the end of the day.


The sun was finally going down as the sky was painted in a pink glow. The birds had finally shut up and were probably going back to their nest for sleep or to eat their worms for dinner.

Naruto still hadn't completed that damn infuriating Jutsu, not even close. He kept following the directions from the scroll, but every time nothing happened!

Good thing the day didn't officially end until midnight, or he'd be screwed.

Clutching onto the scroll with more force than necessary, he brought the scroll close to his face and started reading it over once again. He lost track of how many times he read it after the 10th.

He was about to put the scroll down and try again until he noticed some faint scribbles in the bottom corner of the scroll. He squinted to try to make out the words and saw it was written by Jiraiya.

'Smear some of your blood on the scroll before using.'

Naruto really wanted to hit something, preferably the perverted sage. He bit down on his finger as he made a small hole and swiped it across the scroll, smearing his blood around.

He molded his chakra again and did the necessary hand signs and waited, and waited some more, but nothing seemed to be happening.

Sighing, he was about to label his whatever number that was attempt as a failure, but he stopped as he saw the blood on the scroll turn an eerie white color.

Naruto really didn't think that was supposed to happen, so he touched the blood on the scroll and looked at his fingers. Well, the blood was still glowing white even when it was taken off the piece of paper.

The blond haired ninja didn't have much time to think of what it might mean as he suddenly disappeared in a flash of white light- the scroll disappearing too.


Blue eyes opened as they surveyed the area he just appeared in. He was laying face down with dirt in his mouth. There wasn't much by him except for a few bushes and lots and lots of grass.

Naruto stood up and started coughing, to try and get some of the dirt out of his mouth. The scroll said the maximum distance was to travel 20ft and it didn't even seem he was in Konoha anymore.

He looked around the area of which he landed and saw the Jutsu Scroll was no where in site. Great, he was stuck.

The ninja was going to send out a chakra blast and see if anyone picked it up, but he might be in hostile territory so he'd wait until he knew exactly where he was before alerting anyone.

There was no way he was going to alert the Akatsuki or Sound even though he wanted to kick Sasuke's ass and bring him back to Konoha, but that could wait for now.

Naruto didn't sense any people around so he didn't feel the need to hide. He'd walk straight until he found something, it usually always worked unless it was a dead end.

He found a small rock on the ground as he started to kick it, seeing as there wasn't anything else to do. Not looking where he was kicking the rock, he kicked it hard as it bounced off of a sign and struck Naruto on the forehead, leaving a small red mark.

Naruto rubbed the patch of skin as he glared at the rock. He then took notice of the rock hitting something as his eyes traveled to the sign.

He walked up to it and looked at the writing. It was bit weathered down, but he could still make out the words.

'Welcome to Twinleaf town, an excellent place to live.'

The blond blinked and blinked some more and looked past the sign to see a small town covered in more grass.

He didn't think he was in Konoha anymore. He might not even be in any of the Shinobi lands. Damn, why did these things always happen to him?


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