Vignettes in Repose

Summary- Doggett and Scully's takes on events through season eight. POV shifts sometimes, but I will notify you as to avoid confusion. Spoilers for everything ever. Ok, just season eight.

Chapter 1- Within/Without

Scully POV-

I don't know him.

He entered my life as an unknown, unwelcome entity, another mysterious half-friend, half-enemy whose origins and motives are undeclared.

Another pawn on the already overcrowded quagmire of a chess game my existence has become.

I don't trust him. The first time we spoke he attempted to deceive me, and I met his affront with a cup of water to the face.

He followed Skinner and me out to the desert. I knew there was no way this agent, who knew nothing of the X-Files, or of Mulder or his quest could be of any assistance. Despite his seemingly honest intentions I knew he could only be a hindrance to finding him. He would choke our search with red tape and bullshit reports. I did everything I could to deflect him, but he was a force unto himself, surprisingly as dedicated to weeding out the truth as to finding Mulder.

I didn't have time to play fill-in-the blanks. I was irritable, unwilling to waste time schooling this man on the supernatural while my partner was missing, possibly in severe danger.

I was right in thinking he would interfere, and he led the alien bounty hunter straight to Gibson Praise. I struggled with him, shaped as Skinner, and managed to kill him after he threw me forcibly into a wall. Slumped onto the floor, I watched him disintegrate, and I too fell apart.

Mulder's disappearance, my unexplainable pregnancy which might now be lost, every fear and sorrow I somehow manage to always keep at bay came washing over me and I felt my throat tighten painfully as he came bursting through the door.

"An agent needs help!" He exclaimed, weapon drawn, surveying the room.

He stepped through alien slime to get to me.

These past seven years I've been exploring other worldly phenomenon, I almost forgot what it was like for someone to be so...human.

And John Doggett did what any decent, caring human would do when encountering a broken person. He bent down and scooped me up, cradled me. That show of affection, contrasted by how sharply I dismissed him previously, undid me completely, and I sobbed in his arms while he looked around, baffled, and bellowed over his shoulder,


The next day...

Recuperating in a hospital bed, I sigh with relief, I haven't lost my baby.

Resting, I open my eyes at the feeling of paper on my hand and find Agent Doggett placing a "Get Well Soon" card there. This surprises me. Seven years in and out of hospitals, spending time laid up after answering the never silent call of duty, and this is the first card I ever received from someone outside my family.

I don't know why, but it can't be has to reflect some ulterior motive. Maybe it's to soften the blow.

He's my new partner.

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