XX. Existence

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Doggett POV

The next Sunday at home, we have some guests over to meet the new kid. Skinner stops by, and the Lone Gunmen and a few other people from work. Everyone is in awe at how cute the little guy is. I'm not surprised, he looks just like his Mom. A DNA test confirmed that Mulder is the father. The in vitro fertilization really worked.

Mulder stopped by too. He's goin' into hiding. Works for me.

Everyone leaves and I hold little Noah in my arms. Dana faces us and puts her arms over mine, her baby between us. Her face glows with love. She kisses her baby and lifts her head to mine and kisses me slowly.

We are a family now, the three of us.

I take care of them and they give me purpose.

After a long moment, I gently place the baby down in the crib. He's asleep.

Dana and I go to the master bedroom.

Epilog Five- Beginnings

It is the night following Noah's first birthday party, held at Grandma's house.

In pictures, Noah will appear a bright, pink faced babe between his mother and the man he will call 'Dada', his second word at 13 months in between 'Mama' and 'no'.

Noah spends the night with Grandma while Dana and John try to relax at home.

But something gnaws at Doggett. The quiet at home, the night stars, the glow of the moon does not soothe him.

They stand on the back porch where they shared their first kiss. Something's been weighing on Doggett all day, and Scully hasn't failed to notice. His broad back turned to her, a chilly wind blows through her and she wraps one arm around herself, the other she places gingerly on Doggett's jagged shoulder.

"John? What's wrong?"

He hesitated for a moment and turned around, but did not look at her. "I been doin' a lot of thinking lately, about us."

Scully swallowed hard and listened.

"I've done a lot for you, Dana, and I never ask for anything in return. When we were at the FBI, I watched your back while you distrusted me, and kept things from me. I took care of you when Mulder died, I took you into my house. I adopted your son and I love him just the same as if he was my own, because that's what he is in my heart."

His eyes meet her worried stare.

"I have never, and will never hesitate to share with you everything I got. I've saved your butt more times than I can count, but it doesn't matter, because you save my life everyday. And everyday I work hard to give you everything you could ever want. But there's one thing I gotta ask from of you now. There's one more thing I want you to take from me."

He drops to one knee. Opens a small black box. Her hands fly to her mouth.

He draws a shining ring from the box and presents it to her.

"I want you to take my name. I want you to be my wife."

She starts to shake visibly.

"Oh my God, yes, John, yes!!" Tears spring from her eyes as he places the ring on her finger.

He stands and kisses his beautiful fiancé, sweeping her up in his arms.

"Than its official, honey. You just made me the luckiest man on earth."

Soon her happy, stunned laughter is drowned by his lips.

Years later

She dropped Noah off at preschool.

John went to work.

She was about to head to her teaching position at Quantico when a sudden urge hit her.

She had to throw up.

She pulls over and vomits on the highway.

Drunkenly, she dials her cell phone and calls in sick to work and heads slowly home.

She thinks about calling John when another, larger thought hits her.

When was the last time she had her period?

Instead, she calls Monica and they go to a drug store to buy a pregnancy test.

How can it be, she thinks. Noah was a miracle. Could there possibly be a second?

Two thin blue lines say yes.

Monica hugs her and jumps up and down, near maniacal with glee.

Stunned, tears well in her eyes.

Noah's going to have a little brother or sister.

Hours later.

"Knock knock!" John announces, arriving home with Noah in tow.

She's not on the first floor. He goes upstairs. She's sitting on the foot of their bed.

"Hey, babe," he says gently, sitting next to her, noting her wooden manner and kissing her on the cheek.

"What's wrong? Monica called to say you were sick. I tried calling."

He felt her forehead, no fever. She looked nervous. Noah was laughing happily downstairs at the tv.

"Dana? Honey, tell me what's wrong?" His concern was expanding by the minute, but she just stared blankly, still stunned.

Slowly she turned her head to look at him, unshed tears wet in her eyes.

"Honey? You're scaring me now. What's the matter? Are you sick?"

"John," she spoke, one tear rolling free, she took one of his large hands and paced it on her belly.

"We're pregnant," she said solidly.

A moment of stilled silence, his shocked face mirrored hers, then, he leaps up

His ear-splitting hosanna sent birds flying from trees.

Overjoyed, he hugs her tightly and she cries happy tears.

"You're going to be a Dad again, John."

His exuberant joy makes him tell everyone before she's confident enough to make it public, but her exultation overrides any feelings of annoyance, but in the end, it doesn't matter.

Nine months later, John Luke Doggett enters the world a healthy, bouncing boy, with his dad's sandy brown hair, his mom's romanesque nose, and his parents bright blue eyes.

Years later

Melissa Catherine Doggett is born, unknowing of the torments and joys two older brothers will bring. One sprig of shinning red hair crowns her head, the last edition to the Doggett family for this generation, the last of three miracles.

John and Dana, having survived their past years of loneliness and pain, and having been lucky enough to stumble across each other in the random, rocky landscape that is life, enjoy decades of family bliss, uninterrupted by sorrow, misfortune, or little green men.


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