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Summary: When it came to the things Tenten loved the most, she would say that she loved only two things. Weapons and Chocolate. When proved otherwise, she would dismiss it as a 'Coincidence'. But when a certain Hyuuga questions this, how could she accept such a statement? Easy, she walks away.

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.By: Panda-chan.



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"Now then my fellow Teammates'! I shall defeat my opponent with the power of youth! Yosh!" Lee screamed out passionately. "Wish me luck! My fellow Teammates', for I am off!" From the corner of his silver eyes, he could see Tenten smile nervously; tugging on her light brown coat.

"Hn." Neji said in his normal stern voice. He turned to see Lee run off, blabbering some non-sense about his opponent. He was going to take the Jonin exams in a couple of minutes. Tenten managed to sign up before Lee did, so she had already passed the exams; with help of Neji of course.

"That idiot. I just hope he passes the exam, I wouldn't want him to feel all distraught afterwards.", Tenten said off handedly as she stared at Lee's retreating form. "Last thing we need is a depressed Lee."

"Hn." Neji responded as he turned his heel, trudging lightly over the thick snow. Tenten had already been used to the Hyuuga's lack of talking, and found it quiet comfortable, since they had no awkward conversations. Gestures and signals were more their style anyways.

"So, are we going to go train now?" Tenten asked with a hint of remorse. It was the holidays for Christ's Sake! And she had a feeling that he was going to say yes. But she didn't really mind, she liked spending time with Neji... even if he did beat her up in the process.

He was ANBU after all.

"No." Blinking, Tenten stopped and stared at him. Neji stopped also and turned his head slightly, the corner of his lip turned downwards in annoyance.

"What?", She gasped. "We're not going to train?" Neji nodded and continued on, letting Tenten catch up to him before walking faster.

"I have a family meeting today, so I had to cancel the training session we had planned." Why am I not surprised? Tenten thought sadly. She had a small beam of hope that maybe he wanted to just hang out with her, but mentally smacked herself because that wasn't Neji's style. His style included disappearing and meditating in isolated places, like his room or deep in the forest... or inside her closet.

Because that's where Tenten found him one day.

"Okay, so when do you have to go?" Tenten bit her lip, still foolishly hoping that maybe they could spend the small amount of time they had together. It was for a stupid cause, but, she couldn't help but to want to be with him everytime she could.

"Now." Tenten sighed and looked to her side, seeing the people of Konoha walk and play in the white wonder. It was December. One day til' Christmas Eve. The brunette felt a ting of jealously as many couples walked together hand in hand. But that jealously quickly dissipated when she saw Hinata and Naruto laughing together.

The dobe had finally found out that the Hyuga heiress had feelings for him. It took a while, but in the end it was worth it. Neji had been very angry when he found out about his cousins affair with the Uzumaki, but Tenten had -somehow- calmed him down and comforted him by saying that he could beat him up shitless if he screwed up and made her cry.

That thought had made Neji smirk and nod. She vaguely wondered if she had converted him into a sadist, but found it impossible to believe he could do that in that short lapse of time.

Then again he was a Hyuuga...

"Oh, okay!" Tenten forced a smile on her face. "I guess I'll see you later then!" Neji stared at her for a moment before nodding. He turned away from her, missing the look of sadness that passed her features.

"Yes. Have a nice holiday, Tenten. Training will continue after I settle these... dilemma's." The girl nodded, amused by his modest behavior. She couldn't help but feel a stab of pain as he walked away without hesitation. She blinked when she thought she saw him tilt his head to the side, as if trying to sneak a peek at her. But just shook her head and let a shiver run up her curvaceous body.

She was falling deeper and deeper into the pits of love and despair. If she didn't tell him soon, she knew that he would be out of her grasp.

With a sigh, Tenten walked down the crowded streets of Konoha. Everyone was scurrying around, trying to buy the latest clothing or some jewelery for there friends or loved ones. Tenten kept on walking, window shopping while doing so.

Suddenly, she stopped, her eyes glowing with awe. "Oh, wow." She stared at the large Katana that lay there on the stand. It's sheath was silver with slashes of blacks; at the very top of the sheath, in Japanese kanji, it read 'Passion' and in the middle it read 'Honor' and at the very bottom it read 'Pride'. The handle of the blade was wrapped around with white leather, and at the top, it was wrapped with gold embroidery and right in the middle of it, it read 'Respect'. And it was all wrapped up with a simple, thin, leather bow.

Tenten stared at it for a while, small, white, puffs of air coming out of her mouth. She gasped in surprise when the owner of the store motioned his hands to the sword, a smile on his face. Tenten shook her head, her hands going up in defense.

Her eyes brushed the price, the breath getting caught in her throat. It was worth even more then what she made in three months of going on missions! And she got always got a hefty amount of money after completing her missions.

Her eyes saddened slightly before going back to there normal shine. She waved at the man and continued on walking, a small frown on her full lips. Oh man, that was a seriously beautiful sword. I wish I could buy it but... that would mean wasting the money I saved up to buy Neji a Christmas present.

Tenten slowed her pace and smiled widely at what she saw. Chocolate. Oh how she adored chocolate. It was her anti-drug. She just loved the way it melted in her mouth, the way it could softly soothe all of her problems. She smiled and quickened her pace, power walking into the chocolate store and up to the counter.

"Hello Miss!" The middle-aged woman in the store greeted happily. "Welcome to Smoothered N' Kisses! What would you like, sweetie?" Tenten looked up at all of the varieties of chocolate. She could feel herself drooling at the site of all the chocolate-based pictures that were hung up on the wall.

"Um, yes." Tenten stalled. "Can I please know what the Cocoa Cream Delight is?" The lady smiled happily and explained. The way she put it, it made Tenten want to squeal, drool and faint all at the same time.

"Oh! I'll take the two Cocoa Cream Delights! And one Fudge Smoothie please!" The woman smiled as Tenten bit her lips to prevent a large grin. In a couple of minutes, her orders were complete and Tenten released her joyful grin.

"Thank you!" Tenten said with ecstasy. The woman bid her good-bye as Tenten gripped the bag and smoothie tightly. She sipped it happily, loving the soothing sensation she felt when it slid down her moist throat. She could hear herself moan.

Tenten turned to the side and raised an eyebrow. Naruto and Hinata gasped before running behind a wide tree. Tenten felt her lip twitch in amusement as she walked on over to them, sneaking behind them as the two love birds peeked over the tree.

"What'cha doing?" Hinata gasped lightly while Naruto screamed, promptly falling on his bottom.

"T-Tenten!" They both said at the same time; faces flustered. The brunette stood up straight and tapped her foot, waiting.

"Well? What are you guys doing?! Please don't tell me you're following me... are you?" Hinata sighed as Naruto laughed nervously, his eyes shifting quickly.

"I'm sorry Ten-chan. We were trying to subtly follow in order to see what you liked..." Hinata left off, her cheeks rosy red not of the weather but of embarrassment.

Tenten blinked, a smile appearing on her lips, "Oh Hina-chan! You didn't have to do that. You could've just asked me!" Hinata fidgeted with her fingers and Naruto wrapped an arm around her small body. Tenten softened her eyes as Naruto rubbed his hand up and down her arm to warm her up.

"O-Oh.. well, the reason w-we were doing this is-is..." Hinata stuttered, her face growing more and more red. Naruto, seeing this, answered for her.

"We were doing this for Neji!" Tenten felt her lip twitch.

"What!?" Her voice uncharacteristically high. For Neji? Did he ask them to follow her? So he could buy her something she liked? Tenten felt her chest swell with a bit of hope and happiness.

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "You see, we're going to tell Neji what you liked since we knew that he doesn't know what you want! And he would never ask!" The girl blinked and raised an eyebrow, the hope in her chest slowly disappearing.

"So.. he asked you to do this?" She bit her lip as Naruto stopped scratching his head and blinked, his face surprised.

"No." All her hope came crashing down at that small word. No. He didn't ask. Of course. Why was she eluding herself? It was obvious that he would never do something like that! It was stupid for her to even think that! If so, then...why did she hurt so much?

"Oh..." Her sharp vision caught Hinata elbowing Naruto in the stomach, her smile nervous. As if she had told him she was going to bear his child, Naruto started to stutter uncontrollably, a silly grin on his noticeably anxious face.

"O-Oh! Look at the time! We gotta go, bye!" And with that, Naruto scurried away, Hinata tucked safely under his arm. The bun haired girl blinked as she shook her head, a smile on her once disappointed face.

"What a weird pair..."


Tenten sighed as she closed the door with her boot and dropped her bags on the floor. After another five hours of late-Christmas shopping, she was finally done and ready to start wrapping the objects she bought. She quickly changed out of her day wear clothes and into some gray sweat pants and a black, spandex, tank top.

She quickly turned on the heater before putting the chocolate she had bought inside the refrigerator.

Tenten brought out her wrapping paper and scissors, a glint of determination in her eyes. "Alright! Let's wrap these babies up!"

In a couple of hours, all of the presents she had bought for her friends were done and all she had to do was distribute them tomorrow during the Annual Konoha Christmas Bash. She stared at one gift in particular. Neji's gift.

She had never given him a gift before, well, sure, she had given a scarf or a jacket or maybe some weapons but this was the first time she was actually giving him something that had... meaning. Well, all of the other presents she had gave him had meaning but, this was going to be even more meaningful then the other presents! She also knew that she wouldn't get anything in return. This was Neji Hyuuga we're talking about! He didn't do gift-giving. Or romance for that matter...

With a sigh, Tenten let herself fall back, letting an yelp when her head crashed on the floor. "Oww..." She moaned, but stayed down, her eyes staring at the ceiling above her.

'Damn... I have give these presents away. Oh wait!' Tenten quickly stood, wincing at the dizziness she felt when she did. She sat up and crawled over to the tons of scrolls that were stacked neatly by her bed. Her eye's scanned the scrolls, smiling when she saw the one she wanted.

"Got'cha!" She opened the scroll it and did some quick hand signs, with a simple 'Kai' all of the presents disappeared, all but one. 'That one I'm gonna give to him personally!' Tenten thought as she nodded at her work. The scroll had transported all of the gifts to there proper destination, she and the girls had made this scroll for that.

If they had something to do, they could just open the scroll, do some hand signs and all of the presents would go under the tree in the persons home. Of course, all the gifts would be sent to the rightful persons home.

"... Now what?" The girl asked herself. She grabbed her smoothie and sipped it for a long while. That had been her third smoothie and she was thinking on changing and getting another one soon when the doorbell rang.

"Huh? Who could that be...?" Tenten whispered to herself as she walked towards the door. She had hardly had any visitors, aside from the normal girl-to-girl visits she had with her three best friends. She opened the door and smiled.

"Hi Hinata-chan!" The shy girl smiled as Tenten let her in, closing the door as the chilly winter wind made goosebumps appear on Tenten's slightly pale skin.

"Hello T-Tenten-chan!" The brunette smiled. Hinata's stuttering was almost completely gone. Sometimes she slipped though, but she would always revert to her normal, happy form.

"Why are you here?" Hinata sighed and looked down at the gift that was lying on the Tatami mat. She picked it slowly and stared at it with shiny eyes.

"Is this for Neji-nii-ja?" Tenten blinked at the honorific she added to Neji's name. It was of higher meaning then the usual 'san'.

"Yeah, so what's with the honorific?" Hinata smiled, her cheek's growing rosy.

"Well, I denied the clan of me being heirs." Tenten felt her blood run cold. If that were to happen, as Neji had explained to her, Hanabi or him were to lead the clan. Not only would it cause chaos among the fellow clan members, but it would also disgrace the clan in a way that could never be forgiven.

"Oh Hina-chan." Tenten whispered as she sat down in her light green Zabuton. "Who's going to lead the clan now?" Hinata sighed and placed Neji's gift down.

"Neji-nii-ja." Tenten stiffened. Now she new why she had added that honorific to his name. He was now superior to her and his uncle. She knew that he had now acquired what he had always wanted. But... why did she feel like he was angry at the moment?

"I assume he's ecstatic right now, huh? Well, as ecstatic as he can get..." Tenten said with a light laugh, trying to quench the dread that crawled up her spine when Hinata lowered her gaze.

"No. In fact, he's very angry. It seems that now that he knows the clans rules and regulations... Let's just say that it's not what he expected." Tenten frowned and stood up, grabbing her coat and changing into the clothes she wore before.

"Where are you going?" Hinata asked with a confused expression. Tenten buttoned up her coat and stuck her feet inside of her fluffy boots, securing the laces tightly.

"I'm going to find Neji. I somehow knew that he was going to be mad." Tenten said with slight humor. "I better go find him and calm him down before he destroys all the tree's in Konoha." Hinata blinked as Tenten opened the door, the wind greeting her with a frigged chill.

"How... do you know where he is, though?" Tenten strained her neck back at Hinata, a grin on her face.

"Because when Neji's mad, the place he goes to is the training grounds so he could blow off some steam." Hinata furrowed a brow and nodded.

"Make yourself at home!" Came Tenten's muffled voice as she slammed the door and jogged down the steps and into the snow ridden path that would lead her to the training grounds.


Neji was mad. No, he was more then mad. He was livid. Neji's palms tackled the tree in a series of short ,but deadly, assaults. Large amounts of chakra poured into his hands and arms, making his attacks even more powerful then before.

Panting, he delivered one last blow to the tree, successfully making it fall back and knock down some other trees'. Neji looked up, cold sweat covering his handsome face. The snowy dust began to clear and he could vaguely see the outline of a woman, she was running towards him and he didn't need his Byakugan to see who it was.

"Tenten, what do you want!?" Neji answered harshly, his breath labored by all the activity he did before. Tenten stopped in-front of him, her hair slightly wind-blown and her breaths coming in heavy heaves.

"Uh... well, Hinata said you were mad and I... um, came to check up on you." Neji stared at her as a blush began to rise over Tenten's cheeks. She averted her gaze down and then back to him, looking beyond him and to the tree's that lay cracked and broken on the snow ridden ground,

She winced, "Ouch. I think I came to late." Neji raised an eyebrow at her expression, feeling his anger subside. "Poor trees'."

Neji turned his head to the side, suppressing an amused smirk, "Hn." Tenten pouted and squinted her eyes, he was clad in only his regular Hyuga robes and his head band was missing, exposing the curse mark he had on his forehead. Tenten looked around the area, spying the black head-band a couple of feet away. She hurriedly went over to it and picked it up, dusting it of any snow.

"Here! You're head-band. You must've dropped it during your blind fury." Tenten smiled as she grabbed Neji by the shoulder's boldly and quickly tied it on, enjoying the feel of his soft coffee brown locks on her fingers. She had to go on her tip toes to just tie it on, he was about half a head taller than her.

Her hand lingered on his soft tresses of hair before going back down to her side, she smiled sheepishly and said, "Are you calm now?" Neji simply grunted.

"Good! Come on, let me take you back to the Hyuuga Manor before you catch a cold!" The girl said in a playfully stern voice. She grabbed Neji's hand, blushing horribly in the process, and lead him back to his house. She felt Neji's hand squeeze her own for a moment before going limp.

'D-Did Neji just... respond? No! That would be stupid! Argh! Stop it Tenten! Neji only sees you as a friend.. Teammate... nothing more.' Tenten sighed as she stared at the ground, her eyes clearly troubled and oblivious to Neji's hardened face.

'Hmm, I wonder what's wrong with Tenten. She looks very dejected. Should I ask...? No.' Neji thought as he quickened his pace. Soon they were at the Manor and Tenten bid him good-bye, the blush on her face still in tack.

Neji stared at her retreating form before walking inside the manor, ignoring all of the bows of respect and greetings. He stopped when Hinata stood in-front of him, her face stern but nervous.

"Neji-nii-ja!" He raised an eyebrow and seemingly made her even more nervous. "I-I think it w-would be best if-if you gave T-Tenten-chan a present!!" She practically screamed out, her eyes shut tightly. Neji tilted his head, an amused smirk on his face. He ruffled her hair off-handedly and walked passed her.

"I've already got one for her." And with that he turned the corner and left a dumbfounded Hinata to her thoughts.

"Ooh! And I had to build up all my courage to say t-that too!" Hinata mumbled angerly before smiling and breaking into a fit of giggles. She walked inside her room with a grand smile, a smile that Naruto unleashed when he confessed to her.

Yes! Tomorrow, I'll make sure nothing gets in-between Neji-nii and Tenten-chan!


The Next Day...

Tenten stood nervously by the grand Christmas tree as she stared at all the joyful and ecstatic people of Konoha. The Konoha Christmas Bash was celebrated by all who lived there, as well as all of the visitors.

The girl fingered the gift she had in her hands, a small smile on her face. But that smile soon vanished when she thought one thing: His reaction. She knew that he wouldn't... smile. Like all of the other gifts she had given him, he would simply nod, say a modest 'Thank you' and carry on with what he was doing.

And just like every other time, she would nod, force a smile to cover up her hurt feelings and watch as he chatted with his four friends while her own friends chatted with her. That process was starting to become rather old and annoying if you asked her.

He never even opened her presents... well, at least thats what she thought. He never used or wore any of her presents, she predicted. Usually they were coats or some new Ninja equipment. The last time she had given him a scarf. But, now that she thought of it, he was always on missions and hardly had any time to wear what she bought him.

Tenten sighed, knowing that her ways of self-convincing were useless. She glanced at the children that were playing in the snow, laughing as they hit each other with snow balls and rolled around on the floor making snow angels.

"What are you smiling about?" Tenten jumped and quickly aimed a kunai at the persons throat, only to be blocked with a chakra-filled palm. She gasped and put it down when she saw Neji's prideful smirk. He had taught her half of her quick reflexes, this being on of them. The last time he sneaked up on her, she had simply squeaked, jumped and fell on her bottom clumsily. Neji took that as a sign that she needed more training.

It was the worst year of her life.

"S-Sorry!" She said in a high pitched tone, tucking the kunai back inside her coats sleeve. Neji let out three small amused huffs, which were the closest things that resembled laughs. He stood near her as Tenten looked the other way, blushing at her foolishness.

Why hadn't she sensed him before? Was she that into her thoughts that she couldn't even sense him!? Tenten pondered about this before getting a tug on her scarf which brought her back to reality.

"Yes?!" Neji raised an eyebrow at her hysteric response.

"What are you thinking about...? You've never been this distracted before." Tenten blushed and looked down, her features melting into slight sadness.

"Ooh... stuff." Neji stared at her in her in the eyes but she avoid his gaze.

"What kind of 'stuff'?" Tenten bit her lip nervously.

"Well you sure are talkative today. Did something good happen at the Hyuuga Manor?" Neji grunted at that question. She could've let out a sigh of relief, but that would only make Neji more suspicious. She loved switching topics like this, she often wondered how she did it.

"No. And stop evading the question." Tenten glared at him as he stood near her, to close to her; his arm touching hers. She ignored that comment and huffed angerly, turning her face away from him. Then again, there were times that Neji saw through her attempts to change topics, like this time.

"I'm not evading the question." Neji simply stared, the same stare that made Tenten melt every time he did that. And she somehow knew that he knew that too.

"Then answer it." She opened her mouth, only to be cut off by the sound of Tsunade's voice coming from the grand stage that was located a couple of meters away from them.

"Hello Konoha!" Tsunade yelled over the raging crowd. "I hope that you will all enjoy this memorable celebration we have today! For all of you that are visiting, we are very pleased to know that you have chosen Konoha to be your place to celebrate Christmas Eve! May all of your wishes come true and stay tuned for the fire works exhibition that will be displayed at exactly Twelve Midnight."

The crowd cheered as they all mingled and laughed, enjoying the attractions that were located all over Konoha's main road. Tenten looked down at what she was wearing, a simple black coat with a dark green scarf and some tight skinny jeans to show off her figure. She didn't feel like wearing a Yukata or a Kimono for this, since she had no one to really impress...

... Except Neji. But she knew that she could never impress him; she was way out of Neji's league. She knew that, yet she couldn't help but to hope. But hey! Hoping never got you anywhere...

"Are you going to answer my question, Tenten?" The girl let out a frustrated growl and turned abruptly to look at him. Her eyes widened for a heart beat before going back to normal. He was wearing the black, designer made, coat she had bought him a couple of Christmases before and the crimson red scarf she had bought him on the last Christmas Eve.

He finished it with a simple pair of slightly baggy jeans and some leather shoes. Tenten sighed and shook her head, waving her free hand at him in a dismissive way, "Nothing, nothing. Why would you want to know anyways." Tenten mumbled, trying to control the blood rush that was about to have because of the fact that her training partner Hyuuga Neji looked utterly sexy in that outfit.

Next time she would buy him some jeans... Oh yeah, that would surely make her drool and squeal.

"Because it's affecting your nature." Tenten blinked and looked up at a stern Neji.

"It is not!"

"Yes it is. Now, tell me." Tenten sighed at his blunt command. This was another thing she admired about the Hyuuga. He could calmly ask what he wanted without hesitation, and not a hint of regret or remorse. How he could think things thoroughly and quickly was beyond her, but one thing she was certain. If he could get whatever he wanted, when he wanted. Why hasn't he said that he wanted her?

And that's why she doesn't illusion herself with false hopes that he has feelings for her. Because Neji is a straight forwards person, and as a straight forward person, he does not hesitate. And, of course, he couldn't be afraid of rejection. Nor could he be shy.

... Right?

Tenten pouted and shook her head quickly, "N-No." Neji narrowed his eyes at her as she shook under his intense gaze. She couldn't deny the fact that when Neji got mad, she could wet her panties— figuratively of course.

"Tenten," The scared girl looked up a bit shamefully, "is what you are thinking that private that you cannot confine it with me?" Tenten knitted her eyebrows and looked down. Now that she thought of it, she told Neji all of her secrets. Even the most dirty ones...

... Not that she had any dirty secrets.

"Uhh... I-I." Tenten swallowed the lump in her throat and continued. "Yes..." She managed to utter out, in a low whisper, head bowed down and eyes squinting in fear.

"Very well then." Tenten looked at him with a perplexed expression. He wasn't mad, or annoyed or worried. He was completely cool about it. Another reason Tenten admired him for. "I won't meddle in your private issues. But if it becomes a nuisance, I will surely probe it out the best way I can." His voice was sharp and strict making Tenten straighten up.

"Yes sir!" Tenten squeaked out. Neji raised an eyebrow at her response, a smirk growing on his face.

"Excuse me?" Tenten laughed loudly and nervously.

"Nothing sir—Neji! I'm thirsty. I'm going to go get something to drink." Tenten said very fast; face flustered. She sprinted towards the nearest store and panted and a shiver ran up her spine. With a deep blush on her cheeks, she ordered a chocolate smoothie, moaning as the cold liquid soothed her nervous state.

'God this tastes soo good...' Tenten thought happily as she walked back to the place she had left Neji, happy to find him still there... only with about fifty fangirls surrounding him. And that was a rough estimate. Tenten stopped a couple of feet before, frowning as girls tried to give him presents.

Tenten gasp silently and looked down at her own present. She had forgotten she even had it with her. She looked back up, seeing Neji sigh in annoyance as he accepted all of the presents; out of good manners. The girl bit her lip and shook her head sadly, turning her heel and going off to the near-by park where she would hang out for the rest of the evening until the fireworks went out. Then she would go home, sleep and await the next day.

Just like she had always done when Neji got ambushed by his fangirls. She knew that he tried looking for her, but she concealed her chakra so that he couldn't find her. She doubted he would be so concerned as to activate his Byakugan just to find her...

Soon, she came to the place where, for the last three years, she had sat down and admired the colorful explosions that filled the sky up at the stroke of midnight. Tenten lay Neji's present gently next to her as she brought her knee's up and wrapped her arms around her calf's, resting her chin on the top part of her knee's.

She felt as if three hours past, meaning that it should have been about eleven at night. Tenten opened hr eyes and yawned loudly, a drowsy smile on her face. She looked around, seeing nothing but a wall of trees and bushes around her. The girl looked in-front, blinking at how many couples lay sitting below her.

She was sitting on a patch of soft snow at the edge of the cliff.

Tenten looked around to see if she recognized anyone. She smiled when she saw Sasuke and Sakura, his arm around her shoulders as she bit into her cotton candy. She moved her eyes towards Shikamaru who smiled painfully as Ino and Temari glared at each other with fury. And finally, she saw Naruto and Hinata. Naruto was laughing wildly with over exaggerated expressions while Hinata looked around with worried eyes.

She wondered why and decided to shout out to her. "Hina-chan! Hinata-chan! Over here! Yo!" In moments, Hinata's head snapped towards her direction, a large grin on her face then she pointed at her wildly. Tenten lowered her hand and curled her fingers into a loose fist.

"Huh? Why is she grinning that way...?" Tenten asked to no one. "Did Naruto-baka give her alcohol." Tenten felt her anger spike. If that idiot had done that... and they were to do something "inappropriate" with there bodies.

There will be Hell to pay.

"Hn. If Naruto were to give her that, I would slaughter him." Tenten gasped and slipped, her hand sliding on the slushy white ice. She closed her eyes and braced herself as she quickly poured chakra into her hand, preventing her from actually falling down the cliff.

But... she didn't even fall half a foot before someone lashed out a grabbed her. Tenten opened her eyes, her body trembling slightly from the shock of it all. She quickly scurried up and sat back, her mouth twisted into a frown.

"Don't do that!" She shouted at a stoic Neji. That's when she noticed it was him. Neji. Hyuuga Neji. She blinked as the information sunk in. "Wait! How did you find me!?"

Neji adjusted himself on the snow, pulling one knee up and keeping the other flat on the cold floor. He rested his arm on-top of his knee, a small frown on his face. "Hinata signaled me."

Tenten grinded her teeth in anger, her eye's darting at a pleased Hinata. "You're dead." Tenten mouthed at her semi-horrified face. She turned back to Neji, only to find him staring at her with curiosity.

"Why did you leave me back there?" Tenten frowned slightly at his bluntness.

"Because—I didn't see you there so I thought you left..." She replied casually, though he could hear the nervousness in her voice.

"I saw you and you saw me. I'm sure of that." Tenten felt her eye twitch. Of course, Hyuuga Neji sees everything! Why didn't she just tell the truth? Why did she always end up lying and making the situation worse!?

"No I didn't." Neji kept his menacing glare in her, making Tenten shift uncomfortably.

"I saw you Tenten, and you saw me. Don't lie." Tenten huffed angerly.

"I'm not lying!" Neji felt the urge to roll his eyes at her horrible lying skills.

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not and I can prove it!" Tenten half-yelled. The girl wanted to kick herself for saying that! Now how was she going to prove that she didn't lie!?

"Prove it." Tenten stayed quite for a moment, trying to think up an excuse to say to the almighty Hyuuga."Well...?" Tenten sighed and decided to stall.

"If I tell you, you'll get mad at me..." Neji blinked. Now she was stalling. Neji wanted to laugh; he knew her all to well.

"I won't get mad." 'Shit! Why can't he drop it!? Oh yeah, he loves making a fool outta me...' Tenten thought with aggravation. She sighed and cracked her finger's, still thinking up of an excuse to tel him.

Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! What so I say!? What do I say!?

"Tenten, if you don't tell me—" Out of pure desperation, Tenten said the sentence that she was not suppose to say. Ever. It was like the unspoken promise she made to Neji, and now she broke it by saying that small sentence.


"I thought I saw you but then I saw that the guy standing there was to hot to be you so I just checked him out and then left to find you! But I couldn't find you so I came here!" She blurted out. Tenten started to sweat bullets as Neji's gaze darkened. Her blood ran cold when he looked away from her, his hand clamped into a tight fist.

"...Hn." Tenten bit her lip and inwardly freaked out. 'Kyyaaa! NO, NO, NO! Why did I have to say that?! Oh my Kami why!? That was the wrong thing to say! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Wait!... Why did he get mad though? I thought he wouldn't care—since he doesn't like me an all...'

Tenten glanced at his rigid pose, 'But he looks pissed off... I wonder, could it be that...? Nah!' Tenten sighed and crossed her arms over her chest once more, feeling even more dejected then before.

"Hmm, Tenten?" Said girl jumped at his suddenly calm and casual voice.

"Y-Yes?" The girl cursed herself for stuttering, still not looking at him in the eyes.

"The two things you love are... Weapons and Chocolate, no?" Tenten furrowed a brow and nodded slowly, not knowing where the conversation was going. "Then that would mean that you have no love interest, right?" Tenten blushed furiously, Neji was not the one to talk about those things so smoothly!

"Y-Yes. I have no love interest." She said in a meek voice.

Neji smirked lightly and let out a small chuckle. He stood up slowly, glimpsing the surprise look that passed Tenten's face. Neji dusted himself off and calmly stuffed his hands inside his coats pockets, leaving.

"W-Wait! Where are you going?" Neji didn't stop as he responded.

"Somewhere else, considering you don't love me." Tenten froze, her blood running cold. Did Neji Hyuuga just say that he's leaving because she doesn't love him!?

"Ano!" Tenten jumped and slapped a hand over her mouth, a heavy blush covering her cheeks. Neji stopped, a teasing smirk on his handsome face, though inside, his heart was pounding wildly. He didn't like the fact that he had to confess so subtly but he, honestly, could not take rejection. He mused why before, but got nowhere. So now, he had to deal with the fear, and put it behind him like a man.

A very wimpy man.

"Yes...?" Tenten gulped and shook her head, her hand still clamped over her mouth. As she shook, her charm bracelet clicked rhythmically. Tenten wanted to tell him to stay with her, but felt that was being to selfish and cruel; she did leave him all alone with his fangirls. And she lied to him too.

Feeling remorseful, Tenten looked down and then back up to Neji's snow-dusted back. She glanced at the bracelet, a wave of sadness passing though her.

'No, my sister wouldn't have wanted me to do this. I deceived the guy I love and now he's leaving. Maybe I should just let him go. I always lie to him because I'm... afraid I would screw up and say something bad. Like now... but... I know I'm not good enough. Yeah. I'm not. He's lying to me. He doesn't love me... He can't, not someone as horrible as me!'

Tenten let her hand drop to the ground, remembering her deceased sister's advice. She let out a sigh at the sudden memory of her. Her sister Mei-Lee was twenty-three when she went MIA. Her body was later found by ANBU operatives, mutilated and slaughtered along with the rest of her three-cell team.

"Do what you want." Tenten said solemnly, her bangs covering her eyes. She head footsteps and noted that Neji had, indeed, left. Tenten subconsciously touched the bracelet, her face getting hot with the sudden emotion of sadness.

"Onee-san... ." She uttered slowly, pronouncing the letters in a slow sing-song voice. Tenten blinked and noticed footsteps again, only closer. Tenten dared look up, hope swelling inside of her. But her hope was smashed to pieces when she saw it was just a deer.

Tenten groaned, "Stupid deer... Go back with Shikamaru!" The animal looked at her warily, it's form rigid as Tenten sat perfectly still. Soon, the deer turned around and ran into the dense forest. With a sigh, Tenten looked at Hinata, who was staring at her with an anxious expression.

Tenten brought her hand up and gave her a thumbs up. Hinata grinned, then Tenten turned her thumbs down, making Hinata's mouth drop open in shock. She sighed depressingly and stood up, looking up into the explosion-filled sky before turning her heel and leaving.

"I can't tell Neji I love him. I'm way out of his league anyways..."


"W-What!?" Hinata yelled as Tenten disappeared from her sight. Naruto looked up at her, a curious expression on his face; his orange scarf flowing with the frigid wind.

"Neh, what happened?" Hinata had a candid look on her face when she told him.

"Neji-nii-ja screwed up his chances to be with Tenten-chan..." Naruto's eye's widened and he quickly stood up, a scared expression on his face.

"WHAT!? But he doesn't hook up with Tenten then we can't get—MMPFH!" Hinata slapped a hand over his mouth, a dark red hue on the bridge of her nose. She shifted her eye's to all of the people around them, blushing even more when they looked at them suspiciously.

"I-I know! Now, all we have to do i-is find Neji-nii-ja!" Hinata said with a hint of enthusiasm. She was so sure that they would -somehow- get together. But her plan back fired when Neji left her hanging.

"Yes?" Hinata spun around and glared at her calm cousin.

"Y-You! You i-i-idiot!" Neji's eyes widened for a second before going back to normal. Naruto gasped dramatically and hugged Hinata, congratulating her for insulting her cousin for the first time in her life. Even though she looked like she was about to faint at any moment.


Naruto sighed, "What happened!? I mean, it was all going great! Tenten likes no—she loves you! And—and—and... WHAT DID YOU DO YOU MORON!?" Naruto screamed, spazzing. Neji stared at him calmly, ignoring the stares he got from the people around them.

"Nothing. I just subtly asked her if she loved me and she said no." Naruto's eye twitched, he slapped his hand over his face painfully. Hinata sighed and looked down, looking completely exasperated.

"Well she had to say no!" Neji rose an eyebrow.

"Why? I find that very—"

"—No! Tenten won't straight out a-admit that she loves you! She has feelings and she probably thinks that she'll b-be rejected! Not to mention she thinks t-that you d-don't like her because—because you show n-no interest! I-It's the way we women are!" Hinata said all on one breath, her face was tomato red and her hands were fisted together in fury. That had been the longest sentence she had said without stopping in the middle and scurrying away.

She was proud of herself in a sense.

Neji stared at her, half shocked. Was that why Tenten said she didn't like him? Did that mean that when she told him that she didn't think he was attractive, she was lying—again? Neji felt suddenly stupid, considering he didn't expect women to be so complicated.

Naruto looked at Neji, "So now you know!? Don't sweat it though, it took me awhile to know that Hinata-chan loved me." Neji shot him an irritated look. Hinata practically blurted it out! And he still didn't know! Him -somehow- finding out his cousins feelings was a miracle.

"Are you going to get h-her Neji-nii-ja?" Hinata asked with embarrassment. Neji nodded and quickly turned around.

"I expect ya to kiss her!" Naruto said teasingly. "But don't get carried away if you know what I mean, I know that women could be tempting but don't give in Neji! Do not give in!!" Neji felt his eyebrow twitch at that remark. Feeling the urge to hit Naruto on head, Neji flicked his finger over his shoulder, still walking with his back to the couple.

"ITAI!" Naruto screamed as a wave of chakra hit him on the head, throwing him back and to the snowy ground. Neji smirked arrogantly but kept his cool pose, increasing his pace.



A depressed Tenten sighed as she walked down the snowy pathway, her boots getting stuck in the heavy snow. She sighed again, looking around her only to see nothing but shrubs and trees; bushes and the milky-white beam that came from the moon.

"Mou... Why me!?" She shouted as she stomped her foot into the snow. Tenten sighed and pulled her foot out of the deep snow, grunting loudly as it didn't budge. "Damn... foot!" Tenten tried again only to see it was stuck.

"Argh! I hate you!" Tenten screamed in aggravation. She hastily pulled her foot out, gasping as she heard a loud crack. The girl let herself drop and flinch as she slowly reached into the snow and touched her now-aching ankle.

"Great... I cracked the bone." She murmured before sighing and sitting there lonesome. She rubbed her ankle thoughtfully, a dreamy expression on her face.

'Now what am I going to do? I got Neji mad, and not only that he straight out told me he wouldn't hang out with me because I-I don't.. love... him? But how can I say I do! I bet he was joking again... I didn't know he was so cruel! To toy with my feelings... Argh! Argh! Argh!'

Tenten inclined her chin and bit her bottom lip to stop it's quivering. She sighed and decided that this wasn't the time or place to become emotional and let out all of her repressed emotions. "Better go home and sulk all night. Again." She mumbled with dark humor as she tried to stand up again, only to fall again.

"Is that honestly all you do at night?" Tenten froze upon hearing the familiar voice. "That would explain your sluggish behavior." Neji neared her, bent down and grabbed her by the waist-line; plopping her out of the snow.

Tenten stayed as still as a rock as Neji pulled her out of her deep hole and hovered her about a foot or two above the ground.

I-Is he...? Tenten gulped. He was. "L-Let me down! Hyuuga!" Tenten screamed a she struggled against his strength. Neji grunted and softly put her down, letting her lean on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her.

Pink tinted her cheeks as Tenten noticed what position they were in. 'Oh Lord! I have to get out of this position! Or else I might just... might just...' Crimson red spilled over her features as bad thoughts began to plague her mind.

"... Tenten why are you so quiet?" The girl said nothing as she bit her lip and fumbled with her coats sleeve.

"I'm not quiet..." She murmured with a nervous laugh as she tried to inch her way out of his embrace.

"Tenten. Why do you always lie to me? I know you're lying, cut it out already." Tenten winced at the coldness that threaded his voice. She coughed lightly, rubbing her eye softly before looking down at her submerging boots.

"I don't know..." She mumbled. Neji sighed and looked to his side, frowning as small, fleets of soft ice fell from the sky. He looked up, blinking when a flake landed on his warm nose. Neji backed away instinctively as Tenten slowly wiped it away with her scarf.

"Don't look up when there's snow falling about, Neji." She told him nervously. "You'll get some on your face or something..." Neji raised an eyebrow but nodded and looked around them. No one was in sight, they were alone, and there was snowy background.

'Perfect...' Neji thought with a inward smirk. He looked down at the huddled woman who stood awkwardly in his arms. His smirk turned into a crooked grin as he squeezed her, making her squeak.

"A-Ah.. Neji! What are you doing... behind there!" She paused as she tried so hard to not to get her hopes up.

"Hugging you, why?" He said nonchalantly. Tenten felt her facer heat up, and suddenly, despite the frigged snow, she didn't mind taking off her coat and rolling around in the fluffy wonder like those kids she saw before were doing.

Moments passed, as they both stood there; relishing the warmth they both exchanged. Tenten licked her wind-dried lips, gathering up her courage to ask him the dreaded question.

"Why... Why did you go?" She whispered. Neji tensed, racking him mind for a valid excuse to give her. Having none, Neji took a deep breath and took a risk.

"I wanted to see if there was enough room in your heart to include me... But obviously there isn't now is there?" He inwardly thanked Kakashi for giving him that line whenever he would come to face a difficult phase in his and Tenten's relationship. Neji couldn't help but to smile, he was right. Maybe Tenten did like him.

He almost grinned when Tenten seemed to be suppressing giggles. The brunette was actually suppressing a laugh! She knew exactly where he had gotten that line and it was so hilarious that he was using it on her.

Tenten couldn't help it, she burst out laughing. Neji raised an eyebrow and rested his chin on her shoulder as she laughed.

"What's so funny?" The girl ceased her laughing bit by bit until only random spurts of giggles came out.

"Kakashi-sensei taught you that one, didn't he?" Neji closed his eyes and smirked.

"Nothing gets by you, I see now..." Tenten laughed lightly and looked down at her feet shyly. She had full-out laughed in-front of his face and he wasn't mad. That was a first; usually he would glare because she was making a fool out of him. Not now, she mused.

"Really! Why did you leave?" Tenten asked again, feeling less timid now. Neji sighed and glanced at the color-filled explosions that filled the black sky wonderfully.

"Because. You don't love me." He said bluntly. Tenten felt like slapping him upside the head for being so damn blunt. Every time he said said, she blushed furiously because she couldn't tell the truth. She knew that she had treated him bad; lying to him, avoiding him, ignoring him on some occasions.

But, again, her mouth didn't seem to be cooperating with her. "That's not true!" Tenten blinked and squeaked, slapping her hand over her mouth. Neji's smirk widened.

"Really? Then tell me the truth." Tenten flinched. She had grown so accustomed to lying that now she felt as if she really couldn't tell him. She gulped, her brows furrowing in anxiousness.

"I-I do... love you." She whispered. Neji felt something in his chest spike. Feeling suddenly happier, Neji tightened his grip and enjoyed her random squeaks of surprise.

Neji neared her ear, and softly spoke, "The reason I left, was because I feared rejection." Tenten gasped and stared in-front shockingly. Neji Hyuuga. The, straight-forward, blunt and unfaltering man; scared of feeling rejection.

Tenten's shock soon dissipated, replaced with the neutral feeling of warmth. Maybe she didn't know all there was about Hyuuga Neji. Maybe that's what he portrayed to be; someone cold and heartless; barely able to crack a smile or a laugh.

But, she was willing to find out now.

Tenten smiled and gasped again when she got turned over, her hands bumping onto his hard chest. The girl winced and slipped to the side, her ankle still tender from the harsh crack. She felt Neji wrap his hands on her shoulder, his other hand on her waist.

All in all, this was very embarrassing for her. "N-Neji! Let me go..." She mumbled without much care. The man shook his head and buried his face into her neck, making her fluster even more. "N-Ne-Neji! Please..." Said man smirked.

"Why so flustered?" He murmured wickedly at her. The girl simply groaned, now seeing that he was teasing her... again.

"Stop teasing me! It's not funny!" Neji chuckled.

"No it's not, it's simply very entertaining and amusing." Tenten gritted her teeth in anger. He really knew how to push her buttons, didn't he? Tenten turned her heel clumsily and crossed her arms as she stood with her back towards him once more.

"Hyuuga..." Neji huffed and squeezed her harder, smiling a bit when she went rigid from the sudden display of affection.

"I thought girls liked to be hugged." Hazel eyes flashed with surprise. She shifted to the side and tilted her head to the side, just to come face to face with his hot, minty breath. She resisted the urge to stare at his lips like a rabid dog.

"Yeah! When the guy thats hugging them loves her!" She chirped airily. Neji's pearl eye twitched at her sudden blond moment. He sighed and brought his hand up to her chin, cupping it as he neared her shocked face.

"But I do love you." He told her amusingly before cutting the gap that stood between the two.


A couple stood meters away from Neji and Tenten, crossing their finger's and sweating bullets as the two shinobi they were spying on talked in wispy voices.

"What are they doing!? I don't get what their doing!? Is Neji gonna making a move!? Why does Tenten look pissed!? What's happen—MMPH" A vexed Hinata slapped a hand over her boyfriends rambling mouth, shooting him a very soft glare before staring onto the new couple.

"I think Neji-nii-ja is going to confess!" She whispered excitedly as they both stared on. Hinata slapped a hand over her mouth as she squealed. Neji had made his move and connected their mouths together in a fierce but sweet kiss.

Naruto gasped, grinning, "Finally! Someone took the Popsicle that was lodged up his ass out!" Hinata gasped and slapped Naruto's arm playfully, a rosy hue growing on her cheeks.

She sighed, "Oh wow." She said softly, "The atmosphere is very romantic and beautiful. Neji-nii-ja really does kn-know how to please a woman. He must've s-sought help from someone..." Naruto looked down at her thoughtful face.

"Kakashi-sensei did!" He announced heroically. Hinata blinked in surprise, her white eyes glittering with kindness.

"Ooh... I didn't know he would go that f-far." Naruto grinned and smashed his body onto Hinata's affectionately, making the young girl stumble and rest on a tree; it's rough bark entangling with her long, dark, blue hair.

"N-Naruto-kun!" She gasped as Naruto smiled down at her and reached into his pants pocket. Hinata had only seconds to decipher the meaning of the blue, velvet box that stood between the two. Naruto flicked his open with his thumb, and inside was a golden ring entwined with diamonds of different sizes and shapes; the largest one was heart shaped and the color of her birth stone.

"Ooh my Lord..." She uttered, her face splashed with red.

"Hyuuga Hinata, I love you so much that I wouldn't know what to do if you were to leave me—Argh! This is to cliche!" He spat like a little boy who's toy got taken away. "Hinata-chan! I love you and you know that! So, marry me?" He finished a bit sheepishly for bursting out into an anger fit during his confession.

Hinata on the other hand, was to shocked to really say anything. Even though Naruto ruined the middle part of his request, she still couldn't believe what was happening to her. Her heart beat in her ears; face so red, steam could be seen coming out of her ears.

'D-Don-Don't faint...' Was her last thought before her eyes fluttered and she lost all consciousness. Naruto gasped and grabbed her limp body, panicking almost immediately.

"Hinata-chan? HINATA!? WAKE UP!" He shook her and whimpered as he looked to the side slowly and saw Neji glaring daggers at him. Tenten stood there with a shocked expression and Neji stomped forward, only to be restrained by Tenten.

"Naruto! What did you do?!" Tenten snapped at his wounded face.

"I don't know! I asked her to marry me and then she—" He was cut off by a punch on his head from Neji.

"Dobe. She couldn't handle the blood rush and fainted. She'll be fine once she sleeps off the shock." Naruto grinned, and soon that grin became mischievous as his eyes flicked between the two.

"Soo... are you guys gonna get it on later on?"



Tenten cracked her fist once and stomped away from the twitching blond. Neji lowered his chakra infused fist and stared at Tenten oddly. He caught up with her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I wanted to smack him." He said bluntly as she sighed.

"You always want to smack him! Gods, I can't believe Hinata hasn't been violated yet! He is such a pervert, just like his old teacher Jiraiya!" Tenten spazzed before pausing. "She hasn't been violated, right?" Neji froze, a dark glint appearing in his eyes.

"I'll make sure she won't" Tenten gasped and grabbed his arm, pulling him back before he castrated the poor fox boy.

"No! How would you feel if he castrated you!" Neji raised an eyebrow at the comment.

"I wasn't going to castrate him. Hinata-sama would murder me if I ever hurt him to badly." Tenten blinked.

"... Then what were you going to do?"

"Threaten him then come back to you, why?" Tenten giggled cutely.

"... Just like a puppy.." Neji glared at her lightly.

"I an not a puppy." Tenten's giggles increased.

"Yes you are! You're like a cute, cuddly puppy in which I will smother in affection!" A smirk appeared on Neji's complexion as he pulled on his arm and brought her closer to him.

"I wouldn't mind if you did right now." Tenten blushed red.

"Sh-Shut up Neji!" Neji laughed lightly and lowered his mouth onto hers again; both of their mouths moving in sync as the once brightly lite sky became black once more; indicating that the firework show was over now.

The couple went back down the trail so they could go home, both in each others embrace and smiling the whole way; happy that they could finally have what they have always wanted.


And their lay a grumbling Naruto and a fainted Hinata. Completely forgotten by the two ninja.


Next Day...

"Ooh! Neji I got you a gift!" Neji looked at her interestingly as she took the gift into her hand and gave it to him with a smile. Neji had come over to her house in the morning, telling her that they would train later on during the day. Tenten was just happy they could hang out; their was a first for everything, right?

"What is it?"

"Open it!" Neji grabbed the small box and undid the large bow it had on-top; ripping off the black wrapping paper slowly and staring down at the white, flat, box that laid underneath. He quickly opened the box and gasped silently as he stared at the contents inside the box.

"Well? What do you think!" She chirped at his stony face. "Since Ino loved to take pictures, I made a scrap book starting from the first time we met in the academy til now and beyond!" She smiled out. Neji ran his hand over the black and white cover, fingering the lovely calligraphy which spelled: Memories

"It's..." Neji stopped and smiled. "I like it a lot. Thank you, Tenten." The girl grinned and sat on the couch lazily, closing her eyes as Neji flipped through the pages of the scrap book she had made; admiring the great deal of work she had put in it.

"Tenten?" The miss opened one eye.


"Could you go to your room for a moment?" Tenten scrunched her nose in confusion but complied. Walking to her room casually. She opened the door and glanced at Neji, he only nodded.

"Why do I need—OH MY GOD! KYAAA!" Neji smirked as he kept flipping through the book, not looking up as Tenten continued her squealing over the new sword that lay on her bed nice and neat.

When he had been going to his uncle's meeting, he decided he wouldn't be so mad if he came a bit late. So he tailed Tenten and found her admiring a sword on display, and seeing how disappointed she was she couldn't buy it; he did.


"Hn. I know."


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Length: 21 Pages

Words: 10, 263

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