Hey guys whassup, I'm DontCareAnymore and this here is my first fanfic, ever. I usually read fanfics on my spare time ( which I have little of ) and due to certain events I've gotten a bit more free time ( read my profile if you want to know why ) and have decided to write a fanfic. I've read a lot of fanfics that I like and some that don't make any sense ( even if they're AU, they still don't make any sense ). So, since this is my first fic, I might suck at it ( read at your own risk, LOL ). Now without further ado. Here it is.


Finally Acknowledged
A Naruto Fanfic by DontCareAnymore
Chapter 1 – Departure / Unexpected Return

Naruto Uzumaki-Namikze , now age 16 was looking out at Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves from atop the Hokage monument. More specifically from atop the Yondaime Hokage's head, who up until recently he viewed as his greatest hero. The only thing running through Naruto's mind when he thought about him was one thing, and one thing only.

Dad. The Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, known as Konoha's Yellow Flash, viewed by many as the village's greatest hero and to the rest of the shinobi world as the stongest shinobi of his generation. As Naruto pondered this, another thought came to mind, his mother. A person who at first he thought abandoned him. Now he admired her just as much as he admired his father.

''I still can't believe they're my parents.'' Naruto muttered to himself, remembering what he learned about his mother. Kushina Uzumaki. Former Kunoichi of the now deceased Whirlpool village, a powerful Nin with bright red hair and green eyes. A knack at water based jutsu thanks to her lineage. He learned of her tomboyish attitude from Tsunade, and how most of his attitude came from her. Despite being nearly identical to the Yondaime ( Loving ramen, and hating eat anything healthy ). Naruto chuckled at the thought of Kushina smacking the Yon… his dad upside the head for not chewing his food and just inhale the delicious noodles with a cheesy grin on his face. Not really noticing the person standind behind him.

''Well, time to get going before anyone sees me.'' Naruto said as he stood up. "Naruto.." Naruto's heart skipped a beat as he turned around to his pink haired teammate looking at him with tears in her eyes. "Sakura-Chan" Naruto thought to himself. "You're leaving aren't you… Why… Why are you leaving… Please tell me ..."
Sakura said as tears started to fall freely from her jade green eyes.
"You know why." Naruto said in a neutral voice. "You're going to leave just like Sasuke did are'nt you?" "No." Naruto simply answered "I'm not leaving because I want power, I'm leaving because I have to." Naruto said in a much softer tone than before. "Naruto please stay,.. please stay with m..." Sakura started but was interrupted By the blonde haired shinobi. "Please Sakura-chan don't do this." "I brought Sasuke-teme back just like I promised." " And now..." Naruto started but stopped at the feeling of his stomach and heart wrench and tears now started falling from his eyes. "Now you can fulfill your dream of being with and helping him restore his clan." Naruto said while giving a weak smile and thinking back to his and Sasuke's battle.

Flashback no Jutsu

"Sasuke!" Sakura yelled as she ran to his unconcious body while Naruto stood a few feet away panting while his wounds started to heal and his chakra reserves started to refill. He remembered the last moment of the fight with Naruto considerably losing the the fight due
to Sasuke's Sharingan being able to read his movements.Sasuke spinkicked Naruto after dodging a right hook from him.Naruto hit the wall creating a crater. Sasuke quickly did hand seals forming a Chidori. He then charged at Naruto's body inbedded in the wall.

Then suddenly in Sasuke's path stood his other former teammate, Sakura Haruno who was panting heavily from racing to the scene after her battle with the rest of Sasuke's group. This however didn't stop Sasuke, he charged ready to take out anyone in his path. Sakura thought this could be it when suddenly.

A bright yellow flash rushed past her with what look like a rasengan in the palm of his right hand. But something was wrong she thought. Sakura gave a quick glance back only to see Naruto was gone. She then turned back to see Sasuke and the yellow flash were about to collide. Then it hit her. That Rasengan had spirals around it like Naruto's Fuuton Rasengan except it looked bluer and liquid like. Sakura thought quickly. "Water?" She asked herself. As soon as she questioned that thought Naruto and Sasuke collided their attacks.

All that Sasuke thought at the moment was how could that dobe move so fast that even his Sharingan could'nt follow. He was kicked out of that train of thought as he
realized what Naruto's Rasengan was doing, and it shocked him to the core.

Naruto, who's usually joyful blue eyes were now serious and looked extremely fierce and determined. Naruto's water enhanced Rasengan started conducting the lightning from Sasuke's Raikiri. Before he knew it he was hit in the chest with a lightning/water
enhanced Rasengan. He hit the opposite wall and rickochet off the wall hitting the floor unconcious.

Sakura was now kneeling beside Sasuke's trying to see if he was badly injured. She started to heal him as soon as she realized Naruto's Rasengan had done a good amount of internal dammage to his body.

Two weeks later much to the council's dismay, Sasuke was seen as a missing Nin and complete traitor by the village of
Konoha. "Sasuke Uchiha, you are here by imprisoned for conspiracy
against Konogakure no sato." You will also be taken to the intorrogation department and give any information on Orochimaru and Akatsuki's whereabouts." "Take him away!" Tsunade roared as two high class ANBU took the chained Uchiha away. "Now that that has been taken
care of." Tsunade stated matter-a-factly while pulling out a scroll with the Yondaime's seal on it. Which confused everyone in the room.

"Now to get to what I really called you all here." She opened the old looking scroll and started reading the scroll's contents. If anyone was near the the council's meeting would've heard gasps coming from the council members and a thud coming from konoha's number one unpredictable ninja as his head hit the hardwood floor at the mention of him being the late Yondaime's one and only son. "Tsunade-sama, surely you can't be serious." Exclaimed Koharu.

"Yes, I am serious and I will honor the great Yondaime's late wish, with full support from the people of Konoha." Everyone in the room grew quiet waiting for her to continue. "Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki will hereby leave the village for as long as necessary to cope with this and train himself to the full extent of both physically and mentally..." Tsunade stopped and sighed as she realized Naruto had now woken up and was starting to sit up as she finished her speech. "For as soon as he returns I will resign myself as Hokage of Konojagakure and Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki will will be named our great village of Konoha's Rokudaime Hokage."

And BANG there it was, Naruto's head hit the floor yet again at this last statement.

Flasback end

So here we are now two days later with Naruto ready to leave with nothing more than his orange and black oufit some of his father's belongings including scrolls on his parent's jutsu. Seeing as he had his father's affinity for wind and his mother's affinity for
water. Naturally he would want learn to both of his parent's jutsu.

He also had on of his father's white coats and scrolls that Tsunade gave him about economics and other things he would need to learn if he was to be Hokage, along with more words he could'nt even begin to comprehend. Sakura stood there mouth agape and shocked at what Naruto said.

"So keep that Uchiha-teme in his place while I'm gone, ne." Said Naruto giving her a half grin. "Please live happily for me and you, take care Sakura-chan." Naruto whispered loud enough for her to hear as he turned around to leave.

Sakura looked up. "Naruto please wai..." was all Sakura could say before Naruto dissapeared in a puff of smoke.

He appeared at the village gates and turned to face the hokage monument. "I love you Sakura-chan." And nothing could ever change that, not even Sasuke. With that last thought Naruto turned and dashed full speed away from his home and home of his precious people. He vowed to return one day protect them with all his heart and strength.
Back at the Hokage monument a pink haired girl sobbed on her hands and knees while whispering to herself. "I'll wait for you, for as long as it takes..." "I love you Uzumaki Naruto."

1 and ½ Years Later

One and half years later we find Sakura Haruno, age 18 and head of Konoha's medic Nin, in her personal office sitting at her desk staring out her third story window thinking about her blonde haired friend. She sighed "It's been too long I hope she's alright.' Sakura said while leaning on her chair. She never really liked sulking so she decided to stand up. Seeing as how slow the hospital was at this moment, she left her office putting her hands in her white lab coat's pockets.

"Maybe Tsunade-shishou knows what's going on..." "Then again she'd probably say she didn't know anything either." She sighed at that thought while quickly arriving at the Hokage's office.

She knocked three times on the door. "Come in. Said someone from the other side of it. She openened it to see Tsunade relaxing comfortably in her chair. "Yes, Sakura what is it?" "I'm just worried about Ino, we haven't heard anything from her in a week, and was supposed to arrive two days ago." Sakura answered while Tsunade nodded. "Yes, she was supposed to report back a while ago, but you know how these solo reconnociance missions are." "She might have to cut contact with us, so as to avoid detection." This time Sakura nodded.

"I'll arrange a search party within a three mile radius from the village if you'd like." Sakura thank her sensei and left her office to get back to her duties at the hospital.

A couple miles away a platinum blonde cursed her rotten luck for sneezing while observing an exchange of words from what looked like an Otogakure general and a couple Otogakure Nin, who seemed to be planning an attack of some sort . She had been attacked and chased, suffering from a wound on her left shoulder which took a
lot of her chakra to heal. The fact that they stopped chasing her after they reached the border of the fire country was a big break, she was dangerously low on chakra.

"I'm still a couple miles off from konoha, I guess I can rest a whi... " Ino couldn't finish her sentence finally succumbing to exhaustion. A few yards away a blonde haired young man heard a thud not to far from where he was sleeping lying on a branch with his back to tree.

" Wonder what that could've been." The man said to himself while standing up and quickly dissapearing in a yellow flash.

He appeared next to a body lying face down on the grass in the middle of the forest. He knelt down the body to check to see if he/she was still breathing. The blonde haired man sighed relieved the she was still breathing. He could tell she was a kunoichi by her soft skin, he turned her over and got more evidence as to why she was shinobi (and some more proof as to why she was a female shinobi) he noticed she was wearing a short purple skirt which only went around her mid thigh.

"So she's from Konoha." the man commented as soon as he noticed the Konoha Hitai-ate 

as a belt. She was also wearing a purple long sleeve jacket-like tanktop with a unzipped green chuunin vest. Then reality struck as he saw her facial features.

"Ino-chan!" "I have get you to a hospital!" The blonde quickly exclaimed. "Well, looks like I'm coming back a little earlier than expected." The young man said as he picked up Ino and disappeared in a flash of even more yellow.

Back in Konoha Tsunade stood at attention as one of her ANBU walked into her office. "Tsunade-sama we've spotted someone about a while away walking towards us." "From what we could tell he seems to be carrying an unconcious Ino Yamanaka in his arms."
Tsunades eyes slightly widened at the last comment. " Get me Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi, and Sakura Haruno." "And a squad of ANBU, tell them meet me at the front gates." "Hai Tsunade-sama!" replied the ANBU and quickly took off. Tsunade herself stood and quickly headed to Konoha's main gates.

Back with Ino, she was starting to gain conciousnous when she felt something. "I'm moving." she thought to herself. "He/she seems to have pretty strong arms." "Smells nice too." She mentally chuckled at that thought.

The blonde haired man shuddered a bit as he felt two soft hands start roaming his chest and stomach. "My god, I hope he doesn't see me blush, he's definitely a guy that's fit, without being overly musculur." were the thoughts running through Ino's mind at this point. She wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled closer his chest. The male blonde blushed slightly as he looked down at Ino snuggling herself against his chest.

"Why am I blushing about this?" (Ahh, puberty, it hits us all eventually, ne?)the young man thought to himself as he looked up to see a big gate with the konoha leaf symbol in the middle of a green arc that was over the gates. "I'm home." the man muttered to himself looking a bit lower he saw 4 figures side by side with a few feet separating each one. He then looked beyond them to where a few ANBU were standing and a crowd was starting to form. He soon got to about five feet from the front row of people when a man standing to his left asked him a question.

" You, state your name and business with Konoha."

"It's been a while you guys."

Almost everyone looked at him with confused faces. Then it hit her. Whiskers? Sun kissed blonde and spiky hair. Sakura's eyes went wide.

"Na.. Na... Naru..." but she was cut off when said man let Ino down gently not expecting 

what was about to happen.

As soon as Ino was let down she did what nobody expected (or did they? Nah!) she turned around wrapped her arms around his neck an pulled his face close to hers. Said man was too shocked to realize what was going on until he felt it. She kissed him.

Her soft lips pressed onto his own and he loved the feeling instantly. She suddenly deepened the kiss. The low moaning sounds could be heard by all the villagers and shinobi alike. They soon broke apart for air and the darker blonde looked at the crowd with a foxy grin and shouted enthusiastically.

"Hey guys, Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki at your service!"

Everyone's ( and I me it ) Everyone's brain, malfunctioned, among the few that fainted were a shy pale-eyed Hyuuga, A pink haired medic Nin, a couple dozen fan girls who were drooling over the god-like man that stood before them, and last but not least, a platinum blonde mind jutsu specialist who took a good look at the man standing beside her. She suddenly knocked herself out as a fountain of blood shot out of her nose and she flewback around ten feet.

"I guess they missed me?" Naruto nervously chuckled giving his cheesy foxy grin while
unconciously putting his finger to his lips where Ino's had just been.

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