After the wedding of McGee and Abby, the group retires to an offshore mansion for an after party of their own

After the wedding of McGee and Abby, the group retires to an offshore mansion for an after party of their own. But will it take the marriage of two agents to make one person realise what they really want? Will they make a huge mistake?

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Chapter one: Just the start…


"How are you feeling Probie?" Tony asked as he patted the younger agent on the back, smiling smugly as sweat began to pour off him, beading on his forehead.

"What if she changes her mind?" he began to panic, fiddling with his hands nervously.

"She's not going to change her mind." he said, standing back to measure his expression. "Well maybe she could."

Just then Gibbs hit Tony across the back of the head, harder than usual. "Not the time, DiNozzo."

"I'm now fully aware of that, Sir." he said, standing to attention, his hand still resting on McGee's back.

Gibbs stepped forward, his face inches from McGee's left ear.
"Do not let him get to you, McGee. Good luck."

Though it was only a small sentence, Gibbs' words meant every piece of comfort in the world to McGee. After all, Gibbs would know. He was the boss - he was the man who had been married four times. He and Abby had always assumed it was more however they knew Gibbs would never let up.

Gibbs walked off the podium and went into Abby's tent. McGee leaned forward and tried to peek in, feeling a sharp blow to the back of his head as he did so.
"Hey!" he yelled, turning to Tony and rubbing his head. "What the hell was that for?"

"You can't see the bride before the wedding, McGroomy." Tony smiled, his hands set out in front of him in a defensive fashion.

McGee rolled his eyes and looked through the crowd of people filing into the chairs in front of him. He glanced toward a group of his old MIT friends and waved. He was still close with a few of them and one had been particularly annoyed that he wasn't a part of the bridal party.

McGee didn't regret choosing Tony. If he hadn't of there would have been hell to pay at work - he and Ziva would have made his life a living hell until he was forced to retire. Ziva somehow couldn't understand that there were no acceptions to the rule that only males could be groomsmen and attend the 'bachelor' party.

"Good Luck, McGee." Tony said in a sincere tone that made him second-guess who was speaking for a split second.

"Thanks, Tony." He smiled back, a new confidence in himself arising.

"I have faith that at least one of us can catch up to her if she tries to run." he added, walking off with one of his most dazzling - yet so god damn annoying - smiles.

Before he knew it, everyone had taken their seats and they were ready to begin. A soft spring breeze rustled through the trees around them and McGee smiled to himself, squinting in the night.

Abby never did anything to conform and her wedding was no acception to this rule. McGee distinctly remembered her saying that if she had to dress up in a white gown with white roses everywhere that she would be forced to kill him and -as she so often added- leave no forensic evidence,

So they came to a compromise, Abby would plan everything and McGee would pay. Well Thom E Gemcity would pay.

He glanced around the area, very surprised at how much he really did like what she had chosen - it reminded him of her. Not in the 'norm' but still so beautiful. He laughed to himself - she would kill him for thinking such sappy thoughts.
A soft electric guitar started to play and everyone turned his or her heads, McGee smiling hugely. Brain Matter was playing the wedding march on the far side of the lawn. Lit by candlelight. He glanced around to the black and red themed area.

Black roses, black and red candles lighting the isle. It truly was Abby - some people would think it was strange or 'emo' (clearly no one knows the difference between Emos and Goths anymore) but he knew that it was what she wanted and though it was ridiculously sappy - he wanted what ever she wanted - whatever would bring her joy.

Tony and Ziva rounded the corner arm in arm. Ziva was uncomfortable in her dress and Tony was just as annoyed having to wear a monkey suit.
A low echo of whispers could be heard as they walked down the isle, people commenting on Ziva's beauty in the black gown. It hugged her figure tightly, a second layer of red lace showing underneath the black lace patterns. At her waist, the dress fell loosely to her feet, a large slit revealing her tan, left leg.
As the two walked closer to the rows of seats they were able to catch snippets of what people were saying. A small child tugged on her mothers dress and asked why she wasn't the bride which made Ziva smile, feeling slightly less uncomfortable in the vintage gown. It was odd having to walk with Tony; usually they had some form of bickering or joking but so far not much had been said between the two - Ziva had been helping Abby get ready and Tony had been causing hell for McGee.

"Oh look at those two together, do you think they're married?" an older woman whispered to - what appeared to be- her husband. He just shrugged, though his eyes were secretly wondering the same thing.

Ziva turned to Tony and judging by the look on his face he had also heard. He turned his head toward her and smiled.

They reached the end of the isle and Tony leaned in and kissed her on the cheek as ordered by Gloria, Abby's step mother and wedding planner; the two smiled as a few 'awws' came from members of the crowd. The two walked off, taking their positions at the different sides of the podium, Ziva not taking her eyes off Tony, the warmth still in her cheek from where his lips had brushed up against it.

McGee and Abby had agreed to keep it small and only have one groomsmen, a maid of honour and all of Abby's bowling nuns to perform the service with a priest. Though her work usually interfered with her Sundays, Abby still believed in God and have a traditional service - no matter how untraditional the décor was and the fact that the service was on a Thursday night.

They had decided that to be fair to the team - Tony and Ziva would be the two chosen. It saved awkwardness at work and also kept McGee alive. They had no problem with that selection - the two were going to be a part of the bridal party anyway had it been larger.

The music changed from a soft strumming to a louder Wedding March. Though they were heavy guitars and drums they still managed to sound good.

A few people gasped in awe as Abby appeared, two men standing at her sides, leading her down the isle and one holding the train of her dress a few meters back. The man on her right was her father - he had grey hair that was gelled down and soft eyes, almost identical to Abby's.

The man on her left side was Leroy Jethro Gibbs, his face set in the same hard mask it always sat in but with an underlying - yet unmistakable - hint of utter pride and love. The gentleman carrying her train was Ducky, his face filled with pride and joy for her.

Abby was wearing a white vintage wedding dress with cream lace set in an intricate pattern that wrapped around her body, falling down the right side of her dress. At the waist the dress opened out around her in a regency England style. All in all she looked breathtaking, her hair up in spirals.

Trailing behind her was her brother holding a matching umbrella over her head, the intricate lace pattern from the dress copied.

She got to the end of the isle and the three men kissed her, letting her go to her soon-to-be husband. Before she went Ducky whispered 'good luck' into her ear and kissed her on the cheek. When she reached McGee she turned and signed the three men; 'I love you.' they smiled at her and she turned to McGee, Gibbs signing 'I love you too' back to her, pride sparkling in his cobalt blue eyes.

McGee beamed at her, that stupid look that he got whenever he thought she looked spectacular appearing on his face. She smiled back and turned to their priest, ready to begin the ceremony.


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