Malcolm had always known his family was insane and more than a little weird

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Almost Believable

Pairing: Reese/Malcolm

Extended Summary: Reese announces his love for Malcolm, first to Malcolm, then to his family, then to his school. The object of his affection is in blissful denial. Will Malcolm come to his senses and acknowledge the validity of his brother's feelings? Will he accept him or be bound by the status quo that has always served to make him miserable? Will Dewey get a tattoo on his butt or does he already have one?

Setting: Malcolm and Reese are in high school. No particular time or grades.

Disclaimer: I don't own Malcolm in the Middle, obviously. Daytime TV wouldn't permit a show that had either incest and/or gay relations. I don't really give a damn though.

Warnings: Language, incest, slash, possibly sexual content in future chapters.

Chapter One

Malcolm had always known his family was insane and more than a little weird. Up until a month ago, he had been positive that his mother had been the least sane and the most abnormal. But a month ago, his entire perception of reality was skewed by one fatal phrase:

"Malcolm, I'm in love with you."

Now normally the sentiment would be flattering, had the source been anyone but his own flesh and blood. It had to have been some sort of joke. He couldn't have really meant it. It wasn't normal.

It had been a normal day. The boys had been woken up by their mother's tumultuous cry. Reese had stuffed half-attempted homework papers in his backpack, seemingly not noticing the stench emanating from somewhere within. Dewey, currently in some gothic phase that had yet to make much of an impact on anyone, applied some of his dark makeup. He skillfully dismissed the sound of Reese's taunts. Plus the wicked omniscient smirk Dewey had sent his way had shut him up soon enough.

The youngest brother, Jamie, was having a fit that was reminiscent of one Dewey had had a few years before--before he gave way to apathy, that is. Hal was reclining --hiding-- in the backyard until the echoes of his wife faded. It was going to take a while.

Malcolm had surreptitiously avoided the morning chaos and was waiting in the car--that Reese and he shared--for his elder brother. He had been surprised at Reese's lack of ire regarding their mother's decision to let Malcolm be the one to drive them anywhere. They assumed that, though he was younger than Reese, that he was the better driver of the two. In reality, Reese could outmaneuver almost anyone with one good eye and a minor concussion. But Malcolm always drove.

Halfway to their dreaded high school's location, Reese asked Malcolm to pull over to "talk". Malcolm had felt a bit panicky, with good reason, but Reese had been on his best behavior with him for well over six months. He even started performing kind gestures to his younger brother, though Dewey and Jamie were excluded from every one. But his previous track record had been less than kind.

Fidgeting a bit under Malcolm's blue gaze, Reese found himself gazing around, appreciating the subtle nuances of the leaves on the uppermost branches of an oak tree. He watched a squirrel deftly scurry up the bark behind a patch of leaves. The weather was very warm and breezy.

"I though you wanted to talk, Reese. I'm not waiting for you all day," Malcolm stated, "If I'm late to Chemistry, Mr. Somethingorother will kill me."

The elder brother chewed on his lip for a moment. "I….well you see, um, I've kinda felt…well you are really, uh--"

Malcolm gave way to his irritation. "Just spit it out, damn it."

"Malcolm, I'm in love with you."

Malcolm had thought it was some kind of prank. It was by far the most outlandish thing his brother had ever pretended. He was anxious to note just how well he kept it up. It was almost believable.

But there was just no way it could be true. Reese couldn't have romantic feelings for Malcolm, of all people. Francis was more likely anyway, though it wouldn't be any less disturbing. Yes, it was an elaborate prank that Reese had contrived over half a year ago and had managed to stay focused on for this entire time. It was all a ruse to make Malcolm believe him and be utterly humiliated by…what, accepting him? As if. No way, there was no possibility of Malcolm ever feeling anything like that for Reese. That was even less believable than the reverse.

The next stage in the prank had been Reese stating his feelings in front of their family.

"I have an announcement to make," Reese said as his family sat down to eat dinner.

Lois raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, what is it?"

"I'm in love with Malcolm." The entire family, save Reese and the "love interest" burst into laughter. Reese was calm about the whole thing. "I'm serious guys, more serious than I've ever been."

"Really?" Hal inquired, "And when did you realize this?"

"A few months ago."

Malcolm noticed the piercing mother gaze Lois directed to his brother. She seemed to be dissecting him with her eyes. Finally she asked in a remarkably unruffled manner: "Are you sure you love him like that? He is your brother, in case you forgot that little fact."

Her son merely smiled. "I do. I'm not really sure why, but I'm in love with him and I don't care if you all hate me for it. It feels right to me, no matter how wrong it seems in society."

Malcolm was almost convinced. 'Interesting,' he thought, 'But no wonder it took him months. He's not the most eloquent person, but that had sounded credible. I have to find out what he's trying to get from this.'

Hal and Lois exchanged a glance. "We wouldn't hate you for something like this son," Hal said, "It will take some getting used to. But if you ever get any, ah, strange urges about Malcolm that you need to speak to someone about, go to your mother."

Their parents had been so gullible! Malcolm couldn't believe that they had believed Reese's lies. He would get to the bottom of this somehow. He diligently ignored the voice in the back of his head. It said strange things about Reese spending so much time on something involving Malcolm had to be evidence of affection of some degree. Traitorous mind.

End Chapter One

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