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Almost Believable

Pairing: Reese/Malcolm

Extended Summary: Reese announces his love for Malcolm, first to Malcolm, then to his family, then to his school. The object of his affection is in blissful denial. Will Malcolm come to his senses and acknowledge the validity of his brother's feelings? Will he accept him or be bound by the status quo that has always served to make him miserable? Will Dewey get a tattoo on his butt or does he already have one?

Setting: Malcolm and Reese are in high school. No particular time or grades.

Disclaimer: I don't own Malcolm in the Middle, obviously. Daytime TV wouldn't permit a show that had either incest and/or gay relations. I don't really give a damn though.

Warnings: Language, incest, slash, possibly sexual content in future chapters.

Chapter Two

Ever since his declaration, Reese had been noticeably more affectionate to Malcolm. There were those telltale lingering touches, soft gazes, and smiles no one else seemed to notice that promised things Malcolm was too afraid to name. But these new quirks to Reese's character seemed strangely minor. They supported his story, his game, his supposed "love" for Malcolm. However, these changes were too subtle for someone of Reese's capabilities. He was good, but not that good.

Malcolm supposed he had gotten help. He had already established that Reese couldn't possibly have romantic feelings toward him, let alone go about them in the right…er least disturbing way. There had to be someone else involved--which conveniently supported Malcolm's belief that it was all some massive hoax.

But Malcolm wouldn't fall for that. He was a genius after all. Somehow he was going to pull out of this with Reese looking like the moronic loser he was. That was the way of things. If only he had realized that the game had just begun.

Malcolm and Reese had driven to school in absolute silence for the past two weeks since the latter's declaration. But this morning, Reese looked anxious, just as he had on that fateful day. In turn, Malcolm was no less on edge. He felt like he had swallowed a bucket of nails. Every glance to the right served only to heighten his worry.

They arrived at the school and exited the car in unison. Malcolm felt a sense of apprehension sink into his body. His knees could barely keep from buckling. Reese looked no better.

As they approached the school, the elder brother was tense. Malcolm was frantically trying to figure out what was about to happen, what had already happened. Who knew what Reese had done? He was obviously capable of at least giving the pretense of walking a path society considered taboo. What more was there?

Countless pairs of eyes zoned in on the duo as they entered the building. Some were accusing. Some were amused. Some were…admiring? What the hell?

They walked down the hall, so eerie with its lack of noise. Reese gave a half grin to their stunned peers. Malcolm tried to hold his breakfast in.

A senior girl walked forward and--to Malcolm's utter astonishment--hugged his older brother. The hall broke out into cheers. Some shouted out encouragement and congratulations about something that Malcolm was unaware of. Those that were less than kind were quickly hushed.

Malcolm quirked an eyebrow. That had been unexpected. Reese had been acting as if he was about to receive the death sentence.

The younger brother didn't ponder on it too long. He walked down the hall towards his locker. On the way, the corner of his shoe caught on a discarded school newspaper. Curious, he picked it up off the ground and nearly fainted.

FORBIDDEN LOVE--The story of two brothers

By Camilla Vane

For three years Reese has kept his traitorous heart in check. He has harbored a tragic love lost and alone, fearful of the repercussions of its exposure. It is a love cast out by society as sinful and unnatural, a love that has plagued him with its intensity, a love no less true than any other. It is the lustful love for not only one of his own gender, but one of his own blood.

In other words: Reese is in love with his dearest brother Malcolm. Recently, he has decided to make his feelings known to both his family and his love interest. You, his fellow students, are the last bridge he has to cross.

It is your decision on how you receive Reese after this staggering bit of news. It will not change reality whether you accept him or shun him. It will, however, bring light to your own character.

I ask that you put yourself in his shoes for the moment. Do you think that he wanted to feel this way about someone who would likely never return his feelings? Do you think that he wants people to hate him?

Reese is a victim of a critical society that fails to see its own flaws. In spite of that, he has shown extraordinary courage and strength, more so than us average humans could claim. Will you fault him for it?

Reese, you're one hell of a guy. Malcolm, you may be a genius but you can also be an insensitive jerk. If you know what's good for you, you will give him a chance. There is no love truer than this.

Camilla out.

Malcolm was hallucinating. That had to be it. There was no way this could be real. Besides, the general consensus seemed to strange to be anything but fantasy. They did live in a "critical society that fails to see its own flaws". This was too tolerant a reaction, especially for their school. It was worse than when Reese had told their family. Was the whole world insane??

One look around at the approving masses had him convinced. The world was insane. Malcolm could handle that. His own family was crazy and he had dealt with that his whole life. Now he just had to face the fact that he was the only sane one left. But how long until he cracked?

Shaking his head vigorously, Malcolm decided he was not going there. Just because the rest of the world had a characteristic in common, doesn't mean that he would. The world was a breeding ground for idiots, which he was anything but.

End Chapter Two

Kamara- Poor, poor Malcolm. It is so pitiful to watch you cling to your denial. Genius, indeed.

But all is not as it seems. What was the reason for their family's calm acceptance? Was it as genuine as they all seem to think? When will we know the fate of the tattoo on Dewey's butt?