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Emmett's POV

"Dude, look what I just scored from some guy in Seattle," I said to Jasper and I threw the baggie down on the coffee table.

"Is that...weed?" he replied.

"The best!"

Jasper just looked at me like I had grown a second head.

"What the hell are you doing with about an ounce of weed Emmett? You know we are vampires and can't get high right?"

"Well duh, Jasper, I know that, but I was thinking..."

"Oh God, nothing good really ever comes of that."

"Ha ha...anyways, like I said, I was thinking, what if we could get Bella to smoke this and get high, and then you use your power and spread the highness from her to us?"

Jasper sat back on the couch. He stared off into space for a minute before a sly smile crossed his features.

"You know, that just might me crazy enough to actually work," he finally replied "But what about Edward?"

"Don't worry about Edward, he went with Carlisle to that medical convention thing remember? And plus he can't really blame us, I mean we basically missed out on the whole point of the 1960's. It is only fair that we get this second chance."

"Your right dude, your right. Let's smoke us some weed!...well sort of."

"No, Absolutely not."Bella stated after Jasper and I proposed our plan to her.

"Oh come on Bella," Jasper pleaded "It's just a little weed, and Emmett and I really want you to experience your humanity before it's gone"

"Seriously Jasper, you want me to experience my humanity by getting stoned with you guys?"

"Well...yeah," I chimed in.

"I don't know you guys...Edward would flip if he found out."

"Which is why he not going to find out," Jasper said.

Bella's face became twisted. I could tell she was starting to give in, she just needed one more push.

"Plus I bet you didn't know this, but Edward used to smoke weed when he was human," I lied.

Bella looked at me skeptically.

"Really?" she asked.

Both Jasper and I nodded our heads in agreement, even though it was a total lie.

Bella suddenly looked angry.

"I can't believe he wouldn't tell me about that," she muttered to her self.

"So?" Jasper and I asked.

She looked at both of us with a determined look on her face, "Alright boys, whose got the papers?"

30 minutes later

My mind felt like mush. I was melting. We were sprawled out on the sofa, except for Bella, who was lying on the floor. Her and Jasper were talking about some nonsense I couldn't comprehend at the moment.

"So, Miley and Hannah are one person?" Jasper said with awe.

"Yep," Bella replied.

"And the Jonas Brothers...?"

"Yeah, they're brothers."

"How about Salena Gomez?"

"Not a real wizard Jazz."

"You're breaking my heart, Bells."

"Sorry Jazz."

We laid in the living room for about 45 minutes. There was bits and pieces of conversations, but I couldn't really talk, or move, I was just content with being a big blob. We were all so chill and it was nice until...


Alice walked into the room. The girls must have been back from hunting.

None of us responded.

"Jasper," Alice started, completely calm "what, what is this?"

Jasper grabbed Alice and pulled her on top of him.

"This is the 1960's, babe."

All poor Alice could do was lean into Jasper and enjoy the high he was radiating.

Esme and Rose came in next and had similar reactions. Soon, almost the entire family was in the living room completely stoned out of their ever loving minds. The conversations began to drift again.

"Hey Bella," Alice slurred lazily.


"I just had a vision."

"Uh huh?"

"Edward is gonna be back in"

Just then the door opened and Edward and Carlisle walked in. We all slowly sat up and looked at them. They looked back and suddenly I, and everyone else in the room, was filled with some sort of trippy paranoia.

"Edward," Bella started as she staggered to her feet "Edward, I can explain..."

Edward cut her off "Don't worry about it Bella, I mean I smoked my fair share back in the day."

Jasper and I just looked at each other...Edward the pothead...who would have thunk?

Short? I know. But it's all I had. Hope you liked it. And for those who don't know their pot trivia pot WAS around during the time when Edward was alive and was legal. Thanks for reading.