Reflections of the sky

Reflections of the sky

Authors note

Yes… I know… I know…. I am starting another story while I have not updated the others…. I just have the tendency to post uncompleted stories. Therefore, until I actually finish my stories on draft then I will post each completed chapter.

However, for this fic… it is different!

I have actually finished a fic! This fic! Therefore, I will post all of the chapters as soon as I have patched through my Beta reader.

In addition, just to alert you all, I have written a little teaser. Keep looking out for this!

Because this is a finished series… maybe, I should write a sequel XD But I do not know, I need to hear your say about it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the actual Storm Hawks characters, actual plot, setting or Aerrows' awesome hair.

- - -

Cool Culture magazine

The all so brilliant, Jet Zitchson, is one of the contestants for this years Air Boarding championship! The contest will be held in three weeks time on Terra Rex. Every contestant has been training hard for this event. So, tell me Jet, how have you been preparing for the Atmos Championships?

Jet: laughs Well, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I go on trips with my coach and we just literally jump out of a building. While air boarding of course! I'm pretty good with my track racing, so I haven't been practicing as much as my air formations.

Interesting, so you're pretty relaxed about his competition?

Jet: Relaxed? Sorry mate, you got the wrong word there. More or less excited, that's how I feel. I have this strange adrenaline rush whenever I think about the competition. I'm pretty hyped up now, come to think of it!

Whoa boy! Laughs But surely, you must be doing something to relax you, to calm down your nerves at least?

Jet: Hmmm… nope! No relaxing here! I'm just a little like Billy-Rex, hardcore rocker! Whenever I'm nervous, I go to rock concerts to keep my mind concentrated on other things. It's the way I am laughs

So you do get nervous! Well, of course you must be getting nervous about something, is there anything that makes you go on edge?

Jet: Well, being at the bottom of the chart of course! Don't forget, I'm gonna have to try to live up the other rookie in this competition. Roxis Edgeway, phwaor! Didn't see that coming!

Ah, yes. Roxis Edgeway, best air board rookie ever seen in Atmos! Coming into the championship unknown then suddenly came third place in the league! She has been in the top ten every year after that! When you came in last year, you managed to get to 22nd, which is still very impressive because most rookies in their first few years only linger at the bottom of the league until they get more experience.

Jet: Yeah, that's right. Most other new comers to this competition are almost always people who think they are the best. When reality kicks in, they realise how much hard work, commitment and strength has to come out for this. So, we don't really acknowledge them unless they manage to move up in the league or if they jump up to a very high rank in the leader board, like what Roxis did. So many young people these days. Take the Storm Hawks, no one acknowledged them because of their age. Now, two years on, they are brilliant! No one really expected that coming either. It's amazing what some people can do these days.

It is amazing. But don't forget, your one of the hopefuls who can get to first place. Even Roxis, best rookie, hasn't achieved first place yet. The judges said that you are good enough for first place, you just lack experience.

Jet: Yes, well, I'm flattered! I only came in to the competition last year, the year after Roxis was new, and I think it's gonna take more than just experience. Roxis is a very determined and gutsy air boarder, and Roxis didn't have any experience when she came third place.

Well, we will be rooting for you! Thank you for coming, Jet, and good luck!

Jet: Thanks so much, and rock on!

- - -

Finn put down the magazine. A large grin was plastered on his face, his music was blaring in the background. He closed his eyes and listened to the guitar solo that was playing on his radio. In the magazine again!

If Finn had read this two years ago he would have been ecstatic. Now seventeen, the Storm Hawks has been regularly mentioned in the press and public, and Finn hasn't been too bothered with it. He wanted an entire article about the Storm Hawks, or even better, an entire article about him, Finn, with a picture of him on the front page of a magazine. He was well known in Atmos, but that just wasn't enough… he wanted fame and fortune. He didn't want others to take him seriously, he wanted others to love him!

His own Finn fanclub. His own mansion. His back balance to be in seven figure numbers. Fame and fortune. Sure, being a Storm Hawk shouldn't need to be fame and fortune, its about saving others. But the appreciation and recognition should be nice!

I want to be known more! Finn wanted to be loved.

I want to be famous, and I will be!