A/N: After further considerations, although I have put the story on indefinite hiatus, I am doubtful if I will ever finish another chapter. There're pages of notes and ideas just rotting here, and I thought it'd be a total waste if they never see the light of day. Therefore as part of a synopses writing exercise, I thought I may as well wrap it up by writing one for each year. The titles below are just what took my fancy, thinking 'year x' sounds a bit bland. I wrote the early years as well for completeness.




Year 1 - Neville Longbottom and the Harry Potter

After a re-read of the Harry Potter series, real-life Ness enter the world of the series and find himself in the body of young Neville Longbottom, apparently having really drowned at Blackpool. After years of self-study and only narrowly activating his magic powers through a 'fated' meeting with Ginny, Neville finally got into Hogwarts and met the famous characters. The initial brazen rush of being able to live the books wears off as Neville realise the role he had taken on was more than significant, and changing 'fate' seems impossible…

Until Hermione finally gives him the glimmer of motivation to overcome the book's plot. Though also because of her (as pointed out at a Christmas reunion with Ginny, after being chased by a dragon), Neville has fallen out with the Trio. The fallout is not all bad as this somehow makes him Draco's new best friend. As a by-product of Neville's nonchalant attempt to pull Draco to the light side by making him chase after Lavender, the Student Council is formed. There are bumps and trips along the road of its formation: with Dumbledore's suspicions; Neville's worries for his stolen identity; and recruiting Hannah and Su into the organization that ultimately ends up in Hogwarts: A History.

Despite the strides Neville has made outside of the book's limelight, he has failed to stop Voldemort from going after the Philosopher Stone. Luckily, or unluckily depending on how one perceives being beaten to a plump by a troll, Neville aids the Trio to salvage the theft. The school year peacefully ends with a much celebrated teacher-student Qudditch match, the first big event hosted by the Council, and possibly the first signs of Harry and Snape's hatred for each other cooling off.




Year 2 - Neville Longbottom and the Missing Riddle

After the Council's 'summer camp' (just another one of Dumbledore's tests on Neville) with Richmond, the closest wizard to being a necromancer, Neville starts second year running. He was doom to a busy life as he juggles responsibilities of the Council's inter-house relationships and clubs activities, the missing Riddle's Dairy that Ginny professes she doesn't have, school work and his own Arcane magic training, organising the school play 'Snow White and the Seven Muggles', Lockhart's fiasco events, tutoring the apprehensively alluring Cho, and his mistake on making Hermione think Ron is her secret admirer.

Despite Neville's busy schedule and 'good' deeds (like exposing Snape's love for Lily to both Harry and Sinistra) the Diary is surely still on the loose as the victim count raises even more than the original book. It doesn't help when Neville's idea to keep the students alive made Dumbledore's conviction for him being the Heir concrete. The Trio of course continues to investigate the case, but Hermione's feelings for Ron seem to only cause arguments and tears, which Neville ultimately feels guilty for.

Just as the attacks seem to have ceased, the news that Hermione is taken into the Chamber of Secrets, and therefore the holder of Riddle's Diary, interrupts the school play. Escaping from being force-fed Veritaserum by Fudge, Neville just manages to fight past Dumbledore to the rescue Harry and Ron from Lockhart's Memory Charm. Together with the help of Norbert and Fawkes, they manage to defeat the Basilisk – but Lockhart was the surprising true hero of the night by destroying Riddle's Diary and his memory self.

After this, Neville feels that he failed Hermione and is making more of a mess of the books than he ever thought possible, and starts to finally lean on Dumbledore for help. Letting Ravenclaw's Diadem simmer before he left, he left Hogwarts for a busy summer. Harry also has a busy summer as well, much better thanks to a prior visit from Snape to the Dursleys, as he uncovers more of his mother's past. Despite this, the 'fate' of the book follows – to a point. Harry, after blowing up his aunt, is Portkeyed to the middle of an unfamiliar toilet. Stepping out, he is greeted with a Great Gatsby-esque blonde man…




Year 3 - Neville Longbottom and the Pureblood's Counterplay

Suffering the impact of his failings last year, Neville has indulged himself with a summer of playing monopoly and acting like his mental age – before Harry and Draco drags him to the debaucherous Rose Lane, and ironically reminds him the heroes of the books may not want him to be the adult. Despite this, he continues to try and protect the young heroes, only to fail at the first test – Dementors.

Neville's weakness for them seems to be even worse than Harry, as he somehow cannot perform a Patronus Charm at all – much to his frustration as he feels Lupin was looking down on him for it. Neville was almost at odds with the bishie professor, as Lupin attempts to find out his greatest fear through the Boggart lesson. It can't be helped however, because Lupin suspects Neville of siding with Sirius, who everyone still thinks is a murderer out to kill Harry. Lupin's suspicions has basis of course, because Neville really has made friends with the roguish runaway.

On the Student Council front, Neville was denounced as the President. After an election campaign that he unwillingly wins thanks to Hannah and denting Draco's friendship with him, Dumbledore reveals this plot is actually from the Purebloods outside the castle. The Purebloods are starting to realise the Council itself may upset their very cornerstone of control over the wizarding masses… Neville tries to withstand this political pressure throughout the year, as Draco is dragged further and further from him because of Pansy's manipulations. As much as he tried to distract himself with Hoglake, being Snape's sounding board on Harry, and Fashion Club meetings with Cho, but as shown by Buckbeak's case, he cannot escape the Purebloods' grasps.

After both the Hogwarts Festival fiasco from being defeated by Draco and the Purebloods, and a damning argument with the Trio on how he 'hid the future from them', Neville locks himself in the Room of Requirements. Thanks to Hannah showing her true strength and loyalty though, Neville picks himself up and prepares a counter attack. In a reversal under the pretence of being a demented Pureblood himself, he reveals Pansy had been poisoning Draco and keeping him in control this whole time. The two reunited friends tries to reveal Pettigrew in front of Fudge, who unfortunately still escapes and follows the book's path to Sirius and the Trio. After 'fate' slips in again and Neville finds himself in the middle of a hundred Dementors, instead of fighting them himself, he finally realises sometimes he has to leave the books' characters to deal with the books' problems.

All's well ends well, sort of. Malfoy disowns Draco, who plans to go to America to stand on his own. Sirius is proven innocent with Snape having captured Pettigrew – even if the rat escapes thanks to Fudge's idiocy. Hermione and Neville makes up, to an awkward platonic level. And a third Horcrux is destroyed as Harry moves in with Sirius, living the life the book's Harry can only dream of. However, Neville was unaware he has just lured out his nemesis for years to come.




Year 4 - Neville Longbottom and the Fox

After last year's defeats, Neville is now determined to rewrite the books solely from his own judgement: reinventing the Quibbler using Rita and Lockhart; sharing his long term plans with Old Al, who starts the political Longbottom Faction in Neville's place; trusting Dumbledore to get the Gaunt Ring; changing the rules of the Triwizard Tournament; saving Mad Eye – the last creating the side effect of summoning a new professor.

Evelyn Fox, like a Dark Veela, only made Neville's hair stand on end. Notwithstanding the unsolved case of plant overgrowth during their field trip, but even as Pansy screams at her to stay away from 'her' Draco, Neville is convinced she was a lot more sinister than just a heartbreaker. On top of the two's passive contest of wits, the Triwizard Tournament never fails to surprise: The First Task has Cedric Doggery disqualified after a set-up, then the substitute Draco being poisoned during it; The Second Task only holds escalated dangers as Barty Crouch makes (another) attempt to kidnap Harry; Then the Third Task… surprisingly finish ever so smoothly. Neville was just going to pin it down on having kept such a watchful eye on the suspicious Karkaroff, when it turns out the Bulgarian truly has just wanted to court Sinistra.

Fox has actually hidden Voldemort in her own enchanted snow globe at Hogwarts, and almost gets Harry into the globe amongst the post-tournament celebrations if Neville and co has not noticed in time. Crouch is however also in the globe, and traps them in illusions while the cursed ritual finally resurrects the books' main antagonist – Voldemort. Neville can hardly believe it as Fox confesses helping Voldemort is all on a whim during the year, and her grudge really had been more focused on Draco's treatment of her granddaughter instead of Neville directly. Just managing to escape Voldemort, now with Fox as his strategist (the sorely missing component for his campaign from the books), the threat war is imminent.

In the midst of these, Neville finally understands from Su he can no longer hide from his ambiguous relationships by pretending to fall under Veela charm: Cho maturely steps down before the Yule Ball, after the episode in the Prefects' bathroom; Ginny's experimented with him as her boyfriend for a minimal time after a mutually bad judgement after a very long Yule Ball; the Drakuls' and Longbottoms' years long question is finally answered; and Hermione cutting the awkwardness between them cleanly away by telling Neville the girl he really wants is Hannah.




Year 5 - Neville Longbottom and the last of Hogwarts

With Fox in Voldemort's tactical seat, the Dark Lord's return to power accelerates far faster than the books. Anticipating Fox will assault Harry, Dumbledore and Neville decides to preoccupy her with a complex Fidelius Charm on Grimmauld Place and Privet Drive, but actually sends Harry and co around Europe for the summer. The trip also has an ulterior motive for Neville, because just as Hagrid is visiting the Giants, Richmond is promoting Draco's concept of neo-Purebloodism, and Dumbledore has an audience with the Goblin King, his tasks are to seek alliances with the Vampires in Bulgaria. Due to a move from Fox and stuck abroad, Harry and co mandatorily takes part in the 'overseas exchange programme' at Beauxbatons, where Neville continues his mission with the Veelas.

In contrast to how Neville wants the war to be as messy as possible with involving other parties, the Longbottom Faction plans to make short work on Fudge. However, through the astounding redemption of Percy, agreeing to act as a double agent thanks to Penelope, he tells Neville that Fudge is already under Fox's Imperius Curse. Back at Hogwarts after Christmas, with Umbridge's reign from the power of Voldemort's Fudge Administration, the Council once again dons the Slytherin mask under Draco, who confesses he was jealous of Neville's dating Hannah. As Neville pits the Prefects against the Slytherin Council, the Longbottom Faction and Percy finally gathers enough evidences to overthrow Fudge. Neville set the coup in motion by using the Quibbler and the media to expose Umbridge's abuse on the students for Old Al outside to claim the position for Minster for Magic.

In the meantime, Percy brought the latest information that Fox has finished gathering as big a force as the books for Voldemort in the last book, and even has plans to expand it after finding out Florean Fortescue held the key to convince the Goblins to come to Voldemort's aid. Neville pre-empts that the moment Fox gets news of the coup, Fox will use any means to secure Fortescue to compensate the loss. As Harry argues with Neville on whether they should go to the get Fortescue themselves immediately, the desperate Umbridge captures them all and tries to force them to turn against Dumbledore. At the critical moment, Draco reveals he has been acting all along, and is actually Neville's inside-man for the Prefects. Though Draco and Millicent has rescued Neville and co, the interlude has separated Harry and Hermione from him like the books, and Neville is left chasing them to Diagon Alley.

At the climax of the decisive Battle of Diagon Alley, Fox gives Neville a choice as she holds two hostages – Fortescue or Hannah's mother. Neville can only rescue one of the two – and he chooses Fortescue. At the cost of his relationship with Hannah, the Goblins accepts Neville's proposition, and promises to be the leader of the Neutral Alliance, rallying the other magical creatures to become the third party in the Second Wizarding War.




Year 6 - Neville Longbottom and the Grand Tour

As Dumbledore finally recover and destroys Gaunt's Ring, Fox convinces Voldemort to use Neville's ploy last year, and sends Nagini abroad from Britain in order to protect it. Snape intercepts the message, and Neville and co left immediately for Africa to give chase.

They end up being trapped inside a pyramid by the escorting Death Eaters, but managed to be trained in various forms of battle magic from the resident guardian. By the time they get back to Britain, they find out Dumbledore is on his death bed from Gaunt Ring's curse. Their only hope lies in finding the Philosopher Stone, which Dumbledore reveals has not actually been destroyed, but has been entrusted to Flamel's friend abroad.

In a chase around the world, where Harry and co thinks they are looking for clues for the Philosopher's Stone, Neville actually knows they are just trying to lose Fox's focus on them as they are still looking for Nagini. The Longbottom Faction's Ministry, the Order of the Phoenix, and the Neutral Alliance fights to keep Harry and Neville's quest free of dangers like with Africa before, and after they eventually caught Nagini in Japan. With the help of the Kansai Magic Association, Neville slays the 'Orochi' they have been chasing the whole year– but also Bellatrix Lestrange.

As Dumbledore's last words on his dying bed, he tells Neville his Gryffindor spirit will protect his soul from being shattered like Voldemort's from killing Bellatrix. Neville did not attend Dumbledore's funeral, but instead meets up with Draco's mother, who has been convinced to take Hufflepuff's Cup out of the Lestrange vaults by Draco, as Narcissa is the next in line after Bellatrix and her husband's death.

Neville lost his Rook in Dumbledore's death, but Fox was also down to her last Knight – Harry Potter, the last Horcrux.




Year 7 - Neville Longbottom and the Epilogue

Neville has thought revealing to Harry he is the last Horcrux is the best decision, not knowing Voldemort has managed to find a way to surface his Horcrux soul fragment from within Harry. In addition to Fox implementing a play on Harry's emotions using Ginny and Neville, Harry's personality is rendered dormant and his body in full possession of Voldemort's Horcrux.

In a complete advantage after losing their ultimate weakness, and the Order of Phoenix losing their ultimate weapon, Fox directs Voldemort's forces for the first of the last battles. She has not aimed for Hogwarts, or the Ministry – but the Quibbler's Head Offices, where Neville resides. Although utilising all that he can with the office's initial design and the limited wizards on his side, Neville knows he cannot win with the current defence. As the battle's leader, he again faces the hard decision to order the survivors to stand firm to the last minute before activating the Office's escape spell circle. Cho confront him afterwards as they are safely on Richarmond's island, and Neville admits he has delayed the spell circle activation in order to maximise damage to Voldemort's troops.

As if to answer Hermione's question of 'what else do you have to lose for this war', Snape tells Neville Fox is planning an assassination for the Minster for Magic – Algie Longbottom. Neville's rescue attempt unfortunately fails, and with Algie dying in his arms, his Occlumency once again collapses and is again taken over by the dark aura like in third year. Fox utilises Voldemort's spell theory before with Harry, and manages to materialise the dark aura into Neville's doppelganger from his suppressed negativity.

Although holding advantage in the war, Voldemort plans to avoid a long trench war, intercepting Neville's plans to retrieve Dumbledore's Elder Wand from his grave. The Order of Phoenix acts as an arrowhead at what seemed to be the final showdown mission to stop Voldemort. Blitzing through the Forbidden Forest, each member has their own batters: Sirius and Lupin vs Crouch and Malfoy; Snape vs dark Neville; Draco and Hannah vs Fox; and ultimately Ron and Neville vs dark Harry. Voldemort mocked how the 'good guys' will never kill an innocent to defeat him, even if they have finally defeated Harry. Apologising to Harry that he really is a Gryffindor, and how being a hero means sacrificing what others cannot for others, Neville raises his wand and utters 'Avada Kedavra'.

Although Voldemort have now lost all his Horcruxes and is mortal again, he fanatically mocks Neville again at killing his friend for nothing, because Neville can never defeat the most powerful dark wizard of all time in his state. Due to this, Voldemort does not notice Neville's shattered potion vial has caused the lid on the tomb behind him to rise. Dumbledore's death has all been an elaborate ploy to lure Voldemort here after all the Horcruxes are destroyed, as Dumbledore is the only person in this world strong enough to defeat Voldemort in a duel. Neville passes out as Dumbledore and Voldemort duels for the end of the war.




A/N: I planned for the main body of the fic to end at the last scene Neville sees before he faints as Dumbledore attacks, then straight to the Epilogue. The Epilogue will be just Harry and co, minus Neville initially, at the Leaky Cauldron for a reunion. I thought it may be a good idea to just say what I have planned here for the character's rest of their lives. Be forewarned that some of which may not be too far from the books, and may not be to everyone's liking.


0Harry Potter0

Due to his personality being dormant when the Killing Curse hit, the Killing Curse only killed the Horcrux personality. As the Killing Curse is more of a spell to kill the 'soul' instead of the body (hence no injuries/scars/marks upon death), the boy lives again. Like the books, Harry continues to fight and capture dark wizards straight from the war, eventually becoming the Head Auror. His name is feared by all dark wizards, and succeeds Dumbledore as the strongest wizard in the world after the former's passing. Harry stays in that post for life and refuses any promotion to Head of Law Enforcement.

He eventually does marry Ginny, and Ron was his best man at the wedding, because Draco and Ron refused to take turns between the four of them. Neville urged Harry desperately not to name his children after his parents, or after the guys who now survived after the war opposed to the books. Admitting it was a bit creepy Harry only used James and Lily as middle names.

0Ginny Weasley

Due to not having been through the ordeal with Riddle during childhood, and having a full family after the war, she has remained a lot more sunshine. She still treasures the jade hairclip Neville gave her, and teases him to his expense like a brother who spoils her. After getting her NEWTs, she never used them, as her credentials were from winning the House Cup as Gryffindor's Quidditch captain. She played professional Quidditch before she gave birth, and became a full-time mother and part-time Quidditch coach after.

0Ron Weasley0

Like the books, he joined Harry as an Auror to clear up after the war. As the twins are both still alive, he never helped at the joke shop, but instead went on to become a professional Quidditch player. After losing to his sister's team for the last time, he switched to play professional Hoglake, and is hailed as one of the best players in the history of the sport – short as it was then. Neville has still to ever beat him at chess or Hoglake.

Ron and Hermione did not officially start dating until after the war. After retiring from being an Auror, he started planning his proposal to Hermione with Harry and Neville. However, in the midst of it, Ron realised it was probably more important for Hermione to focus on stabling her own career at the Ministry instead at that point, and called it off before the night of the proposal. Funny enough, because Hermione caught wind of both Ron's preparations, and finding out the mature reason for calling it off, the two of them got married.

0Hermione Granger0

Like the books, she went back to Hogwarts to finish her NEWTs (Outstanding in all) and entered the Ministry, rolling out many reforms on part and non-human rights and old laws biased for Purebloods. From what they had gone through during the war, Hermione chose Ron over Neville as she admits Neville's crush on her was a thing of the past. She never forgets that Neville was her first friend, and probably the best even over Harry. Despite this, she denied Neville's suggestion on letting him plan and attend her hen party, especially after what happened with Harry's stag night. Out of the trio, she surprisingly sees Neville the most, much to her headache as it was always on Ministry business to do with Veelas.

0Draco Malfoy0

Although Lucius died at the Battle of the Forbidden Forest, his mother reinstated him as a Malfoy. With both the Malfoy and Lestrange fortunes, he merged them with his antiques business and is one of the most influential magical business tycoons on both sides of the Atlantic. He returned to Hogwarts for his seventh year, with Neville teasing him it was because Draco would miss the Council and Hannah.

At the battle with Fox, Draco was outmatched, and the only option was to self-destruct together with her. Hannah realises Draco's true feelings for her, and her tears activated the necklace given to her by Richmond, which was said to give the wearer her ultimate happiness, and saved Draco. Whether it was karma for being the playboy after fourth year, or in parallel to Lavender before that, Draco's proposals were shot down by Hannah time and again through the years – no matter how elaborate they were. She finally agreed after Draco shaved his head of rocker hair and showed her the Forgiveness Note he still kept after all these years. They had a pair of twins, one boy and girl. Hannah refused to name their son Hyperion, despite Draco and Neville using it as the boy's nickname.

Neville was Draco's best man, but Draco remained adamant for Harry to organise his stag night after that fiasco with the Veelas at Harry's. Neville and he remain best friends and Neville gets to see him most often due to being business partners in many ventures. Neville is also godfather to his children.

0Hannah Abbott0

She went back to Hogwarts to finish her NEWTs and was the Student Council President for the last year with Su as her vice. She drafted a handover plan so well that no problems ever occurred at Council events until one of Harry's kid started Hogwarts in the aim to inherit the Marauders and Weasley twin's legacies. After graduation, her Uncle Tom retired, and she took over the Leaky Cauldron, working there until she married into the Malfoy family.

She rejected Draco's proposals because she knew she should not work at the prominent bar as an upper society's wife. Even without help though, having been through the war and the Council, the other Pureblood wives had nothing on her when she appeared on the scene. She remains the independent owner of the Leaky Cauldron, managing it behind the scenes. She still sees Su and other old Council members regularly. She taught Herbology at Hogwarts for one day after Professor Sprout retired, but immediately resigned as she missed her children too much. Draco says she spoils the kids too much, but the kids have never gone against any of her wishes in their lives.

0Elena Drakul0

Shareholder of the Hoglake Shop, her focus lies more in being the Potion Mistress at the same research facility as Philippe Martinez, who she later married. After Philippe discovered the 'Stopper Death' potion that faked Dumbledore death, their lab continues to be the forefront of Potions research internationally. She still owls and meets Neville regularly, and their annual tradition of spending Christmas together continues.

0Cho Chang0

Acting CEO of the Hoglake Shop, and had been ever since she graduated. She is also a well-known fashion designer; though notably for her Hoglake robes, her designer label covers other wears (i.e. Quidditch robes) and are all very successful.

Unlike the books, she married Cedric Diggory, as they had reconnected some time after the war. Cedric works at the Ministry and they have a child together, who went on to become a ferocious Quidditch player under Ginny's tutorage.

0Albus Dumbledore0

Defeating Voldemort and clenching the throne for being the strongest wizard after Merlin, Dumbledore returned to eating Lemon Drops in his Headmaster Office at Hogwarts. Neville frequently claims he skips the International Confederation of Wizards meetings because of Dumbledore's presence. Neville gave the most offensive speech possible during Dumbledore's real funeral, only to burst out crying for the first time in decades at the end despite his Occlumency shields.

0Severus Snape0

He meets up with Harry frequently, and is still constantly at odds with Sirius; Christmas Dinner one year at the Potter household involved both of them being rushed to St Mungos. Snape succeeded Dumbledore as the Headmaster of Hogwarts as McGonagall preferred the assistant role, finally admitting how much he hated teaching Potions and was glad to be in the managing role. Sinistra finally wore him down, and the two remains happily married with five children. In the future, one of their children married Neville's, much to his utter horror.

0Luna Lovegood0

As unfazed as she ever was in the books or as Neville knows her, she turned out exactly as she did in the books and married Rolf Scamander under their common interest in undiscovered magical creatures. She never got together with Neville as the movie suggests, though she still makes Ron feel awkward whenever they meet.

0Rita Skeeter0

After Lovegood's retirement, Skeeter became the Chief Editor of the Quibbler. Lockhart, who was still his same old self, actually had the gall to trick her into marrying him. The scheme was hatched after Neville was once again made to hear him whine about another failed proposal, and Xenophilius contributed to the scheme as his retirement present/revenge.

0Percy Weasley0

After experiencing failure and regret at losing Penelope before, and the period as a double agent in the Ministry, Percy became the head of the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot at the pinnacle of his career. He never went on to become the Minister of Magic, and even himself can't be sure if it was because he had purposely done so in favour of spending more them with his newborn child at that critical time. He did marry Penelope, who was the Chief Sports Editor for the Quibbler. Though he will never tell Penelope otherwise, and will never hurt her career, he remains petty about the fact that her job gives too many opportunities for Neville and Oliver Wood to see her.

0Neville Longbottom0

He never found a way back to the 'real world', and doubts whether he really wants to leave the magical world if he has the chance. He did not join Harry and Ron as Aurors, instead returning to Hogwarts to goof off the last year, coming out with Outstanding NEWTs in Charms, Transfiguration, and Defence Against Dark Arts – then failing everything else completely, much to McGonagall's rage. After graduation, he dived straight back in the Hoglake Shop, and expanded into other businesses, forming the notorious Longbottom Enterprises. The Goblins treats Neville as a royal guest, not because of the war, but for entrusting them with so much gold they labelled him the richest man Gringotts has ever served in modern history.

After the passing of Augusta Longbottom, he changed his job description to being a professional witch pageant judge, and moved to France as the International Confederation of Wizards' liaison between wizards and Veelas. Saying that, he Portkeys around the world on business and is a difficult man to track down, but tries his best to make time for friends and family.

Neville eventually settled down with Millicent Bulstrode, whose pursuit of him never ceased even after graduation. In true dramatics, after they exchanged their vows at the altar and he kissed the bride, Millicent transformed in front of everyone's eyes into a beauty rivalling any Veela. She explains that her family had cursed her to look that way until she found a man who truly takes her as his wife. Neville claims he has no knowledge of the Bulstrode curse before this event. In the strange reverse frog-princess way, it was a happily ever after.




A/N: Even from the Synopses, there are so many details missing. The battle mechanics for instance, which was something I wanted to concentrate on at the later books. Harry is set up with Animagus and shadow magic, which acts like ultimate defence. Ron will wield a staff, which acts as magic amplifier. Draco will use artefacts, guns, cards, and a magic armour. Norbert the dragon is going to be used in conjunction with spell circles etc. etc.

There are some scenes I really wanted to write that isn't' even mentioned above: the events leading and during the Yule Ball; the Bulgaria arc with Krum, Arabian princesses, flying carpets, and underground Quidditch; the scene between Penelope, Wood, and Percy; the fight between Hermione controlling Norbert against Neville; the fight in Japan with the party fighting on brooms like army generals; Neville finally accepting he is a Longbottom and his talk with his Gran after Algie's death etc. etc. But unfortunately, as I hope you realise with the scope of things I'd planned, not only with the scenes themselves, but also the character development and world/plot set-up, I simply can't afford it at this point of my life.

I thank all the readers who had read so far, as well as to those who reviewed and participated in the polls. I have other fanfic ideas on other series such as Naruto and even Pokemon, but unfortunately they really won't be born. This series had given me a lot of fun, which it was supposed to do when I started it, through the years. I hope it had at least been entertaining for a while. I disagree that fanfiction is a waste of time and a violation of IP as some professional writers say, and I wish all the writers and readers on this site all the best in your literary endeavours.