25 ways you know you are obsessed with the Twilight series

1) You have read the books at least three times each.

2) You know exactly how old each vampires are.

3) you know chronically the order in which the Cullen coven transformed into vampires

4) when you see a silver Volvo, a red bmw convertible, or a yellow Porsche, you immediately think of Edward, Rosalie, or Alice.

5) you associate thunderstorms with baseball

6) when you see blood, you make sure Jasper isn't around

7) when someone makes fun of the book, you give them a ten minute lecture on why the book is so amazing

8)You watched the short trailer, full trailer, fight scene, and the making of the movie at least five times

9) you have Stephanie meyer's website on your "favorites" list

10) when you see a pack of wolves or dogs who look like wolves, you immediately think of Jacob Black and the werewolf pack (a/n: omc, that rhymes!!)

11) you wish you live in Forks Washington

12) you have dreams about the Twilight series

13) you've written at least three articles of fan fiction dedicated to the twilight series

14) you want to go to Italy to see the Volterra and the big clock tower

15) whenever someone associates vampires with words like bats, melting in sun, cobwebs, fangs, sleeping in coffins, afraid of crosses, you immediately laugh your head off.

16) you secretly wish Edward Cullen was outside your window watching you sleep at night

17) you wish you were a vampire/werewolf

18) everywhere you go, you look for people with paper white skin, topaz eyes, icy skin, granite skin, and inhumane beauty

19) you know the human story of Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Carlisle, and Esme by heart

20) you cried or came close to crying when Edward left Bella in the beginning of New Moon

21) you have that breaking dawn countdown set up or once set up somewhere on your room or computer

22) you have the midnight sun countdown set up or once set up somewhere on your room or computer

23) you won't shut up about the anything that has to do with twilight

24) you don't know whether to watch the Twilight movie or not because you're afraid that it might not reach your expectations of the book.

25) you're reading this list to see if any of them match up with you