Author's Note: It's been several days since the second (longer!) Twilight trailer has been released. The opening lines (in both trailers) intrigued me and made me want to see the movie that much more! However, it's only a movie and we can't hear Bella's thoughts and see her true feelings clearly. That's what this is: that first scene in writing.

Many thanks to Aiedail01 who edited this and gave me many great suggestions! This little story wouldn't be what it is now without her. She's a great writer too--you should definitely check out some of her work!

Disclaimer: The Twilight series belongs to Stephenie Meyer. The movie rights (and all quotes in this story) belong to Summit Entertainment.


"How old are you?"


"How long have you been seventeen?"

"A while."

My sharp intake of breath surprised me, though it shouldn't have. My suspicions...all correct. I kept my back to him as I breathed in the thick, misty air. The drizzle coming down from the sky helped me to clear my head and I opened my mouth to speak again.

"I know what you are."

Even with my back turned, I could almost see the beginning of that dazzling crooked smile. I felt his skepticism in the air. He thought I was scared, nervous. He thought I didn't know, couldn't prove it. He was wrong.

"You're impossibly fast."

Just saying those three words was powerful enough to bring up an image of what I imagined he looked like running. Breathtaking. I continued.

"And strong."

I thought back to a few days ago. I saw, with incredible clarity, his hand pushing the car out of the way. I hadn't even been scratched. But the car's door had been ruined.

"Your skin is pale white..."

Paler than a ghost's. Standing here in the forest, surrounded by haze, I knew it would be almost translucent.

"...and ice-cold."

Our skin had only made contact once, but the feel of his hand when we had both reached for the radio had been forever etched into my memory. It was as if I had touched ice, cold and hard.

It was then that I turned to face him. I walked toward him, closing the gap between us. There were drops of rain on his beautiful brown hair. His ivory skin looked even paler in the mist. As I got closer I could see the desire in his golden eyes. Desire for... my blood? His lips pursed as he began to speak.

"Are you afraid?"

I blanched. Unable to think clearly, I simply stated the truth.

"I'm only afraid of losing you."