Sapphire Snosuke (c) me Cortes, Diwan and the other SKyLand chars (c) their creator.

- Twilight Love -

Cortes was sitting at the deck of ship by the wheel, looking out at the sunset. A new crew-member was expected tonight, apparently she was called Lady Sanosuke or something like that. A low growl echoed from his chest as he though about the possibilities. If she was anything like Mahad, he'd either go grey or kick her out.
He prefered the kicking out option. An evil smirk lit up his face as he thought about it and he let and snort pass his lips.
The door opened and Wayan walked in with a dark haired female.

"Cortez...?" Wayan always got nervous when the captain stayed seated at time like this.
Cortez got up and turned, tossing his head slightly, letting his dark eyes rove over her.

"I'll take it from here, Wayan. Thank you." he said softly, waving his hand to let the other know he was completely dismissed.
Cortes watched Wayan leave for a while and then turned his head back to the female.

"So, you're Lady Sapphire Sanosuke, eh?" he growled softly.
"That would be me, but please, just call me Sapphire." she replied. Her voice was strong with a slightly husky accent to it.
Cortes smirked and raised and eyebrow, passing her in such a way that the light from behind made him into a sillouette, oulining his falme hair and body.
Music filtered up, he recognised it as a club mix of and old tune, and boy did he love it.

"Sapphire, eh?" he asked tossing his head. He was such a stud.
"So, what make you want to join my crew?"

"You're fighting for freedom aren't you?" replied Sapphire, watching his long hair flick neatly in the sunlight.
Oh wow, he was such a stud. She continued without missing a beat.
"So I've got the same goal as you." she ended.

"That's good enough," Cortes said, holding his head high and looking at her from the corner of his eye. The bass from the music thrumed through the floor,
travelling up his whole body.
"Right then, I suppose you better get yourself at ease, I'll come down with you." he said motioning to the door.
Sapphire looked at him and then gracefully strode down the small flight of stairs, opened the door and stepped out onto the dancefloor.
Cortes smirked and then felt a pang of jealousy as Madad offered her a dance and she accepted.
As Sapphire waltzed off, she turned back to the Captain and winked, he just flexed his shoulders in return and and took and running leap out of the door,
backflipping beautifully before landing and skidding a few feet, jogging to the bar, stealing a members drink and skidded onto a stool and put one foot over his leg,
one arm over the bar and sipped the drink whilst giving Mahad evils. Sapphire smiled and looked stright at Mahad, their eyes were almsot the same shade and the light danced over everyone.
She held a quiet conversation with Madad and watched cortes prowl around with a small smile. He really was dashing, when he raised his head and looked back over his shoulder, he reminded her of an alert stallion. Then the song changed.
The lyrics changed and repeated.

"The time has come for me to break out of this shell." with a funky trumpet part at the end and this repeated three times and then "I have to shout, I am coming out!" rose in a cresendo and she saw Cortes lunge for the stage and start dancing with some very attractive women.
The bass rumbled and people talked loudly. Sapphire almost growled when about twenty minuted later, Cortes backflipped off the stage and landed a few feet away from her crouched and beconging to a performer who lept lightly into his arms. The dancefloor cleared as everyone watched Cortes and the crew member showed themselves off to the max.
The both got wolf-whistles and cheers. The laidis went mad as the captain removed his shirt and flung it to them and wrpped his scarf around his partner and pulled her close.
The music faded and got sensual, Cortes almost slunk around his dance partner.
Sapphire was sure she could hear his continual low growl. Indeed, Cortes was growling in his throat, the vibrations obviously sending his partner slightly wild.

During this time, Sapphire had managed to get Cortes' jacket, whilst another was wearing his shirt.
A stolid looking female with a beauty spot on her upper lip and short jagged blinde hair sat next to her.

"Enjoying your capers with the main man, then? The anme's Dahlia, I'll be working with you on the ship." she said with a smile.
Sapphire smiled back.
"Capers with the main man? Haven't got a clue what you're talking about. Nice meeting you Dahlia." she said laughing. The lights started flashing as the club music restarted. Cortes left the floor, much to the dismay of the others. He let the female wearing his shirt keep it. He had plenty more but approached Sapphire and Dahlia. They pretended to not notice him and ordered two drinks from the bar. From the back, Cortes didn't recognise Sapphire, he just thought she was another female on his ship for the party. So he placed his hands on either side of her and pressed his chest against her back and murred deeply in her ear.

"I do believe you have something i want..." he murmered "Indeed..." was the soft reply.
Sapphire turned around and yelped. She really hadn't expect it, she thought Cortes was going to walk striaght past.

"Cortes!" she yelped, pressing her back up against the bar. Cortes was equally suprised if not moreso

"Sapphire!?" he barked rearing up and taking a step backwards. They both stared at each other for a while then Cortes started the quick apology.
Sapphire smiled and patted a seat next to her, handing him back his jacket. Cortes accepted it and slung it over himself. Sapphire swallowed quickly as his muscles flexed under his taught skin, he moved effortlessly and sat next to her.
Sapphire felt Dahlia pat her on the arm.

"Laters, mate." Sapphire could only nod. Turning back to Cortes.

"Sorry about just now, I don't want you to get the wrong inprestion." said Sapphire quietly. She heard him laugh deeply, yet quietly.
"Don't worry about it, I just hope you didn't get the wrong impression about me." he replied, looking at her. It was only now, Sapphire relised how broad his accent was and how much it suited him. She gave a small yawn and stretched.

"MmmMmm! Don't worry about it, Captain." she said. She felt him shift next to her.
"better call it a night," he growled softly. He motioned to the DJ to fade the song off and then stood up.

"RIGHT YOU LOT, PARTY'S OVER! EVERYONE APART FROM MY CREW GET OFF!" he roared. He was immediately obeyed, everyone filed off the St.Nazaire Cortes posted tow of his crew on exit posts.

Soon the dance floor was empty and only Cortes, Wayane and Sapphire were left on the empty dance floor. Wayane switched off the last of the bar lights, said goodnight and headed back to his quaters.
Cortes was suprised to find Sapphire following him.

"What? Not tired, my Saph?" he asked gently.
Sapphire shrugged.

"Not really, plus I'm slightly fasinated by y...the operations that go on in the higher levels of his place." she said. She had almost bulrted out that she was fasinated by him. She smiled at her small mistake. Cortes nodded and then tossed his head, striding up the stiars and waiting for Sapphire to pass him then shutting the door. He watched as Sapphire settled herslef on a wide sofa and lowered her head. Cortes stood at the window and watched the stars go by.
He was soon joined by Sapphire and he looked down at her with a small smile. She was tall for a female but only just past his shoulder.
They stood and watched the night sky, making small conversation about nothing. Sapphire unknowlingly leant her head against his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of his voice rumbling through her frame. Cortes sighed and looked down, resting his head ontop of hers, Sapphire moaned softly and snuggled under his chin. There was a sharp intake of breath and then silence.

"Right, I'm off to the sofa, night Captain"
"Night Sapphire."

Sapphire retired to the sofa and fell asleep almost at once. She felt a pressure on her back and moaned, moving up and little then rolling over to see what was the problem. To her suprise, she found Cortes next to her, hair down and relaxed with one knee up. The moonlight shining off his face. A thought about him being a stud filtered though Sapphires mind again. She lowerd herself and snuggled into him, Cortes put his knee over her hips and legs and pulled her into him.