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Prologue in HIS POV

Darling Sister

I met her at age eight. In human years, that's approximately five hundred and ninety five years. We purebloods live long, you know. Let's continue the story.

I met her when I was eight. My eyes met her pretty emerald ones. Yeah, I said pretty. They were the first time I've seen such lovely green eyes. Ever. And I've lived for so many years already.

It was also rare that purebloods had green eyes.

The rarer the eyes are, the more powerful the vampire is.

"This is Sakura-chan. She'll be your little sister from now on." Mikoto- Mother. She was so inhumanly beautiful. So was my new little sister, which back then, I refused to accept. But my little sister was beautiful in a different way. Something, at that time, I couldn't put my finger on. But I had shrugged it off.

My mother, where many say I get my looks from, has her silky and impossibly straight hair. Depending on my mood, I'll take it as an insult (Just as an excuse to relieve stress) or take it as a compliment (If I feel haughty). She had pale skin, almost dead-like, but not wrinkly or squishy but soft. Her eyes were onyx, like mine, and also held much to wisdom and mystery.

But Sakura was different. She had long pink hair that was soft and ticklish whenever I had hugged her. Her emerald eyes sparkled, which held so much innocence, and her smile always reached them. I remember promising myself that those eyes did remain innocent (Heh). She was the only really lively thing in the house. She was quite short, but that made her easier to hug. Her skin was white and creamy but it didn't seem lifeless. Her hands were tiny, like a doll's.

She always did look like one.

Every time I remember the first thing I said to her, I laugh (Of course, I try to only remember when no one's looking. Otherwise, people will think I'm a psycho).

I remember it clearly.


I looked at my mother, whose smile was unwavering. I looked at Sakura, whose face looked like it would cry if I rejected her. And for some reason, I wanted to see her cry.

"Like hell she'd be my sister. I can't even stand my brother."

Eight years old and a kind of a dirty mouth. (Remember, I've been alive for a long time)

My feet spun on their heels and I ran towards the garden, zooming past all the servants, the paintings, the vases, the flowers, the large window that made up for a room wall, and finally outside to the Japanese-style garden.

I fell to my knees, feeling the hard ground scrape against my knees. I didn't feel much pain, but they became stained with dirt. I looked back to see if she followed, but there was no girl in sight. I let out a sigh and tried to regain my breath. She was probably crying her eyes out-

"Do you dislike me that much?" She asked. Damn, she's quick. It amazed me for a minute, because I had forgotten it was a person and not a doll speaking to me. It's not an insult.

I frowned and glared as hard as I could. I couldn't. I tried to imagine her to be Itachi but her eyes-

Her sad eyes…

I tried to gulp down the suffocating feeling in my throat. And the wrong words came out.

"I hate you."

My brain hurt even more. Though my asocial façade was painted onto me, my mind was still it's childish self, despite the way I looked. The corner of my mind wished she'd see through that, but with the look on her face, she probably didn't. So, I opened my mouth to apologize-


I shut my mouth immediately when I heard two tiny voices. I looked to see two red-headed little kids that were up to her shoulder.

"They're six years old, in human age." I heard her say quietly. They clutched onto her arm and they stared at me with frightened eyes. I looked away. It kind of hurt to see people stare at me like that. To see them scared of me made me ask myself, "Was she scared of me, too?"

I knew I'd (have to) get used to it after a while.

I crinkled my nose. My voice cracked a bit. "They're Level C or…They're Halflings?" I bit my tongue to stop myself from spitting the words. I couldn't help it. I admit, I'm (was) uneducated and quite haughty…Actually, now that I did mention it, kids at school would call me 'stuck up'. Probably because I looked down on them too much.

Their fault for not keeping up with me.

"They're more powerful than you think." She patted their heads and smiled a smile I unknowingly wished would be for me. "They're my bodyguards. Believe it or not, they're Level B vampires. That's very close to our level and, remember, is the level for nobles, of those who are and appear much older and wiser than we." She gave a small sigh. "They're going to be raised by a different family, though." Hints of loneliness danced in her eyes.

I snorted. My eyes widened when I saw her look at me, causing me to look down. I felt heat rise to my cheeks. "Yeah…Well, B obviously comes after A." She giggled. I looked at her.

I just said "I hate you" a few minutes ago and she's acting as if nothing happened! "I hate you" is the only thing I say to girls (Most of them human) and the minute they hear that, they run away cry to cry rivers, probably hoping I'll go after them. She's standing here, talking to me about her- No wait. Actually, I think she's mocking me! What, like I don't know the alphabet?!

"Sa-chan, who's that?" The one with a tattoo on the left side of his forehead asked as he pulled her sleeve. I noticed he had no eyebrows. Her smile remained on her mouth. The next thing she said made me a little happy, even though at the time I believed I shouldn't be, and a lot shocked.

"He's my brother, Gaara-chan."

"Really? You have a brother?" The other one asked as he hugged her other arm.

"Yes, I do, Sasori-chan."

"What's your name?" Gaara asked as he looked at me from behind her arm. I lowered my head.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke." I let out a hand in sign to redo our meeting. She smiled.

"My name is Haruno Sakura."

Haruno. Why was that familiar-

I frowned and shook my head. Maybe I should be nicer; JUST a BIT. "No. What's your name?" I asked again. The pink haired girl looked at me with a funny look.

"Uhm, Haruno Sakura."

"No. What's your name?" I asked once more. Her eyes widened before they closed in happiness.

"Uchiha Sakura."

I couldn't help but smile, too.

"Nice to meet, you."

Then the same day, we shared a room. I don't know why. We did. I'd say it was unconsciously, but…I told you, I don't know why.

It was my room.



And my favorite part of it, the right side wasn't a wall, but a large window. At the right time, the moon could be seen perfectly. I sat on the large, plush bed and watched her dance around on the wide floor.

"This is my first night without them."

I raised an eyebrow and pulled my legs up to the bed. "Who?"

"Sasori-chan and Gaara-chan."

I tilted my head to get a better view of her face, trying to read her expression. "Are they your real family?" I asked. She shook her head, her soft pink hair shifting along with it. Her face seemed shadow but moonlight lit her hair, making it brighter than the usual.

"But they're like my little brothers. They were there when…" I heard her sigh. I continued to stare at my feet.

"If you're uncomfortable saying it, don't say it." I stated as I leaned back onto the bed, trying to sound as comforting as I can. I was never the kind good at comforting. She looked at me and smiled, as if knowing my intentions and quietly thanking me for it.

"I have a question."

I waited quietly. I figured she'd be smart enough to take that as a yes. But, judging from her personality, she'd probably ask me no matter what I said.

"Do you really hate me?" She sounded hurt. I even felt the feeling of sadness spike around her, her fear of rejection entered my mind.

…Maybe she wasn't all that good at reading my feelings, yet. (…Yet)

Her thoughts were cloudy. Yes, I could read minds. But hers was so hard to read…Like a philosophy book. But she probably could read minds, too. I guess my book isn't open at all. So, if the book can talk-


I felt the aura soften. She felt relieved and her mind cleared, almost as if I was starting to understand it (a couple of words, anyway). Her heart beats slowed down. I looked down, slightly feeling ashamed.

"It was more like I hated myself…" I gulped. The burning feeling in my throat wouldn't go away. My chest hurt a little more more. I licked my lips.

"I hated myself for liking you."


I've seen many girls, all which have gawked at me. But she was the first one I actually ever talked to (I hated talking really to anyone) except for my mother. That's why my communication skills are…lacking.

I didn't understand why, at first, that I liked her so much in a matter of hours.

I didn't understand why, at first, that I wanted to be beside her no matter what.

I didn't understand why, at first, that I wanted her to be mine and no other vampire to claim her.

I didn't understand why, at first, that I would want to torture any person or persons, regardless of gender, if they laid of a finger on her.

No matter how smart I was, I didn't know what my reoccurring thought meant.

'My mate. My twin.'


Age thirteen, in human years. Estimated age in vampire years: Close to Nine Hundred

From those days on, Sakura's hand remained in my mine. We went everywhere together, hand in hand. To parties. In school. Except for the bathroom, of course. But there were some days that had to tore me away from her, despite my calm forced-smile expression and my aura not matching it.

"How was school today, Sakura?" My mother (who always ignored my aura and faked expressions) had asked Sakura. She hadn't replied. Instead, all she did was smile.

"Onii-sama's here." I heard her cry excitedly as she ran towards the door excitedly. (I heard the footsteps, thanks to my super hearing)

The minute I saw the door open, something clad in angel Lolita clothes had flown into my arms.


I had grown taller than her by then. Heck, even the two red headed brats were taller than her (they now stay with us, considering that fact that growing older means more responsibilities and no more time to protect her). I've always wondered why woman grow a little slower.

"Hello, Sakura." I said as I picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I glanced behind her to see mother getting up from the plush couch. Next to her sat Itachi, reading a book and focusing on it more than my entrance. "Remember, it's Sasuke-kun, not Onii-sama. Stop listening to mom." She giggled.

"Is it cold outside?" She put her hands on my face. All I could see was her green pools. "You're cold. Does that feel better?" Her forehead pressed against mine and her hands caressed my cheeks. I mustered up the best smile I could and put my large hands over her delicate ones. "I feel a lot warmer. Thank you." She smiled.

"So? How was it?"

I looked up to see mother smiling innocently, a hand on her cheek. I nodded, replying politely like in those (wasted) etiquette lessons. I have more manners than you know. "Thank you for letting me go on a play date." I snorted inwardly. Play date? Come on.

Sakura was glancing between me and my mother, who was staring quite oddly at me.

"I sent you on a play date with Naruto so that maybe you'd change. Like, influenced."

I raised an eyebrow, my mouth probably still in a straight line. The image of the grinning, happy-radiating Level B dobe popped into my mind. Now I imagined myself looking in a mirror (Yes, we could see our reflections. Only Level E's couldn't.), smiling like an idiot and my hair looking like I just woke up.

…I shuddered.

Mother went up to me and examined my face. She tilted my head up and swung side to side.

"He hasn't changed, has he?"

Itachi snorted. "Actually, I think I can imagine little brother grinning like an idiot." He smirked, his voice teasing and no harm done in a joke. I growled. I don't take insults.

Sakura, still being held by me, waved her hands. "Don't tease Onii-sama-, I mean, Sasuke-kun!" Aniki rolled his eyes and patted the seat next to him. "Come back to your favorite brother, Sakura." I narrowed my eyes and I know sparks were flying. Once again, we were fighting over position of 'favorite brother'.

Childish? Yes. Meaningless? No. But, then again, Sakura wasn't the type to really have a favorite. Usually, she couldn't choose. Mother finds are little quarrels over Sakura amusing…and cute. (I roll my eyes at that)

I resisted the urge to smirk when I felt Sakura's arms tighten. Even though she said, "In a minute," I'm sure she was going to try and stay with me as much as she could.


I looked up to see my mom's serious face, a face she rarely (And probably didn't like) to use.

"We need to talk to you about something."

Sakura was glancing between mother and I, probably worried that something bad has happened due to our serious faces. Nothing bad happened.

Nothing that I know of.

I put her down and pat her head. Putting on the best (most fake) smile I could, I said,

"Everything will be alright."

But I knew she could see right through my smile because on her face was on of those rare frowns.

SKIP ahead a bit

"So any additional information you'd like to say about the Level E you and Naruto extinguished?" Itachi asked.

We were in the Japanese-style room, where my mother liked to stay a lot. It was my mother, aniki, and I in the room, sitting on our knees with our backs straight and our eyes never blinking.

"Disgusting." Was all I said. I smirked when I saw the corner of Itachi's mouth twitch up. He muttered,

"Nice to know."

"Now, to talk about your relationship with Sakura…"

My eyes narrowed. This was what I was really waiting to talk about.

"I'm guessing you have already begun to figure out Sakura is your twin."

Twins weren't almost-look-a-likes. In vampire terms, it means that's the person you're destined with (For a destiny explanation, please refer to the male Hyuuga heir. Twins, with vampires, didn't necessarily mean you were born together. It just means your other half, your destined lover, you know, cliché stuff like that. I was just extremely lucky. Despite your family blood, you and your twin had a significant blood bond. Since Sakura and I had strong blood, it wasn't hard to track down. Some people actually find theirs at a young age.

That's only for the lucky people.

Some vampires, it takes decades to find their twin. Why?

The only way to determine that person is your twin is…

One; You're linked. No matter where you are, you see her. You hear her. And sometimes, you can taste her.

I began seeing Sakura when I was five, both awake and asleep. When I was awake, I'd see her, blink, and she'd be gone. Where ever I was, I'd see a glimpse of her and she disappear into a crowd or around a corner. I unconsciously trained myself not to blink, afraid that if I did, she'd be gone. When I was asleep, I'd dream of her in my arms or doing something else romantic. Nightmares would be me not being able to speak and her talking to me. Then when I'd finally be able to speak, she'd explode into bunch of cherry blossoms.

I'd hear her, even if she wasn't there, the whispers. I could block out the rest of the noise, in the center of Konoha, in a pool in the Resort Village, in the biggest mall in the Village of Merchants, in the middle of a brawl in the Village of Fallen Heroes, even in a crowd of fan girls in a Vampire Sanctuary, and STILL I could pinpoint her voice. For all I had known, she might've been a million miles away or even in a few feet away.

I'd taste her, like how sometimes you can taste smells. I'd smell her, too. My nostrils would be filled with the smell of cherry blossoms, despite where I was. The ruins of a house, a bunch of Level E vamp corpses, smoking in a cemetery, and especially in his own room, he could smell cherry blossoms. No one else could. I always tasted cherries-no, strawberries, actually. Like a lollipop, but not so much artificial flavoring. Bitter, sweet, and an aftertaste of sour. But, then when I lick my lips, it'd taste like chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberries.

And I'd like it.

Despite the fact that I hated sweets.

I liked this taste.

Two; Your past lives. Memories of her, in a princess outfit, in rags, in a school uniform, in a toga, in a ninja outfit, everything. Every memory of her, being linked to her, all your endings.

…Will slowly come back to you.

Three; a clear and easily noticeable birthmark in the shape of a wing. Vampires were considered to be fallen angels, once followers of Lucifer and now abiding to their own rules. No two wings are alike. The male would have the left wing. The female would have the right. As one winged angels, they are to support each other.

I do not know how we have found my partner so easily, since their were so many backs to go through…But then again, I was having dreams about a girl with bubble gum pink hair. Though my father was quite reluctant at first, mother believed me right away. Sakura was the only one who had that kind of hair.

…And she was also the only one who had my wing.

"Yes." I replied sternly, closing my eyes, no single thought in my head. Emotions in the room were jumbled, to blurry to be even read. Auras change to quickly. Thoughts would be halted before they escaped into other heads.

Mikoto smiled mysteriously; meaning, I could not understand why she did, nor could I read it. Itachi's face remained blank, along with his mind. But in his aura, I sensed the smallest hint of…


"Well, you better take care of, despite any situation."

Mother always did had that tiny power to peak into the future. Now, I was wondering what she had seen because of her aura suddenly spiked with aura. Then, as if she knew I sensed it, the 'worry' spike disappeared as soon as it had appeared.

I nodded, watching her and Itachi warily. Aniki looked like he forced a teasing smirk.

"Even after you get married." Now they were trying to read my expressions right after he said that.

Even I didn't know my own expression.



The grandfather clock, which looked rather misplaced in the Japanese style room, ticked.






'You annoying CLOCK!' The minute my eyes snapped opened into their Sharingan, the said clock cracked.




The large clock fell to the floor with a large slam, splinters of wood flying past Itachi and Mikoto (like in slow motion, because not a single thing touched them).

"Did you let it all out, little brother?" Itachi asked as he smirked at me. I returned the smirked and gave a feigned sigh,

"Most of it, aniki."

Mom rolled her eyes at me and shook her head. "Stop fooling around, you two. This is a serious matter. And that clock! If your father heard about this, he'll give you a whole speech about why he loves that clock while fixing it." She joked and gave a sigh, "If only that kind of speech was as quick as the time he fixes it."

Itachi chuckled while I felt the corner of my mouth tilt up. Laughing was nothing I did, but it was the least I could do for mother's attempt to cheer the mood up a little.

After an awkward cough, she continued.

"Even though you and Sakura look nothing alike, you must marry, despite your sibling factor. When you bear children, they will be reincarnations of the next strongest angels." I nodded. "Are you okay with marrying Sakura or are you too disturbed?"

I raised an eyebrow. I caught Itachi smirking and Mikoto giving me a mysterious smile. "No…" I replied.

"Oh. Well, if you didn't, I was thinking of just marrying you two off to the Hyuuga cousins."

I coughed. Ugh. Hinata!? Disturbing. And NEJI?! THAT bastard?! With SAKURA?! No way in hell. I bit my lip to refrain myself from saying something so rude. So, instead, it came out,

"I'll decline both those offers for both of us."

Mom laughed and Itachi fell backwards, laughing to his hearts content. I let him. You know, he always keeps a serious face due to his position in the house. I snorted.



I looked around.

My head hurt.

My stomach felt funny.

My throat feels clogged.

My heart is pounding nervously and I don't know why. It's going to eventually knock my rib cage down; that's what it feels like. Like lion trapped in a cage. Damn it, make it sto-

"Sasuke-kun, what did they talk about?"

Sakura? Where'd she come from?

"Fine." I said, trying not to sound as nervous as I felt. I don't know, unconsciously, I didn't want Sakura's image of the cool me to be ruined.

Now that I mention the nervousness, I felt everything lessen into a comfortable state.

My head stopped hurting.

My stomach relaxed.

My throat no longer feels clogged.

My heart stopped pumping. (In vampire terms, that's a good thing. We don't need to breathe, actually.)

Was this nervousness gone because Sakura was by my side?

I felt Sakura hold onto my arm, as if using me to support herself. I raised an eyebrow, feeling my throat clog up a bit.

"Sakura, what's wrong?"

"I'm fine, Sasuke-kun, I'm fine."

She assured me.

I wasn't assured, though.

And that was the beginning of our troubles.

FAST FORWARD to present

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