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Please note the things they do in here are probably not what they do in actual rehab, and that this is all fictional…Thus, fan fiction.

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The minute Sakura hit the floor, I pushed my legs as hard as I could, and of course, I was the first one to reach her. I fell to my knees quite hard. I was sure if I was a human, my bones would've shattered. Yes, that's how hard it was. I knew I would catch her.

I always did.

She seemed heavier than usual: she always seemed as light as a feather. But, at that moment she seemed as heavy as the role she played in my heart.

…My god, that was cheesy.

…That left a bad aftertaste…Gotta cut back on those cliché lines.

I looked down at Sakura's face, her head being supported by my hand. I was already well aware that my hand was bigger than her face (don't ask how), making it easy to hold her head up.

Her eyes were half closed and I could easily see every eyelash in detail. I could barely see her beautiful emerald green eyes. Her plump cherry lips slightly parted, and her thin pink eyebrows furrowed together.

My ears twitched when I heard both Hyuuga and Naruto make a small movement toward me. I felt myself growl. They were close enough.

Naruto stopped, based on experience, while the Hyuuga just stopped on instinct. I brushed the hair out of her face, examining her face was my looks softened. Gently I picked her up and shielded her from their prying eyes.

"Where's the bathroom?"

Iruka did not hesitate or ask questions, which only made me respect him more. "Go straight and make a right."

No escort was probably needed. The bathroom was in the same room, so anything that were to happen, if so, Iruke or Kakashi would know and take action. Nothing would happen.

My grip tightened.


I felt my legs move, and before I knew it, we were in the bathroom. I probably glided over the floor, heck, maybe even flew. Whatever it was, it didn't seem to disturb Sakura. I closed the door softly and flipped the toilet lid closed. I sat down, setting Sakura onto my lap and letting her lean back onto me.

Her face was pale, cold sweat covered her shaking body.

"Sakura. Sakura, listen to me." I said as I gently (as gently as I could) shook her. "You have to drink some blood NOW. If you don't, I'm going to take drastic measures."

She seemed to spasm as she reached up to touch my face. Her fingertips were cold like mine, not warm like it usually was. "Sa-Sa…u…k…" Sakura tried to address me, her eyes closed with pain and her sweat as cold as the water in a winter pool.

"Sakura. Can you hear me?" I tried to make hand motions. The minute I pointed to my fangs and to my neck, the emerald eyes were struck with fear and widened immediately. She shook her head frantically, her slightly damp, pink bangs brushed against my cheeks. I twitched.

"You have to."

Sakura seemed to be grip her throat, alerting me immediately and causing a hiss to erupt from my own. I growled warningly and shoved her against the wall, teasing her as I trailed my tongue from her chin to her collarbone. "Now." I hissed. She declined, desperately trying to keep her voice inside by biting her lip. My sister was trying too hard to not want me. (Arrogant? Maybe. Egoistic?…Nah.)

"Fine." I whispered harshly as I lifted her chin to look directly into my eyes. I saw her eyes widen once more before closing slightly into a daze look. I seized the opportunity and popped something into my mouth. I pushed her harshly against the wall, capturing her lips with mine and forcing the capsule in. Then, I lift her chin slightly, making her swallow it.

Before, if we were to enter this situation, I set up two different procedures of taking care of the problem. The first one: I was hoping that I could take advantage of the situation and push her to finally drink my blood. If not, the second procedure was to resort to blood pills.

Blood pills/capsules(Whatever) is the simple term for this kind of thing. We call them Angel's Drugs because of the effect they have on us vampires. They help vampires to soothe the hunger of blood inside of us. This is different from what we drink, which is called VBlood.


Artificially Flavored Blood.

To sooth the vampire in you.

Buy some today.

…Why do I remember that commercial?

There is another kind of blood pill called Devil's Drugs. I'll explain it to you once the time is right.

Suddenly, I felt the warm sensation on my cheeks and I looked down to see her staring up at me. I felt the pyramid of pressure get knocked down (probably by her super strength) when she smiled brilliantly, and what cause a pang in my chest, even apologetically.


Sakura giggled and nuzzled into my chest.


I don't know. I, myself, didn't feel better…

Naruto did not ask any questions. He went through many situations like this and knew not to ask. Besides, he knew what happened anyway. Neji looked like he was debating whether to ask or not. Vampire Clan (Coven, in other words) leaders face many situations like this. But, I'm guessing by the facial expressions we wore, he didn't even know if it was safe to ask. Iruka, on the other hand, acted as if nothing happened. It was as if that brown haired man had heard from Naruto, who was on the other side of the room and looked like he hadn't said anything at all.

After a few steps, Naruto acknowledged our existences and kept sending me worried looks. I nodded, motioning that she was better. The blonde released a held breath before turning to Iruka and apologizing about…

The broken DS in his hand.

How much stress was this boy in-

No, to rephrase it, how much stress did we unintentionally put on…

Iruka laughed and waved his hand, pulling out another one out of nowhere. He inserted the game from the broken DS into the new one and turned it on. After pressing some buttons for a few minutes, he chuckled and held it up, saying that Naruto had unlocked two other stages.

Naruto laughed sheepishly and scratched his scalp.

The Hyuuga's hand had a few band aids, and I could see a few broken piano keys practically protruding from everything else. Then, next to him laid the violin and the broken bow. I looked at my hand, and I was not surprised to see my hand perfectly fine I balled it into a fist before bowing apologetically (along with Sakura, who joined in on her free will) to Iruka.

"Sorry for ruining that well crafted violin. We have a close family friend who's a luthier, so if you want me to repair it, I'd be happy to." I said politely, and I could feel the slight awkwardness with Sakura, who had never saw me this polite. But, Iruka laughed and shook his head, replying, "What? No, I don't need you to do that! Besides, we have a fine violin maker in this school anyway."

I did not know who was referring to…But I had this weird feeling he was referring to that silver haired vampire hunter. Then again, it's just a weird feeling.

"Sorry for interrupting our, uhm…" Sakura didn't know what to call this. I wouldn't know either. Class? Rehab? Happy time? I don't know.

Iruka smiled and also shook his head, "I don't mind, I don't mind! This is the time where you relieve stress." In a blink of an eye, Neji and I were back on stage, the piano was as good as new and the violin was the same way it was when I had first felt it. Sakura and Naruto were back sitting down as the audience, a sketchbook on her lap and a new DS in his hands.

I began to brush the once broken bow on the strings, feeling the music flow in me. Despite being a repelling force with the Hyuuga, a duet together was something that always brought a smile to her face.


…I still did not feel comforted.

"So, how was it?" Sasori asked as he walked alongside Gaara. They look the same to me from the back…Except Sasori's hair was a little bit more curly…

I stared into space blankly as everyone else remained quiet, an awkward silence dawning upon us.

"…Did something happen?" Gaara asked as he turned around to look at Sakura. Naruto interrupted casually and said, "You broke the awkward silence! A gay baby was born!" Neji rolled his white eyes and backed him up, sending me a, 'You owe me' vibe. He saved us from many awkward questions, and I don't know how many times I've repaid him. Have I ever, actually? The coffee haired boy replied, "Yeah, like we need another one of you here."

"Ooh. That was a good one." Sakura giggled. It was as if that sound brought the awkwardness off. I flinched when suddenly Naruto hissed and turned around when Kiba had walked too close. Hinata, surprisingly, had dashed in front of the werewolf in a means to…Protect him?


"Naruto!" My little sister's voice sounded so commanding, close to being even scarier than mine. Naruto flinched back, his fangs retracting. The dobe has full control over his vampire side. He was just playing his bodyguard part really well.

I could hear the cat-like protests of Karin. From what I can see, she doesn't know what 'personal space' means. I clicked my tongue.

"What's next?" I asked as I rubbed my neck. I could see the skip in Sakura's step. What the heck was she so excited about? "What?" I asked, watching her smile warily.

"Socializing!" She replied in a singsong voice. I felt my insides drop and the feeling of 'Crap-I-Don't-Wanna-Go-Anymore' wash over. Ugh…People- Wait, no. Magical beings? Ugh…I don't care…Talking with other people is so annoying.

"So, we'll meet new people?" Naruto asked as he caught up to our pace. Sakura shook her head and made a motion towards cat-bitch. "Nope. We're just going to get to know our 'classmates'." I growled in annoyance and felt another headache coming on.

"Whoop dee fucking doo."

To my dread, we had reached the new pair of doors and I can hear the annoying chatter, despite how thick the wood of the doors or the solid walls may be. I was really hoping for something to pull me out of there, an excuse, anything. Nothing came when the doors opened and the rehab class had flooded out with their escorts.

Out of pure reaction, I felt my feet ready to turn on their heels and dash a different reaction, but Sakura had me at an arm lock. I felt like a sheep being led to the slaughter. I could feel Naruto watching me with pure amusement and probably a hint of sadism, and Neji following quietly and obediently when deep down, he felt the same way. But, he was the type of person to deal with things, no matter how much he disliked them. Maybe that's why he's able to still stand Naruto, or me, in that matter.

"Sasuke, come on." Sakura coaxed. Her voice was enough will power for me to take a step forward, but my intense antisocialism was much to great to do anything else.

"Don't be a chicken, teme…Like your hai-UMPH." Naruto's comment only gave me the will power to punch him in the face and take another step. But, the sight of chairs in circles prevented me from doing any more.

"Take it like a man." Neji said, attempting to push me mentally. I glared at him and retorted, "You take it like one, but you hardly look like one." The Hyuuga narrowed his eyes and refused to aid me (more like Sakura) anymore.

Sasori and Gaara had given me a shove when all else failed. I was still on my feet, but it was enough to push me farther in, get the rest of our rehab class in, and shut the doors before I could escape.

"Oh, we have a real antisocial one here, don't we?"

A woman who wore a skirt with shorts underneath (the shorts long enough to be seen), a long trench coat with many buckles, and more clothing that resembled to much like a Japanese yanki, stood on top of a table with her arms crossed and a cheeky grin on her face.

"Yo! The name's Anko Mitarashi!" She said as she saluted. Her personality seemed a lot like Naruto's: She was quite the tomboy, loud, and very…odd. But, I can feel she's quite the sadist. Sadistic tomboy. Great combo.

The only one who really made an effort to reply enthusiastically was Sakura, Naruto, Chouji, Kiba, and Hinata. The rest seemed to mumbled (that included me).

"What? I can't hear you!"

She really wants to push us (me) over the edge, huh?

"Yo~/Yo!" Came the tired/happy reply.

"What's up?" She laughed, satisfied with our reply, "Anyway, this class will be a full thirty minutes!"

Fuck. Thirty minutes of non-stop chatter.

I heard Sakura giggle, and damn her for being my twin. Why the heck does she always have to know what I'm feeling!? She giggled even more, causing me to poke her on the side. Getting revenge on her was just too easy.

Oh yeah, tomboy was still talking.

"We will be watching and observing how well you get along with each other. It benefits both us and you. We earn more information on relations that can be formed between different magical being species that on normal circumstances would never happen. You would benefit because group therapy usually excels better than being alone. And for those who'd rather do other…"

That was definitely directed to me.

"Think of it as a break."

Break? My ass. Mindless chatter is NOT a break. It makes me want to bash my head against the wall. I heard Sakura whisper to me,

"It can't be all that bad."

I felt bad for that Aburame guy. The reason he was here was to find a way to become human. But, that wasn't going to be enough for me to say anything.

I had slowly (and sneakily) pushed my chair closer to Sakura, who probably noticed by then but probably felt really happy (No, I'm not egoistic, I really felt her radiate with happiness. Really.). I leaned back, crossed my arms and legs, and tried to avoid contact with the stalker four-eyes. Seriously. I think she's old.

Suddenly, I felt a nudge on my arm.

"Come on, teme, you should talk a little."

I nudged the blonde back, hard enough for him to actually fall out of his chair.



"RRRGH. You're a pain in the ass!"

"Really, now? I bet I could ask all the people you and I both know, and they'll ALL think you're a bigger pain in the ass than ME."

"I can do the same thing, and I bet they'd say you're a bigger pain in the ass when it involves Sakura-chan!"

"Dobe, you shouldn't be talking!"

"Okay, okay, I get it, you both care for Sakura very much." Neji said as he pushed us both away from each other, but then he smirked snidely and commented, "But, she's still going to end up with me."

"White-eyed GIRLY MAN-"

I knew Sakura was not paying attention to us at all, but she could hear what was going on. I could feel the little happiness, despite how that may be a little egoistic, that came from her as we fought over her. Though, I don't know why I'd be saying this all out loud.

I immediately glared at the source that was directing evil daggers at Sakura. It was that girl, Karin, and she flinched immediately when we came into eye contact. I snorted and looked away. Annoying little…

The ear that I kept open for Sakura had suddenly caught my interest.

It seems her and fairy princess over there were becoming friends. The (chubby) bodyguard was doing his duty and watching over the faerie girl, yet communicating with Sakura friendly. He wasn't here because he had problems (I thought it was an eating disorder. My sister giggled at that.) but because he was watching over…Ino, was it? I seriously needed to remember these names.

Since Naruto was occupied by Neji (Do I owe him again?), I casually went into Sakura's conversation.

…Ino? Ino looked up at me, probably intimidated as Chouji became more alert. Their concentration was broken, however, by Sakura's melodic giggles.

Is she sniffing giggling gas or something?

"Seriously, Sasuke-kun, you need to learn how to wear an un-scary expression when talking to new people." Sakura said. She was sitting down, while I was standing up, so she had leaned onto my hip. At times like these, I felt really tall. Also, she knew how to speak her words. I would've used the word 'strangers' instead of 'new people'.

"Maybe because I don't like talking to new people." I replied high enough to be heard but low enough to be considered a whisper. I glanced down and saw her smile up at me. "I know."

I did not look at the blonde girl, for she looked like a someone from a horror movie. Her glamour was pealing off, revealing the murky yet smooth looking skin underneath. One eye still maintained it's glamour, yet they did not sparkle. The other one certainly showed she was a faerie. She looked at us curiously.

"Are you a couple?" She asked. Her gaze seemed to linger on me more than Sakura. I could feel Sakura's insides churn a little, so I sent her a little message via telepathy.

'Of course we are, Sakura. I do not think it any other way.'

But, she wasn't convinced. Had I led her to the misconception that I didn't love her? That I'd rather be with someone other than her? Of course, I'd rather fight with my fists against an armed Vamphunter than admit it, but I did love her.

I'll just never admit it though.

Maybe those damn soap operas mother (I think aniki in all actuality) watched were rubbing off on me…I knew I shouldn't have stayed in those rooms. But, noo, Sakura wanted to keep watching. Girls and their romantic crap…

But, since I never want to admit it, she'll always get the wrong idea. Before I knew it, the words slipped through my pale lips,

"We're twins."

"Twins?" Ino repeated as she looked between my sister and I, and of course, she saw no resemblances. The first thing I thought: Was she as dumb as another blonde we knew? Sakura nudged my leg, probably because she had heard my thoughts.

"Don't worry. I think the next period should explain it to you." My pink haired twin said with a grin as she pointed to the schedule. "What's next?" I asked, causing her to look up at me.

"It's Species Class 101. Apparently, they're going to teach us about different species, including our categories."

"Why?" Chouji asked. What the? Where'd he get those chips from?

"So it makes us more informative of the world. For all we know, this information can get us out of sticky situations." I answered for Sakura. It was quite obvious. Besides, this class might end up being really useful later on.

We entered back into the group discussion, which was both annoying and fun at the same time. People threw insults at Naruto, who went along with it and pretended to be angry. To my surprise, we all got along. Except for catgirl and mermaid boy over there. Like a cat to water.

No pun intended.

Finally, that class was all over. We were walking to Species Class 101. I had ignored all of Gaara and Sasori's questions, which were eventually answered by Naruto. Sakura walked next to me, where she had always been and always will be. But, I can feel her little glances.

That disturbed me a bit.

"If you have something to say, speak up." I didn't intend to sound mean, but the fact that she kept looking at me was starting to annoy me/put me on edge. Sakura gulped and twiddled with her fingers, much like that Hyuuga's cousin.

"What?" I asked again.

"Well, uhm…"


"I was thinking…That we're probably going to miss Christmas." She said, her face saddening little by little. It was her favorite time of the year. Who knows if they'll let her play in the snow here…That rhymed- I need to work on my attention span, too. What's going on with me?

"And why does that have you worried?" I asked as I shoved my hand in my pockets and tilted my head to the side. She sighed, "Because, we won't get to spend time with Itachi-nii and Okaa-san…And I won't have any time with you."

It took all the force I had to push down the blush building up in my cheeks. Calmly, I patted her head and said,

"We'll spend every minute of our life together. Who knows how long we've live." I had not realized how fast our pace was compared to everyone else's. I created a sound proof barrier, though, just in case. "We might live long enough to see the world die. Until then, we'll spend every minute with each other, every Christmas with each other. Though, right now, I don't know if we'll get any alone time." I motioned my head towards Naruto and Neji. Sakura laughed and hugged my arm.

"Geez, Sasuke-kun, you're so mushy today."



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