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I always liked a good lemon scene (how could you not?) and I think they are really fun and easy to write(My opinion). This is a collection of Pokemon X Pokemon and/or Pokemon X Human lemon scenes. In addition, I always liked the way Felix the Eevee trainer wrote his Reversal and Revenge story by accepting characters, I'll be doing the same here. If you want a to submit characters, please PM me with genders and Pokemon and maybe a description of your characters. I do Yaoi, Yuri, threesomes whatever you want, but I wont exceed a foursome. If you're anonymous, then you may put the request in your review, but I can't grantee you a spot if there's like a million people all requesting a spot. You'll probably get noticed if your pairing is interesting, but nothing too too weird. (Like Muk X girl X inanimate object). I also refuse to pair the official baby Pokemon. Pokemon such as Pichu, Smoochum ect, chibi Pokemon such as pikachu, vulpix and Eevee are ok. Please don't send me a request of Muk, the Magnamite line or something along those lines, cause I don't know if I can do that. Flame's will be boxed and mailed to Satan as a gift in your name, so unless you want to be on the Devil's good side (trust me you might not want to be on either side) then please do not flame. This is not a first grade class room, and so if you don't like what I'm doing just simply pass it by. Thank you … ;D

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It was a warm, clear night in Johto. Though it was late, one lone figure was just waking up. A Houndoom emerged from his den, yawning and stretching. It was a bit early for him to be waking up, since his pack normally did not wake up until 9:00 PM, but he felt restless in the stuffy den. He was relived that he did not have a den mate, since they where normally male and they normally snored very loud. His den was at the peaceful side of the den site, a side that most did not visit. It was that he liked being alone, but it was nice to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of his noisy family.

The black canine began wandering around restlessly before stopping to examine a nearby puddle. His looked down at his reflection. He wore a scar over one eye, though it was unattractive it showed his great strength and bravery. His horns where strong and mighty, though not as drawn back as the dominant male. He was nearly old enough and strong enough to rival the alpha now, in another year he could possibly take the seat of power from the old dog, but for now he lived a modest life.

"Hello, Cody." A feminine voice said from behind him. The black hell hound turned to his visitor. It was a female from the pack, a Ninetails named Kayla. Kayla was a devilish young vixen, and she had all the feminine beauty of a goddess. They say she could make a male go wild with lust with a simple flutter of her ruby eyes. Many wondered if it was an Attract attack or if it was just her sexy personality.

"Hi, Kayla." He said wagging his devilish tail in a greeting. The vixen slowly made her way over to him. She seemed to be flowing over the short grasses. The golden furred Pokemon fluttered her eyes. They where screaming with desire and lust.

"Is there something I could help you with?" The black canine asked sarcastically. They both knew exactly what she wanted.

"Don't play dumb." She purred licking his muzzle erotically making the taller Pokemon's eyes fall shut with lust. He allowed the young female to consume him with lust. He could feel his hardness emerging from it's furry sheath, screaming with desire. The female chuckled.

"Well, would you look at that? You're just about as eager as I am." She said in a flirty tone of voice. The vixen growled and tackled the black canine. Her hips moved slightly, revealing her wanting and desire. She then moved down towards Cody's hardness, tasting it slightly. Her ruby eyes traced the large, red length causing her hormones to go wild. She could feel her juices welling up, her pink organ was now engorged with wanting. She took the huge cock into her mouth, sucking feverishly. The black dog below her gave a grunt of desire before holding her head with his paws.

"That's good... suck harder..." He groaned spreading his powerful black legs father apart. The young female moaned against the thick cock, reaching a paw between her legs. She rubbed the outside vigorously causing more juices to build up. The want and desire grew even stronger as she sucked harder on Cody's cock. It had now probably reached a size of eleven or twelve inches. The salty taste of pre-cum flooder her mouth and made her hole drip, almost as if it where salivating, waiting to be filled by the males enermous length. Pretty soon, Kayla could no longer wait and released red knot.

"Now it's my turn." She said turning her back to the black canine, her juices began to flow in anticipation. The golden vixen gave with a commanding stare to the darker canine. Cody rose from his spot on the ground and admired the small fire-fox. Her juices had trickled down her leg and it shimmered on her coat. He could see her lust and desire dripping from her waiting hole. Cody hoisted himself into Kayla's back, holding her slender hips with his forepaws. His hips began to rock instinctively and his engorged cock jabbed the female's legs and ass, but missed it's target. After a few desperate tries, the dark canine slammed into Kayla's hole, causing the female to cry out in pain. The golden haired female could feel the cock inside of her becoming engorged with cum, she shut her eyes and howled at the feeling of the enormous length.

"Keep going!" She growled with lust. He obeyed her command and began to move himself in and out of her hole. He grunted his plesure as her juices began to flow, lubricating Kayla's sex. Cody's cock again grew in size as he pumped faster, giving Kayla even more pleasure. Kayla too began to rock her own hips slamming herself backwards onto the black canine's cock. Her folds had flared out and her juices where still flowing out of her hole. She clawed the ground in order to keep balance as the black canine procceded to ram her flooded vagina.

"Harder!" She moaned glancing back at the black canine. The sound of her voice and the scent of her pheromone drove Cody mad with desire. His cock began to swell even more and he continued to pound Kayla's hole. Kayla was now beside herself with pleasure as the red cock had now nearly doubled it's original size. She could feel herself being filled with the massive member. Her juices began to build up even more as he began to ram her drenched cavern. The golden canine hissed at the delightful of her walls around the male. Her hole was stretched and a flood of sex juice was still pouring out, flooding Cody's mammoth dick.

"How's that… do you like that…" He more said then asked. He knew the female was loving every second of it.

"Yeah! Fuck me more, more MORE!" She yowled clawing the ground beneath her. Her moans rung out in through the cool night air encouraging Cody. If any Pokemon had been sleeping, they weren't anymore. Kayla began to rock gently along with the male Pokemon. She moaned each time the demon dog pushed inside of her. Kayla's front legs could no longer support her and she dropped down to the ground. Her anus stayed in the air for her mate to proceed with their delightful little romp.

"What's that, you little whore? You want more? Cody asked in a lustful voice. The dirty conversation urged both canine on more.

"Yeah, I want you to ram me with your cock!" The female moaned with desire. Cody fulfilled her wishes and rammed her insides with his swollen member. Cody then pulled his engorged cock from the female causing a flood of juices to fallow after it. His hardness was dripping with Kayla's natural lubricants. He rolled the female onto her back to get a different position. He wanted to look into her eyes as she whined for more. Cody dangled his massive red dick over the female head, but kept her restrained so that she couldn't reach it.

"How's this for a dick. You want this? Huh?" He growled in a husky voice. The female maoned passionately and attempted to swallow the huge cock, but Cody was to powerful

"Yeah..." She moaned lustfully rocking her own hips. She hated being teased, but she accepted it as revenge for teasing the male. Cody stroked his red cock across the females muzzle, causing Kayla to whine with anticipation.

"Do you want this juicy red dick? Huh, you horny bitch, do you want a mouthful of this?" He said dangling it right in front of Kayla's nose, the female could no longer take the teasing.

"Yes, I want your dick in my mouth! She yowled moving her hips feverishly. The black canine granter her wish and filled her mouth with his red appendage. Kayla purred against the engorged cock, fluttering her tongue on the tip. Her eyes again traced the huge cock, as it was at it's largest size. Though she loved the feel of it in her mouth, she thought it was about time it again filler her other hole. She released Cody's cock and allowed him to position it at her hole. The tip stroked her drenched entrance, causing desire to flood through her body. Then with one easy pussy, Cody breached the females entrance and buried himself deep within her again. Kayla cried out in pleasure and surprise at how large Cody's cock actually was inside of her. the demon canines powerful forelegs where at either side of her head, digging into the rocky soil beneath them.

"Give me more!" She screamed as Cody thrusted with so much ferocity that he actually plowed the young vixen into the rocky soil. Kayla growled and pounded her hips against Cody's, each meeting him with a loud smack. Her vagina was pushing against his massive knot. Her body shook as an orgasm shook her, sending waves of pleasure crashing down upon her. Her juices burst, coating Cody's cock and lubricating it further. With one final thrust Cody buried his knot deep within the fire-fox. The female's eyes screwed shut as she felt the enormous knot deep inside her sex, her insides squeezed slightly around the huge organ, sending Cody over the edge as well. Cum burst from Cody's cock, filling the young female with the pearly substance. A mixture of both juices, dampened the fur on both canine's stomachs. They stayed tied by Cody's knot for about three minutes. When Cody had fully deflated he yanked his now spent cock from the female's stretched vagina.

"How was that?" The darker male grunted to the vixen. She smirked devilishly.

"That was amazing." She said rising from the spot on the ground. The lust in here eyes had faded and was replaced by joy and utter satisfaction.

"You wouldn't mind if I moved in with you, would you? I'd make a very quiet den mate." She said with a gentle smile. Cody stood as well and licked the female's muzzle.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind." He said wagging his tail. Things would be interesting with a new den mate around, but he was willing to give it a try. After all, it'd be nice to wake up to the face every day.

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