Harry Potter

and the

Gang of Giggling Girls

by Glee-chan

This is a fan fiction based on the J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe. The I don't claim to own any characters, places, and magical objects that are not original. Most characters are the property of Rowling, and I don't intend to make money off of this fan fiction, merely just writing for fun. I don't have a million dollars to fork over, thus I don't not want any legal action to be taken. The events in this story take place in a Book 7 alternate timeline.

Chapter One

Everyone seemed more civil and polite to each other in the house of Number 4 on Privet Drive. It was a July evening at dinner time and the over-politeness surrounded the dinner table like a plastic bag over a dead man's body. Whether it was genuine or fake, Harry Potter did not know, nor did he care. Both sides knew that this would be his last dinner here - his last day with the Dursleys.

As promised to Professor Dumbledore before he died, Harry had returned home one last time and intended on staying only until his seventeenth birthday. His big present this year would be to leave and never see the portly faces of his Uncle and cousin, and the thin gangly one of this Aunt ever again. The family was aware of Harry's plan and supported it. They were in good spirits since the day on hearing they would be rid of that Harry Potter and that damned Magical-Nonsense for good.

Harry suspected that part of the good behavior may have come from fear. They knew that on reaching the age of seventeen Harry did not fall under that category of underage wizard, and could legally do magic with no consequences. But whatever reason for the Dursley family's sudden politeness, be it fear or happy to be rid of him, Harry did not care. He counted the minutes of which he had left in this Muggle home that had previously had given him protection from Voldemort and a horrible childhood.

After attending Dumbledore's funeral before Summer Holiday, Professor McGonagall had given Harry a surprise: his apparation license. She felt, and the Ministry of Magic wisely agreed, that since he had demonstrated he could in fact apparate, and that Lord Voldemort would be after him once Harry's protection spell wore off, that Harry not only deserved his license without going though the ordinary process but needed it more so than any other wizard in the world. Whatever the reason, Harry had planned to use his license the moment he turned seventeen, and to leave the Privet Drive and the Muggle world behind him. He thought he'd leave a note, but knew they wouldn't care… they only longed for him to be gone.

So Harry sat at the dinning rooming table with his "family", one last meal - the last time they would ever eat his slave-labor cooking. In a way this was the happiest moment of Harry's life, but also a sense of sadness. While they were terrible people, they were all apart of his life - sometimes they had been good to him. But it was still overall a joyest occasion.

Dudley pretended as though life was normal, that it was not a day for celebrating how he had gotten rid of his cousin thus gaining his Summer bedroom back. Harry expected that Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had instructed their son to hold his excitement, which for whatever reason he obeyed them for once. Aunt Petunia sipped her tea silently as her husband, Vernon, ate his dinner and gave small talk to harry. Nonmagical conversation, of course, but talk on the weather or financial stuff. Harry knew his Uncle was just warming up for a topic that really mattered.

"So Harry, where do you intend on going?"

Harry knew that question was coming. He knew it because of the financial warm up, a reminder that they could not afford to pay for him to live somewhere else. "I have a couple of friends I can stay with until I get a place. Because of my parents and Sirius' money I can live comfortably for the rest of my life… granted I don't get killed by Voldemort."

The Dursleys didn't flinch at the name like everyone in the wizardry world did. Aunt Petunia did shake her head in disgust at Harry being "over-dramatic" about being killed. Vernon's eyes perked up at the sound of Harry having a small fortune. "Sirius. That was your godfather, correct? That man who recently passed away leaving you everything…including a house?"

"Yes sir." Harry had forgotten that he already had a place. Vernon did not. But then he remembered he promised the house for the Order of the Phoenix to use. He held back the urge to tell his Uncle to not mention his Godfather ever again. "I won't be staying in it much, even if Hog—school is closed this year." He still had his mind set on looking for Voldemort. "I might rent a place in Diagon Alley if Fred and George won't have me."

Vernon flinched. The man did not flinch at the name of the most dangerous man in the world, but the mention of the other world that coexisted in their world; the magical world. Harry braced himself to get yelled out until his uncle was purple in the face. This however, did not happen.

"We wish you nothing but luck, don't we dear." His uncle notched Petunia who nodded automatically, although it was clear she was not paying attention to the conversation. Harry didn't blame her, it was even dull to him. But at least with this statement Harry knew the conversation had ended, Harry had answered what Vernon had been wondering about: money.

After everyone had finished their dinner, Harry quickly cleared the table, then went to his usual task of cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes. He wondered about when he left if Aunt Petunia would finally use the dish washer that came with the house. He said his good nights as if they were good-byes then head to his room.

As he entered the room he took a quick look around, seeing his items all packed, anything that he valued and did not want Dudley destroying when he left later that night. All the same Harry had spent a good amount of money on putting magical joke items from Fred and George's Joke shop hidden in the room. He would be gone and miss Dudley getting a big head, or blue in the face, or vomit Technicolor shades, or grow a poke-a-dotted cat ears that all would go away in an hour.

On his quick scan of the room, Harry had almost missed the sight of a small cat sitting on his bed. He only noticed it when Hedwig hooted after he closed the door and tapped at her cage pointing in the direction of the cat. Harry squinted his eyes, having seen that cat before but couldn't to place it. But within moments he did not have to try to remember.

Transforming in front of him was Professor McGonagall, sitting properly on his bed, staring at him underneath her glasses. She looked slightly older since he had seen her at Dumbledore's funeral, Harry guessed that the stress of her new position of Headmistress and duties with the Order were getting to her.

"Mr. Potter, good evening. I believe you turn seventeen in a couple of minutes so let me be the first to say Happy Birthday, as I'm sure those horrible Muggles downstairs has neglected to even paid you that respect."

"Err, thanks Professor…" Harry suddenly felt awkward with a Hogwarts teacher sitting in his room, clean as it was from him packing to go. "Um, Professor, why are--"

"Why am I here? Naturally to talk to you about important matters." Professor McGonagall glanced at his belongs. "The Ministry and I have been in contact all summer on your situation Potter."

"That's very thoughtful of you." Harry said dryly.

"Please don't interrupt me. I understand the situation is strange, but let me have my say as the questions you have in your head now will be answered shortly." She was not mean when she said this, Harry knew, she just was the type of person that demanded respect. Harry paid it to her and followed her instructions.

"As I was saying. The Ministry and I will not sit idolly by and let He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named causing havoc and chaos in order to hunt you down. Nor do we intend on letting him do such a thing. But this also applies to you, Mr. Potter. We have a suspicion that you want revenge on poor Albus' death. We all do, but running off unprotected will not accomplish anything."

She gave a pause, allowing Harry to ask a question. "Voldemort and Snape must pay though. How can you ask me not to do anything?"

"I am not asking you that. Not at all. While young, you have a knack for foiling He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's plans. I dare say you may be the only one to do so more than once. But in all cases you had a plan going in. This plan of yours: search-and-destroy-the-Dark-Lord is a foolish one and one that could lead you in a trap. The Order and the Ministry are working together now to form a trap of our own, and it requires you Potter."

"Me?" Harry raised his eyebrows. They wanted Harry to join the Order of the Phoenix and help capture Voldemort? This was what he wanted ever since he learned of the Order's existence.

"Harry, your part of the plan will be most difficult for you, as it will seem to be inaction for the longest time." McGonagall sighed. "Hogwarts is open this year. Dumbledore would not have wanted the school closed just because he died. All the teachers have agreed on this. Your part of the plan is to attend Hogwarts."

"What?" Harry forgot about being polite for the moment. "That's crazy, how is that helping you, the Ministry, or the Order do anything?"

"Please allow me to finish." McGonagall said calmly. "You will be at the school, learning with the other students, but no one will know you are there. The Ministry will use the Daily Prophet as propaganda to spread false stories about you out in the Wizardry World hunting Death-Eaters and looking for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Trusted Aurors have agreed that some of the captures they will make this year they will claim you made yourself. Eye witnesses may even see a Polyjuiced Auror pretending to be Harry Potter with their very own eyes."

Harry opened his mouth to question this but McGonagall continued. "The plan is to draw You-Know-Who into the open, to do something foolish by trying to find you. To act on impulse much like you were about to do when you left this house. Then trap him. I assure you once he's out, as part of your cooperation on letting us use your name and likeness, not to mention attending school in secret, you will be contacted and invited to be apart of his capture."

Harry thought about it. In some weird way it made sense. All but the part about no one knowing that he would be studying at school. "Professor, just how exactly will I be going to school and no one will know I'm there? I can't attend all my classes in my invisibility cloak."

"That is a good question, Potter, and you will receive a complex answer which I will attempt to explain." Professor McGonagall reached into her robes and pulled out an ordinary looking gold ring. Harry knew at once it could not be ordinary after the conversation they were having. "This is one of three Polyjuice Rings left."

"Polyjuice rings?"

McGonagall nodded. "You see Potter, the inventor of Polyjuice Potion was a natural at brewing elixirs and tonics. After success of making a potion that temporally changes the features of the magician into another person, he sought out a means to apply the same technique on a longer scale. Using his daughter as a test subject, he used her hair along with the other ingredients in his Polyjuice to make this ring. However the downside of this was that the ring took two years to make. By the time it could be used his daughter had aged two years. He attempted to perfect his Polyjuice rings before he died but never could. It just took too long. It just isn't practical to make a ring that can't be used for two years if you need to transform as quickly as possible."

"So that ring will transform you into what his daughter looked like."

"And sounded like, yes. His rings were ingenious, but worthless at the same time. There never was a reason that they could be used practically, except for now."

"You want me to wear that ring to school, don't you?" Harry stepped back.

"No one will know you are there. And just to be sure no one will be suspicious of a new girl being in school, a memory charm will be placed on everybody who enters Hogwarts the first day. Only you, Professor Flitwick, the Minister of Magic, and your new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor will know that you are Harry Potter."

"Professor Flitwick?"

"I have asked him to allow you in his house as a student. Ravenclaw will be the perfect place to keep you way from Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley."

"You mean I can't even tell my friends I'm there?"

"If they knew, then they would be in danger. They also might endanger the mission. You do understand that no one must know you are at Hogwarts."

"Yes, I understand, but Hermione and Ron won't just stand by and let me roam the country side hunting Death-Eaters, will they? When they read the Daily Prophet and hear about the things the fake me is doing, they'll want to help me."

McGonagall had given up scolding him for interrupting as it was apparent she knew this would be the most difficult part to explain. "We have told both Ron and Hermione that they can help the Order out by allowing you to do this on your own. We told them that you're with trained Aurors and that they'd only endanger what our plans for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."

"And they bought that?"

"In short, yes. But just to be sure that's why we're keeping a close on eye on the two of them in school. Our new Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration Professors will make sure of that." Before Harry could ask he received the answer. "The real Mad-Eye Moody and Tonks will be joining the staff this year."

Suddenly this plan was not sounding as stupid as before. Harry glanced at the ring, then realized what the implication of wearing it were. The expression on his face must have given away what he was thinking, because for the first time since she had arrived, Professor McGonagall smiled.

"Allow me to show you what you will look like. We might think about changing the hair color just to be on the safe side." McGonagall placed the ring on her finger. Much like how she transformed from a cat before, the older woman changed into a small red hair girl with blue eyes that looked like she had to be about sixteen or seventeen. It was odd for Harry to look at that girl and think that a Professor was in that body. She was extremely pretty, which relieved and frightened Harry at the same time.

"I guess I have to get all new clothes and robes." Harry grumbled looking at the girl in front of him.

"Ravenclaw ones at that Mr. Potter." The girls young voice spoke with Professor McGonagall's inflections. "I have been assured by the Minister of Magic that they will pay for all new items you will need this school term."

"I don't really need the money, Professor." Harry was starting find a girl that was his age talking to him as a child very disturbing.

Professor McGonagall seemed to realized this and pulled the ring off her finger. Seconds later she was the woman she was before. She tossed the ring to Harry, who caught it. "Never take that ring off at school, Potter. Should you be found out, our plan is blown, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will come for the school."

Harry looked at the ring, then realized once he put it on, he could not be Harry Potter anymore. He could not draw money from his account in Diagon Alley wearing that ring, and worst of all he would have no friends at Hogwarts. "Who will I be staying with? You realize that I'm a boy. Putting me in a girls dorm room would be…you know…"

"You're just going to have to be a gentleman and look the other direction when they change, Potter." McGonagall seemed to have just realized what Harry was thinking. She had not even thought of it herself, Harry could see. "At any rate you won't be with people you don't know. Luna Lovegood and Padma Patil will be two of your dorm mates."

"Who's the fourth?"

"That's still being discussed, so we honestly don't know yet?" McGonagall waved the question away. "As for now, you have just turned seventeen, and all this stuff, and you, must be sent to Diagon Alley."

Harry had forgotten that it was has birthday after all the excitement. McGonagall placed a glove tenderly on the top of Harry's collection of stuff. It had to be a port-key. She then reached into her robes and pulled out a bag of gold and handed it to Harry. By the weight of it, Harry knew it was well over enough for school and any extra stuff, and his stay in Diagon Alley.

"When you leave I will send your owl to Hermione and ask her to take care of her in your handwriting. When you arrive to the Leaky Cauldron, a new owl will come to you with your letter to Hogwarts, and information about who you are."

"Who I am?"

"Yes. Remember that ring goes on your finger before you touch the port-key and does not get removed. You won't be Harry Potter. The Owl with your letters will tell you more. But as for now, time is short. We have wasted enough time here. Best go before any visitors should arrive." Harry nodded. "Put on that ring Mr. Potter."

"Wait…" Harry looked at the pile on the floor. "I can't take any of this…They're Harry Potters."

McGonagall gasped and realized it herself. "Goodness, what was I thinking? Take out your Map and Invisibility Cloak though. I'm sure you can hide these and use them for later."

Harry swallowed and placed on the ring. At first the ring seemed to big for his fingers, but once he placed the ring at the base of his finger it tightened in a comfortable way. He looked down at his finger and saw they were different. He also noticed his chest was bigger than before. He shook the strange feeling away and did as he was told, taking out the Maunders Map and Invisibility Cloak. He then glanced up at the Professor who had just placed her wand away.

"I changed the color of your hair to blonde, Harry." He must have been giving her a strange look. "Give me your glasses…there we go, now off with you, grab that glove and for goodness sake don't take off that ring!"

Harry nodded, feeling soft hair touch his neck. At first he jerked, not know what it was then rolled his eyes at his self. He reached down and picked up the glove. Number 4 Privet Drive, Professor McGonagall, Hedwig, and his room were yanked away from him and seemly he found himself laying in a floor in a room in the Leaky Cauldron.

He stood up and whipped the dirt off his clothing. The bag of gold, Invisibility Cloak, and Maunders Map lay near his feet. He noticed a trunk was already placed in the room for him with a note from The Minister of Magic, Scrimgeour. Harry saw that it was the same type of trunk that the fake Mad-Eye Moody used to store the real Mad-eye his fourth year in Hogwarts. The trunk itself was empty, except for a set of girl's clothing. Jeans, t-shirt, shoes, socks, and underwear. It was something he'd expect Ginny or Hermione would wear when they weren't in robes. Harry placed his three remaining possession in the trunk then read the note.

Dear Naomi Hanson,

I hope you have arrived safely and know exactly what is needed for the school year. The bag of gold should be enough to buy the clothing you need, as well as school supplies, and anything else you may need or want. I took the liberty of packing one set of clothing, as I'm sure you would like to change as soon as you get to you room. Your owl, Lily, will be along shortly and bring to you your school list. Remember to buy a new wand, as your last one is unavailable. Try to be safe and have fun this year at Hogwarts.

Your loving Uncle

Rufus Scrimgeour

Harry re-read the letter a couple of times. It was filled with second meanings that Harry felt he had to re-read it, despite his dislike for Scrimgeour. So he was Naomi Hanson, niece of Rufus Scrimgeour. The owl was named Lily so he knew the letter was for him. Scrimgeour also wanted him to change out of Harry clothes as soon as possible. But everything else Professor McGonagall had already told him. He knew he needed new clothes and a school things.

Harry walked around the room, looking out the window over looking the Muggle street below. It was midnight. Harry was to excited to go to sleep, but he knew that nothing would be open until the morning, so there was no need for him to try and buy anything just yet.

He really was going to do this. Be someone else. At first the thought of this scared him, but after wearing the ring for a few minutes the idea seemed to sink in. Anything he did stupid or ridiculous was Naomi, not Harry. No one would be staring at Naomi's forehead for a scar, because she didn't have one. But then he also could not be with Hermione, Ron, or Hagrid either. And what about Quidditch? Cho Chang would have graduated by now…Ravenclaw would be looking for a new seeker. But could he play for another house team?

He walked over to the mirror and looked at Naomi staring back at him. It was odd seeing a stranger wearing his clothes. Then he remembered the clothes he was to change into. He walked back over to the trunk and removed the items. He felt slightly perverted touching girls underwear, then the realization that he had to wear them made him feel even worse.

Harry attempted to change without looking at his naked body. Somehow looking at a girls body who had been dead for some time seemed wrong, even if it was his now. The hardest part to get on was that bra, as he never had any experiences with them at all. Also he realized that girl's clothes seemed tighter than boys. He felt uncomfortable in them, it wasn't him, but then again that was the point. Harry then hid his clothes in the trunk, as he did not want to use his wand to dispose of them just yet.

Harry walked over to the mirror again and gave himself another look. He couldn't believe how different he looked.


At first the voice coming his mouth startled him, but then he remembered McGonagall sounding the same way when she wore the ring. Shaking his head he thought he might go downstairs. Even though he had eaten an hour or so before, he had rushed his meal with the Dursleys and now felt his stomach grumble. That and it was an excuse to leave his room and look around.

He left his room and made his way into the lobby of the Leaky Cauldron. It seemed as nasty and dirty as ever, however to Harry it couldn't look more beautiful. He was finally on his own, and starting his plan against Voldemort.

"Just arrived then, Miss Hanson."

Harry reasoned that someone had come ahead of him and used the ring to check in. "Yes sir. I just wanted you to know I was here." Harry for the second time of his life heard his own voice sound like someone else's.

"I hope you enjoy your stay with us." Tom wiped his dirty mugs with a even dirtier rag. He was eyeing his now blonde hair, as it was probably red when the person checked him in. "Any family member of the Minister of Magic is a friend to the Leaky Cauldron."

"Right…" Harry muttered slightly to himself.

"Family of the Minister of Magic?" a familiar voice came from behind him. On turning around he saw that the voice behind him was that of Hermione Granger. Harry suddenly felt like a fly caught in between two glass windows, no escape and totally exposed.

"Err—yeah. Rufus is my Uncle." Harry found himself saying.

"You don't look much like him." Hermione said, but not in an accusing voice.

"I guess I'm lucky."

Hermione laughed. "I'm surprised I've not seen you before. You do look familiar though."

Harry thought real quick. Hermione probably had seen the real person of this body in some book, older most likely. "That's because we both go to Hogwarts. You've not noticed me before?"

Hermione looked shocked. "Can't say I have."

"We're in the same year…I'm in Ravenclaw." Harry made his voice sound like he were giving her hints as if Hermione could ever remember a fictional person in their school before.

"I'm so sorry, I guess I've seen you but don't remember."

"That's okay. Not very many people did notice me. That and I've changed a bit over the summer. I usually keep to myself you know. But you, you're completely different. Everyone knows you. You're Harry Potters girlfriend, right?"

Harry laughed inwardly at the last part. It just came to his mind to add it, to give Hermione a rough time while he could get away with it. Hermione looked taken back, like she had never heard of anyone aside from Cho Chang that believed she had any kind of romantic relationship with Harry.

"Um…no, he's just my friend."

"Sure, just a friend…" Harry gave a sarcastic tone. "He's kind of cute, though." Harry was all the more amused at how uncomfortable Hermione was getting. "I'm surprised. You seem so close."

"Well we aren't. He doesn't see me that way and I don't see him that way either, mostly."

Mostly? Funny how people opened up to strangers. He had no clue that Hermione had even ever thought of him in that way before. "T-That's cool how you can be friends like that" Harry said lamely. "I probably should head to bed. Tomorrow I have to go shopping for a complete wardrobe. All my clothes suddenly don't fit, you know how it is."

"I do." Hermione glanced down, her eyes widened for a moment then looked back up. "Listen, I'm here waiting in Diagon Alley for some friends. But they won't show up for a couple of days. You don't mind if we hang out? You know…be with someone else your own age?"

Harry thought it would be a bad idea to be with Hermione the whole time he was in Diagon Alley. He would have to try extremely hard not to give himself away. He thought the only way he could make himself seem not like himself at all would to make Naomi slightly stuck up or shy. "Err…Okay. If you can stand being around me. Have a goodnight."

Harry woke up the next morning his eyes opening facing the mirror over looking his bed. At first he jumped, then he realized that it was his reflecting not some strange girl floating over him. It would have to be something he would have to get used to. Naomi and him were the same person for the time-being and he would have to put up with it.

Putting on his one set of Naomi clothing, Harry notice an owl was waiting for him to wake up. This must be Lily the Owl. She had brought his Hogwarts papers with her. Harry also noticed that she was already in a cage. Someone must have dropped it off during the night, and didn't bother to wake him. While disturbed that his room was the center of traffic while he slept, Harry pushed that aside in his head, gathered the bag of gold, his Hogwarts list and made his way downstairs.

On reaching the bottom of the stairs he saw that Hermione was already up, eating some of Tom's awful breakfast he served to guests and reading the Daily Prophet. Harry found a seat near Hermione and waited for his breakfast to be brought to him. He noticed that on the front page a stock photo of him was shown underneath the heading "Harry Potter Aids in Death-Eater Capture."

Harry raised his eyebrows. Hermione seemed to have noticed company and placed down the paper and smiled politely. "Good morning Naomi."

"Your friend…he's on the front cover." Harry spit out, wanting more information on what the Prophet had him doing, and wanting to see Hermione reaction to it.

"Oh. Harry? I doubt it's him. Last year your Uncle tried to get Harry to play poster-boy for the Ministry. It seems they decided to use Harry's help whether he wanted to give it or not."

"But what if he really is helping them, and is with them right now?"

"Well…all I know is that he can't be in two places at once." Hermione smiled slightly then raised her newspaper towards her face again.

Harry blinked. Did Hermione know? Or was she just being coy? He thought if he pressed the issue he would look more suspicious so he shrugged it off when his breakfast arrived. He was half way through a sausage when Hermione placed down her paper and sighed, glancing at him.

"What is it?" Harry said, after swallowing the food in his mouth.

"My mind is just racing. Trying to figure things out, you know."

"I guess so." Harry pretended his plate was interesting. Hermione was starting to freak him out. She seemed like she was waiting for something.

Hermione smirked again. "What time is it?"

Harry glanced down automatically at his arm. His watch. He had forgotten to remove his watch. He had been wearing it all this time. Hermione must have noticed it the night before. He glanced up and saw she still had that smirk on her face. She knew. She always complained that he needed a new watch, as the glass face was cracked. Harry's mind raced. How to recover from this?

"I can't figure out this damn Muggle thing." Harry found himself saying.

"Wha--" Hermione blinked. "Jigs up, I know it's you."

"What do you mean?"

"That's Harry Potter's watch."

"It is?" Harry tried to look innocent. "I just found it on the floor in my room. I thought it looked neat."

Hermione opened her mouth, then closed it. "You really can't fool me you know. Your facial expressions give you away. You act just like him. And that watch is a dead give-a-way."

Harry was glad no one was in the room. Just the same, talking about this in the open was not the best idea. Harry gave a disgusted face. "You think I stole it don't you. Well come upstairs. I'll show you where I found it and then you won't think I'm a thief anymore."

Harry got up and quickly went upstairs, not looking back to see if Hermione was following him. As he reached his room he heard her footsteps follow in the door. On shutting the door, he locked it and leaned against it. He walked over to the widow that over looked the Muggle street and pulled the blinds down.

"You know you're really too clever for you own good." Harry muttered.

Hermione looked spooked that Harry was locking doors and closing window shades. "Well if you were in my position how would you react."

Harry faced her. "Okay you found me out."

"How did you do it? Polyjuice Potion?"

"Something like that…look, point is no one is supposed to know."

"Why not?" Hermione place her hands on her hips.

"Professor McGonagall doesn't want you, Ron, or Ginny for that matter, to give away that I'm actually in Hogwarts instead of doing what the Daily Prophet say I'm doing."

Hermione blinked. "Why are you going Hogwarts instead of doing what you planned to do in the first place? What purpose does it serve you hiding as a… well as a pretty girl."

"The whole plan is to draw out Voldemort by using me as bait, only that I'm not actually on the hook, and it's a fake worm. When Voldemort is out in the open, the plan is to trap and capture him." Harry thought he explained it in the most simple way possible.

"B-But why didn't anyone tell us?"

"Like I said, they didn't want you to give away I'm really in school. The whole point of this plan is to keep me, you, Ron, and Ginny safe while Voldemort if hunting a fake me. If you or anyone were to give away I'm actually in school then Hogwarts would be in danger. McGonagall even moved me to Ravenclaw just so I wouldn't be having this conversation with you right now. No one could predict that I'd run into you here before the memory charm is activated."

"Memory charm?"

"Everyone on entering the school will receive a memory charm on them, all having memories of Naomi Hanson being a part of the school." Harry quickly explained.

"I understand everything now. But really, Harry, you're just simply awful at being a girl."

"Not like I have a lot of experience, now do I?"

"Maybe in another universe... but as you're in this one you're going to need help. But you're right, if I start hanging around you in school it might look suspicious." Hermione chewed her thumbnail.

Harry snapped his fingers. "I'll write Professor McGonagall and tell her what's happened. I'll request that they edit the memory charm so that Hermione is friends with Naomi… but to make sure Ron and Ginny don't hang out with us because they think I'm stuck up or something."

Hermione shook her head. "You know they're going to find out eventually. You can't fake out your best friend and your former girlfriend."

"That's why I have you…I was worried about doing this alone, but maybe this was a blessing in disguise." Harry quickly wrote his note, then used Lily the owl to send it. Then afterwards he took off his watch and tossed it in his trunk. Hermione just continued to stare at him as if she still was trying to figure something out. Harry could not take it anymore. "What?"

"The Polyjuice Potion should have wore off by now. And why did you pick a girl?"

"I'm not taking Polyjuice Potion and I didn't choose to be a girl." Harry flashed his ringer finger to Hermione. "It was made by the same bloke who made the Polyjuice potion, but it last for however long I wear it. He only made three or something, but they were worthless as they take two years to make. This is the only ring out of the three that suited me, a ring of his then teenage daughter."

Hermione smiled slightly. "Well we can make the best of it then. Let's go shopping while we wait for a response from Professor McGonagall. You need new clothes, and a real girl wouldn't have wore the same outfit she had been wearing the day before. That's how I first caught on it was you."

"What? Really?"

"That and how you eat. You'll need to work on that."

"What do you mean, how I eat?"

"No offense Harry, but you eat like a starved dog... like you don't know when your next meal is. You shovel food in your mouth as fast as you can. Girls normally don't eat like that."

"I never realized I did that."

"I have." Hermione's nose wrinkled. "I'll teach you to be a girl yet. First of all we need to get you some clothes. If you're going to play the rich stuck up type then we need to dress you like that."

"There's a difference?" Harry scratched the back of his head.

"Sure. You're not going to be wearing relaxing jeans now will you? Think about how Cho dressed when she wasn't in her robes. She dressed nice, in buttoned up blouses, skirts and dresses."

"I'm not wearing a dress, Hermione."

"No, Harry isn't, but Naomi is. You have to suck up your pride and just do it. Beside have you forgotten that the school uniforms for girls have skirts."

"I had until just now." Harry moaned.

"Plus we have to dress to your hair color and complexion. We don't want anything to clash. Oh and something that brings out your eyes. You have lovely blue eyes."

"They're not my eyes, and this is so complicated. Don't girls just put stuff on that feels alright and keeps them warm."

"Some girls do, but you really don't noticed those type, now do you?"


"Exactly. It's all about appearances. Even if an outfit looks simple most girls have planned it to look that way. We have colors that look good on us and clothing styles that enhances the right parts of our bodies. It's a science Ha—Naomi. And you have to learn it."

"Why can't I just fight Voldemort and be done with it?" Harry groaned