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Chapter 1:

Begging to go

"So you want to go with Sasuke Uchiha around the world for two months" Hinata's Dad said.

"Yes, he wants me to go on tour with him…..and his brother, and I really want to go with him on his 2 month summer world tour…please mother, please father PLEASE."

"Hmm we'll have to think about this" they said.

'Please say yes' the Hinata said to herself.

"So Sasuke you asked that girl to go with you on tour" Itachi asked.

"Yeah she is asking her parents right now she'll call when she gets an answer" Sasuke said.

'I hope so.' he said to himself. It felt as though Sasuke's prayers had been answered when his phone rung. "Hello" he said.

He heard screaming on the other line. "Sasuke" Hinata said. "What happened" Sasuke wondered.

"They said yes I can go with you" Hinata said screaming her head off.

Sasuke could understand that Hinata was excited he was too, he was able to be with his girlfriend 2 month in a two month tour around the world.

" Awesome I was suspecting they would say no" Sasuke said.

"Yeah me to just me and you around the world…well also Itachi too, but he isn't my boyfriend…hey hold I'll call you tonight ok I have to call my friends " Hinata said.

She called her best friend TenTen who answered after the second ring.

"So…so…what did they say" TenTen wondered so much.

"They said…they said" Hinata said building up TenTen's suspense.

"WOMAN SAY IT ALREADY" TenTen yelled out on the phone.

"Ok…ok goodness…they said I could go" Hinata said.

Hinata then heard TenTen scream of joy then screamed along with her.

"No way you are lying to me" TenTen said. "Nope I was surprised when they said it too my heart was jumping for joy just me and Sasuke for 2 months…well also his 16 year old brother, Itachi too who is supposed to be watching us" Hinata said.

"Why would you need to be watched over it's not like you are going to…OH that's why" TenTen snickered.

"Yep that's why like we would…or maybe we would" Hinata smirked. "Come on don't play you aren't stupid enough to do that" TenTen said. "Well time for me to start packing see you later ok bye" Hinata said and they hung up.

Soon Hinata felt someone watching her little did she know that a pair of green angry eyes were looking at her.

Tomorrow had finally come, today Hinata and Sasuke…and Itachi were leaving for the 2 month world tour.

"Bye Mom…….Mom you can let go" Hinata said telling her mom. "See you in two months" She said then went in to the limo. "Hi" Sasuke said.

"Hi" she said. "Ready" he said. "Yep" Hinata said. It was only a thirty minute drive till they got to their destination.

"Where are we Sasuke" Hinata wondered. "You'll see as they got out of the limousine.

Hinata saw three jets, in the center was huge the other two were smaller. "A-are these y-yours" Hinata stuttered.

"Actually the one in the middle is my 5million dollar jet the others are my parents 2.5 million jets that I bought them for their anniversary….so what do you think" Sasuke said. "W-w-whoa this is amazing" Hinata said excited. "Come on kiddies we have a schedule to keep" Itachi said. "Come on let's go" Sasuke said as they started to board the plane.

The pilot entered the cockpit then saw to see a gun to his head. "Say anything and I will blow your head off" the intruder said.

Fearing for his life he didn't say anything and he took off to the first stop. "Where do we go first from Tokyo" Hinata said.

"Hong Kong if we are ever in a city on Sundays we have it the next day" Sasuke explained.

"This is going to be a exciting and adventurous I could just die" Hinata said. "Yes, you could just die…by me" the intruder said then smiled.

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