The Itawanabe Initiative
By Ryan Bodle

Author's Note: Sailor Moon and associated characters are the property of Toei Animation and . I write this for entertainment purposes only. Characters such as Detective Rosa and Chiyuu are my own creations and any similarities to the fictional property are purely co-incidental. In other words, please don't use them without my permission, its not nice.

This story is a continuation of "One Way Or Another" also authored by myself. I'll do my best to ensure that any back story is sufficiently explained in this fic but, to avoid confusion, it may be best to go back and read O.W.O.A, its relatively short anyway! Now on with the fic, thanks for reading.

Rain continued to assault the car windscreen of Detective Rosa's car, another element added to the already dire morning he was having so far. He stared through all that, blocking out the harsh weather and gazing ahead and yet he wasn't fully aware of where he was. A patrol car parked nearby suddenly jolted his concentration. Realising where he was, he hit the brakes. Instinctively, he checked his mirrors, luckily nobody was behind him. He breathed out in relief. He gripped the steering wheel tightly, hoping the action itself would help him focus better.

He had been on edge ever since leaving the precinct. He hadn't enjoyed the car ride any and he was definitely not looking forward to the next part. He parked the car and with heaving reluctance, got out of the car and into the rain outside. The cold wet roused him from his daze, so much so that rather hide from it, he looked straight up at the sky for a second, letting each drop of water run down his skin. He shook himself awake and walked across the road.

Waiting for him was a patrol officer assigned to ensure the anyone was intruding on the crime scene. Wrapped up in a raincoat, he was clearly not impressed at his current assignment. Rosa pulled out his I.D. "Detective Rosa, has anyone been inside yet?"

"Except for the poor rookie who came looking for him? Nobody detective," the officer answered. "A coroner and forensics are on their way."

"Alright, I'm going to have a look myself before they get in there. I'll look after the scene for five minutes, why don't you go get a cup of coffee or something?"

The uniformed man broke a small smile. "Yes sir, thank you."

Rosa continued into the small house alone. Inside, he shook off the rain and left his raincoat on a nearby hook. The front door had been left open. Immediately, Rosa took a notebook and pencil out and scribbled down a reminder quickly. He looked inside the house.

It was too dark to see very well but from what he could see, he made out a small residence that was well kept. Considering who lived here, Rosa was mildly surprised by the condition of the place. He flipped a light switch. Nothing happened. No doubt forensics had ordered the power to be killed so as not to damage any of the possible evidence.

"Alright, we'll do this the hard way," he conceded and pulled a pair of leather gloves from his coat pocket. He shook them dry and put them on. From another pocket, he pulled out a pen torch and a Dictaphone with wireless microphone. He attached the microphone to his shirt collar and replaced the recorder back in his pocket. "Ok, date is April 12th, time is 11.18am" he began whilst checking his watch. "The case number is 412-88458-99. Assignment details state that the deceased was discovered by patrol after being sent to the address. The deceased failed to appear for work this morning."

Rosa flicked the light around the home. "The address 1408 Nakatomi Rise has been left in a well kept condition. No signs of a struggle support the suicide that has been reported in this case." He shined the thin beam of light towards the back of the house. There a body lay on the floor. Patrol from before had cut it down and laid it down for forensics.

Rosa swallowed a lump in throat. He had seen bodies before. His first experience as a child hadn't been as terrifying as he might have imagined. This one, however, came quite bitterly. He took a deep breath and approached it. Its face was turned away. Something that came a small respite for Rosa. He continued talking to his Dictaphone. "Bruising around the neck suggests the victim had been hanging for several hours before he was discovered."

Rosa made another note in his book. His old partner had insisted Rosa make notes whilst investigating. Rosa always recorded his investigations instead of the using the old fashioned notebook. Koshiro said it was always better to write things down. Reading notes when going back on an investigation allowed you to see things you had forgotten before, read between the lines even. You could always draw diagrams of certain specifics. The added benefit of making notes was you could write discreetly. Recording was out in the open. Rosa couldn't argue but found making notes a slow process, thus he used both.

Rosa sucked in his breath. He stepped over and looked at the face of the body. A chill suddenly caught him all over. He froze for a moment. There and now, he couldn't avoid the fact of it. There was his sensei. His face was peaceful, at rest. His eyes were closed, accepting his fate without remorse. Rosa didn't need to fight the urge to vomit. He felt a pulling sensation in his stomach but it wasn't nausea. He fought back the sudden need to weep. Instead he breathed deeply for just a second.

"The body is positively identified as Detective Lieutenant Koshiro Hiro."