Robin Hood was in his room of King Richards castle, getting ready for some "cuddle time" with his foxy wife (if you rember in the disney Robin Hood everyone was animals).

Just then the love of his life stepped into the room. She was so beautiful and sexy that she would make every boy in Nodingham feel upset and jelious. Some might have wanted to touch themselves. Yet one thing stood out on her, she was wearing that pink hat and veil.

"Honey why are you wearing that? This is cuddle time after all," Robin said

"Well it's kind of embarasing," his wife said

"Sweety we're married now you can tell me anything," Robin said

"Okay," Marian said nerviously as she removed her hat

As Robin saw what was truly under her hat he ran into the bathroom and began to puke nonstop for two hours.

"I knew he'd do that. Daddy did the same thing when I was born," Marian said

"You know it sister," Said a tiny deformed fox head that was connected to her own head.

Maid Marian was part of a sieamise twim (the little head was a boy head by the way).

Some mysteries are better left unknown.