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Hermione was sitting in the common room studying. Well, she was trying to study. Everyone else there was being pretty quiet but Lavender and Parvati wouldn't stop giggling and it was driving her insane. They just wouldn't STOP. She had tried multiple times to ask them nicely to stop:

"Excuse me, I'm trying to study. Could you please be quiet?"

"You guys, seriously please quiet down. I'm studying."

"Will you two please quit giggling so I can actually read?"

It just would not work. Hermione was really frustrated by now and was about ready to just rip their mouths off. Why wouldn't they just Shut. Up. Now, everyone knows that Hermione's not one to normally resort to obscene behavior, but she just couldn't stop herself.


The whole common room went deadly silent. Just then, Ron and Harry came through the portrait hole and looked around at all the shocked faces.

"Alright, what happened?" Harry asked.

Everyone was silent for a minute then all of a sudden Seamus' voice was heard.

"Hermione just SWORE!"

Harry and Ron's faces turned to shock on Harry's face and what looked like to be disappointment on Ron's.

"And I missed it?! Bloody hell! Hermione! Why couldn't you have waited a couple minutes? Why?" Ron said looking sad.

Harry didn't look that convinced. "Wait. Are you sure she swore? Because you might have just been hearing things."

"Oh, this was not something you could just mistake Harry. She screamed it loud and clear, " Seamus answered.

"Besides Harry, it had to of happened sooner or later. No one can go through life without swearing at least one time." Ron said.

Hermione looked almost ashamed with herself. But also a little mad at Ron. "And in your case, Ron, you can't go 5 minutes without swearing at least one time."

"I could so!"

"You wanna bet?" Hermione asked with a mischievous look on her face.

"Sure. I bet you five galleons that I can go 10 minutes without swearing." Ron said

Hermione smiled. "Easiest money I'll ever make."

But Ron wasn't going to give up that easy. Not only was he not swearing, but he wasn't talking for that matter. That way, he thought, I can be absolutely sure I don't swear.

Sure enough 7 minutes had already gone by and Ron hadn't sworn yet. Hermione knew she had to do something. She never liked to lose a bet. Especially since she only bets on things she knows she can win.

8 minutes...

Hermione had to take drastic measures. She walked straight up to Ron and pulled his head down to her height..

"What are you do-" He never got to finish his sentence. Hermione had kissed him right on the mouth. His eyes went wide but soon enough he was kissing her right back. Then before the kiss deepened she pulled back. Ron whispered one thing.

"Bloody Hell."

Hermione smiled. "Looks like I win."

Ron looked and then smiled. "Best five galleons I've ever lost."

And he kissed her again.




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