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Each chapter will be a 500-word drabble.

Chapter One

Chloe couldn't go through this again. Not only was smeared mascara horrible to clean off, but it was also embarrassing to be 'that girl' crying in the bathroom. Again.

Clark had no idea, of course. He would never consider for a second how his words or actions – or lack thereof – might actually hurt her. She was a teenage girl, not an android. As much as she hated to admit it, she had emotional needs, too. It was very clear to Chloe by now that Clark's radar only worked for Lana problems. She was just the reporter friend, used for research and support. No matter how many hints she dropped, he would never get it.

Why couldn't Clark see her as a woman? She was just as good as Lana was, right? Except, Lana was prettier, wasn't she?

Chloe peered into the mirror, reflexively trying to reassure herself that she was beautiful. She was feminine, in a sort of… tomboyish way. Then again, her face was all blotchy now, and she could still see places where her makeup had gotten hopelessly messed up. She hated bawling over anything, and this was the second time she'd ended up sobbing over the complete lack of attention from Clark Kent. There was no use for it, she knew. Lana's tears were a tragedy, but Chloe's tears were invisible tears.

"It's like he's from another planet," Chloe muttered to herself under her breath, carefully wiping at her eyes with a tissue. The crying had stopped for now, but she was still hurt. She thought that he would understand, that he would realize he'd made a mistake and amend it, but there was no such luck.

It seemed like a simple thing, to ask a friend for some help. There was a brain-grilling test coming up in chemistry, a course that Clark had already passed with flying colors. Naturally, she asked him to help her study. Clark had given her the sweetest smile, the kind that made her insides mush a little, and promised her he'd make sure that she knew all the material forwards and backwards.

His promise had gone down the drain as soon as Lana flashed her pretty eyes.

It was in the short space of time between Lana asking Clark to the coffee shop and his response, that Chloe realized exactly what his answer would be. What his answer would always be, because when he came into contact with Lana, Chloe ceased to exist.

The sad part was, Lana was incredibly kind, even when Chloe confronted her. She couldn't find a reason to justify hating her for stealing Clark away. Lana was apologetic, but nothing changed. She was the sun, and Clark revolved around her. Chloe realized that she could never win.

Just the thought made her throat tighten again. Chloe took a calming breath, staring directly at her reflection. "To hell with him," she said, ignoring the waver in her voice. "If he can't appreciate me, I'll find someone who will."