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Sam's POV:

After a long day at work, I just wanted to go home, cuddle with my wife and watch my four year old son play with his toys. Yes, I'm married and have a son. I left hunting about 8 years ago.

I went to Stanford and got my degree in law. In my 2nd almost 3rd year there I met Jennifer Truesdale. We went out and 7 months later I asked her to marry me, she said yes. Almost a year later we were expecting our first child, Conner Dean Winchester. A brown haired, blue eyed baby.

So here I am now, waiting to go home after a long day at this law firm I call my job. Finally, the clock hits 5:30 and I am free to go. I gather all my stuff and flee to my car. As I get in, I look up to the visor and see a picture of Jenn and Conner in front of last year's Christmas tree.

Bright smiles and presents. What more could I ask for? Suddenly over whelmed with excitement, I race out of the parking lot and making it home before the engine is warm. I unlock the front door going into the front room that is oddly dark. I peak into the kitchen where Jenn is usually cooking supper with Conner helping at her side. But nothing, it's empty.

I saw her car in the driveway, so she has to be here. There was a dull rhythmic thump upstairs. I slowly descend up the stairs, as I approach mine and Jenn's room I hear grunts and moans. I all-so-carefully twist the unlocked door knob. Opening it, I come to see Jenn on top, riding the neighbor.

I open the door halfway and slip inside. I just stare with no emotion, I guess it's the shock. I don't remember why, but I move my hands getting ready to clap. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP . I see them jump in panic and cover themselves up. They look at me like I'm an alien. "Wow," I finally say, "that is one great thing to come home to. My wife fucking the neighbor, who, if I remember correctly has a wife and four kids at home."

I turn around and head to Conner's room across the hall. I open the door, peaking in to find him on his bed asleep. On his face was a blood red hand-print. I kneel beside his bed and gently run my hand along the side of his face. The mark was burning, his eyes were puffy, this must have happened in the past half hour.

Anger rushed in, I got up and grabbed his backpack, stuffing most of his clothes he wears daily and a few of his favorite toys. I grab his shoes and gently put them on him, not to wake him up.

"Sam," Jenn said walking in the doorway as I go to pick up Conner. "What?" My voice cracks. "Here," She hands me her wedding ring, "I never wanted any of this, you can take Conner, I'll sign away my rights to him," Jenn finished as she walked back to our…her bedroom.

My eyes sting as tears flooding over my tears come flooding over my cheeks. I look back at Conner and see the red mark on his little face, my blood is beyond boiling. I stalk back to the scene of the crime. Ed, the neighbor, who was probably leaving, passed me in the hallway.

As I enter the room, Jenn turns my way, she looks appalled as if she was scared to death. I look her dead in the eyes as I say, "Why does my son have a hand-print on his face?" I see Jenn's eyes shift, looking for an answer. "You do it? Do you just love to see the people that care about you hurt? Psychotic Bitch."

My final words as I get my clothes from the dresser closest to me, and I leave her behind. I pick up Conner, with his backpack and a duffel bag of my clothes, as I head down the stairs Conner awaken, "Daddy?" I've been dying to hear that all day. "Yeah, Buddy." "Where we go'n?"

I try to think of an answer but my mind draws a blank. "Well, we are going to see a friend of mine." I'm passing the dining room when he asks, "Is Mommy coming?" I stop for a second, "No Bud, she's not, listen we're not going to see Mommy for a little while, okay?" His face drops in confusion. "Why not?" he asks simply.

"Because Mommy hurt me and she hurt you so we are going to stay at a friends so she doesn't hurt us anymore, ok buddy?" "Okay," came a small reply, "my cheek hurts, Daddy." My chest tightens as he spoke. "I know, baby, we'll take care of that when we get to the car,"

He nods against my chest, I turn to go into the kitchen to get an ice pack from the freezer and a few paper towels. I head from there to my car, making sure I try not to slam the door in my wake.

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