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I look up as Dean comes down the stairs. He stops when he sees me, he squints, "Sam, what are you doing here?" I look at him, "I don't know," He comes and stands across from me. "Where have you been, we've been looking for you, couldn't find you anywhere." I run my hand through my hair and sigh. I sit down next to Conner, Dean looks to my side and his eyes pop out of his head, "who's that?"

"that's your nephew, Conner Dean Winchester."

"where's his mother?" I recite the same story as I did to dad. " Wow Sammy, what a Bitch." We both chuckle.

"So what are you gonna do now?" He asks me a few seconds later. "I don't really know, I just came here to see if Bobby would let us bunk here for a while until I could find a place for us. "What about hunting?"

" No, I don't want Conner apart of that, I don't want him apart of it,"

"Sam, it's the inevitable, he's gonna know about it anyways if you decide to stick around."

"Yeah, I know, I'm thinking about sticking around so Conner can get to know his uncle." "Really?" I nod my head. "How did dad take it? I heard him shout,"

" I didn't let him get a word in, he went to his room as you were coming down the stairs."

"Well um… do you and Conner want to take the other bed upstairs? Don't wanna kill your back on the couch?"

"Sure," I carefully picked Conner up following Dean to the room. "Night Sammy."

"Night Dean." I stayed awake a while until I heard Dean's breath even in monotone with Conner's. I fall asleep eventually as my eyes droop shut.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," I hear as small hands shake me awake. Oh, shit, Conner doesn't know where we are. I open my eyes," Hey Bud, what's wrong?" "Where are we Daddy? I'm scared."

"We're at my friend Bobby's house, Grandpa and Uncle dean are here, my daddy and brother, ok. There's no need to be scared, I'm right here." He nodded nestling back into my chest. I look over to see Dean's bed empty. I can small Bobby's cooking downstairs, the alarm clock on the nightstand state it's 7:39 a.m.

"Conner, come on and we can go downstairs and get some breakfast." His head perks up at the word breakfast. I grab his hand and we slowly go downstairs into the Lion's Den, with me being the Lamb. When we got into the kitchen, Dean was the first to spot us, Conner hid behind my legs as he saw Dean look toward him.

"Um…Bobby, there's the reason why I asked you to set out two more plates," He nodded his head to Conner and I. Bobby and Dad looked over to me, Dad immediately turned away going back to his food, Bobby's jaw was almost on the floor. "Sam, long time no see, when did you get in? Who's the other place setting for?" I couldn't speak for a second but then found my voice,

"I got in about midnight, um… the other place setting is for Conner, my son," I said as Conner peaked from behind my legs. "Conner, wow, Do you guys want anything to eat? I made extra, better get some before Dean eats it all." Dean stops half-chew, "Hey!" Conner quietly giggles as I pick him up and put him in the seat in between mine and Dean's. I fix Conner and I a plate then point out who's who,

"Conner, that's your Uncle Dean, that's Bobby, and that's your Grandpa John." He smiles at them then continues with his breakfast. I looked at Dean and shot him a "Help-Me!!" look. He smirk and shook his head while mouthing "nah."

"Jerk," I mouthed.

"Bitch," He mouthed back. I smiled, I had my brother back.

Okay, so Dean seems a little OOC about seeing Sam for the first time in years but so what, it's a story. I had to type this during One Tree Hill and missed about half of it so I'll have to watch clips of it from youtube, but I did it for my very AWESOME fans who reads this and actually like it. Hoped you like it, I'll try my very hardest to get my creative juices flowing and write another chapter by next week!!