~The Death of a Shirt~

*This story is about the death of Dariens shirt in the S series. You know, in the episode where Serena get's her new powers, the ugly yellow and green shirt with earth written on it*

*I was inspired to write this when Ally was spending the night after a Bible Quiz match, we were catching up on some episodes the she hasen't seen. (since I own them, she doesn't want to buy them) Any whoo, we were watching "Crystal Clear Again" the episode we talked about earlier, when Ally noticed his shirt, she of course did not know what it said, she was paying more attention to what was happening, until I mumbled about how stupied the shirt was. So to please Ally, we paused the tape just to get a better look at the shirt. When the airhead FINALLY realised what the stupid shirt said we had a laughing fit for like 5 minutes. After she went home, I was sitting around being bored because I can't work on the third part of The Adventures of Kisenian Blossom in Crystal Tokyo because Ally said she would do it (we co-write that in case you couldn't tell by our wonderful authors notes). As I was saying, I was sitting there being bored when I started thinking about the earth shirt. Suddenly, I was inspired *heavenly music plays* ,thank you, anyways I was inspired to write a story, killing the shirt. I got most of my ideas from after we (Ally and I) watched the show. She had just given me the Mini Princess Serena doll for my birthday (last week) and I had the big Tuxedo Mask, Mars and Mercury. Well...we...madeupaplaywiththedollskillinghisshirt. There I said it. I hope you aren't to scared of me now. Oh yeah, just for the record, I don't own Sailor Moon. AND I am writing this story instead of studying for the PSAT's tommorrow, bad people bad, be thankful. Byes.

*********11/14/01, a *NEW* updated version...too many people didn't like me having both dub and Japenese names in here. Sorry people, I wasn't planning on having the Outer Senshi but when I did I like their Japanese names better, I really didn't think that it was a big deal...so...enjoy? Maybe it's right this time.******************


" Means saying out loud ' Means thinking

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mamoru quickly glanced in his closet, before grabbing his trademark, his yellow and green "Earth" polo shirt, and putting it on. He looked dashing, or so he thought, in his ugly brown loafers with no socks, blue jeans and his favorite shirt. Of couse, Mamoru could have afforded other things, but no! The thought never ran through his mind. He loved his Earth shirt. It had personality, and was truly an object of his affection. "Lookin good Tux!" He said to himself as he admired his attire. "Usako will certainly DIE when she sees me like this!" He grinned as he thought about his love, his angel, his princess. He really needed to get to the park. Usako was waiting for him! He smiled as he left his apartment, carful not to snag his holy shirt.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Usagi ran to the park for her meeting with Mamoru, she was late, as always. Some things never change. "Mamo-chan!" Usagi yelled joyfully, but then cringed when she saw that he was wearing *brace yourself* the horrid green and yellow Earth shirt! Oh no! What is the world coming to?! 'Oh great!' Usagi cringed 'You mean I have to be in public with him when he is wearing that shirt? Oh the humilation!' She thought as she walked toward him. "Hi Mamo-chan!" Usagi said joyfully, trying not to look at his horrid Earth shirt. "Usako." Mamoru said as he pulled her into his enbrace, after all they were separated for a whole 8 hours! *gasp* Usagi broke the embrace nonchalantly, looking loathsomely at the ugly shirt that was inches from her face. She just had to get rid of it for the sake of all humanity! "What's wrong Usako?" Mamoru asked, concerned. "Nothing Mamo-chan." Usagi replied, trying to act like she was fine, all the while advoiding the shirt. It had to go! Suddenly, Usagi had a idea! *What is the world coming to?!* An above brilliant, sheer genius idea! Silently she laughed, her body shaking in muffled laughter. "Usako?" Mamoru asked, kneeling in front of her and grabbing her shoulders. 'Oh my gosh,' Usagi thought 'He thinks...I'm crying!' Usagi stopped 'Come on girl, keep a strait face.' She looked up, smiling. "Nothing's wrong Mamo-chan. I just missed you so much." She faked, crying hystarically. "Usako?" Mamoru mumbled "It's ok, stop the waterworks, people are staring!" he compleated looking toward a old couple who were eyeing him strangely. "Let's go get some ice cream!" He said joyfully, trying to shut up his sobbing girlfriend. Usagi's head snapped to attention. "Goody!" she joyfully exclaimed as she grabbed his hand, pulling him along with her as she ran off shouting "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Mamoru winced in pain as his eardrums almost exploded. 'I'M going to scream.' He thought before being pulled into the distance.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "NAAAAANNNNNNIIIII!" screamed Luna jumping in front of Usagi "No, no, no, absolutely NOT!" the cat finished shaking her head. "Lunnnnnnnnnnaaaa." Usagi whined "I was asking the girls, not you!" "What makes you think I would help?" Rei cooly asked crossing her arms questionaly. "Yeah, Usa..." Makoto started but was abruptly cut off by Usagi's high pitched wailing. "You guys are supposed to be my dearest bestest friends!" She continued crying. "No, Usagi-chan really," Luna started "It isn't...that...bad?" she finished tenatively with a thoughtful look on her face. "Come to think of it." Minako started. "It is really, REALLY out of style." Rei finished. "Yeah," Usagi piped up "What kind of society would our children grow up in with the super hero Tuxedo Kamen dressed up like...like..." she wavered not able to find a word that agreed with the horrible shirt. "Right!" Rei joyfully exclaimed agreeing with Usagi. "Oh brother..." Ami and Makoto wimpered as the rest of them started drawing out their plans to kill the ugly shirt. "Ami-chan?" Makoto asked. "Oh well," Ami sighed "What have we go to lose?" "What's the plan?" asked Makoto, rubbing her hands together, the excitement of it all starting to catch up with her. "We could burn it!" piped in Minako. Rei suddenly got a strange glint in her eyes as she went into a trance. "Burn." She muttered. "Buuuuuuuurn!" "Rei-chan?" Luna asked, scared. Rei started laughing like a idiot. "Right! We will burn the shirt, with...with...FIRE!" Rei started to get unusually excited. "Take...fire... beautiful..." "Uhhhhh..." Ami asked dumbfounded. Rei continued. "fire...with it's heat, and red-orange glow...throw ugly shirt in fire! To...burn...FOREVER!" Rei finished laughing mechanically. "Rei-chan, are you ok?" Makoto asked. "Wait!" Rei piped up "Why stop there! Fire...could...burn...houses and trees...all made of fire!" Rei grinned thinking about living in her firey world. "NANI?!" asked Luna. "Fire...so...beautiful..." Rei got up "Must spread fire around! World must know about the wonder and beauty of FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Rei screeched as she ran out of the room and headed for the park. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK." Usagi said scared, "That was just a little strange." "What are we here for again?" asked Minako. "Wasn't it about Darien's shirt?" Makoto said. "Oh yeah!" Usagi cheered up, forgetting about Rei. "Ok, I've a plan!" Ami added mysteriously. "Spill girl." Makoto said moving closer.


OooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO! Heehee. A cliffhanger! I've only done this one other time! Moving on...What's wrong with Rei? Why is Luna agreeing with Usagi? What will happen to the birds and the bees of the park? Wait, that didn't come out right. Will Mamoru and/or his shirt survive? What is this world coming to? What is all this MADNESS about anyways? Find out next time in The Death of a Shirt Part 2, Is It Over Yet! Maybe we canget rid of his ugly green jacket too! Je ne?! _____________________________________________________________________________

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